Leveraging the power of digital tools, I seamlessly blend technology, strategy, and teamwork to craft exceptional experiences that drive customer engagement and awareness. My core competencies encompass marketing analytics, customer acquisition, team building and development, brand strategy, client/partnership integration & launch, leading complex operational and strategic initiatives, cross-functional influence, market research & consumer insights, digital marketing, public relations, influencers, social media, product management, go-to-market strategy, product launch & campaigns, customer data platforms, and mobile marketing. My strengths and superpowers include: - Thriving on ambiguity and sometimes chaos while making the intangible tangible. - Ideation, blue-sky thinking, and design innovation: I consistently challenge the status quo with the question, "What if..." - Influence: I possess the ability to foster cross-team alignment and drive change without formal authority. - Community-building: I excel in cross-functional collaboration, considering my team as family, and I leave a lasting positive impact on team culture wherever I go.

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