About Our Strategic Partnership with Hive by@uquid

About Our Strategic Partnership with Hive

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UQUID Marketplace - founded in 2017 is a pioneer in building bridges between Defi and e-commerce.

Uquid, a blockchain e-commerce ecosystem, has continued to make significant gains towards fostering adoption in the global market. It has developed an innovative platform that incorporates DeFi, NFTs and metaverse. 

It has embarked on strategic partnerships with top blockchain platforms to expand its ecosystem further. Its latest collaboration is with Hive – an innovative decentralized blockchain and ecosystem. 

A significant partnership

Uquid will collaborate with Hive on different blockchain projects, including collaborations in Web 3 development. In addition, Hive will further assist Uquid with valuable information to help the blockchain protocol optimize the user’s shopping experience. 

Uquid will provide Hive with an enabling environment to bring its innovative technology closer to real-life applications via its e-commerce solution and existing community of users. The partnership will also offer Uquid access to develop its product to fit Web 3.0. 

Hive is regarded as one of the top blockchain platforms and provides a decentralized information-sharing network. It supports different dApps that enable content producers, advertisers, and readers to store and monetize content. 

It is also designed to scale with fast processing times and fee-less transactions, making it ideal for projects to build dApps. As expected, the news of the partnership has created excitement within the crypto community, and there are huge expectations that it would make an innovative experience for Uquid members.

It will also create a secure and faster shopping experience for users and more features on the Uquid marketplace. 

A fast-growing ecosystem

Uquid is regarded as one of the fastest-growing shopping ecosystems in the blockchain industry. Since its launch in 2016, Uquid has continued developing and diversifying its array of products to service millions of users globally. 

Unlike other existing e-commerce blockchain platforms, Uquid has developed an extensive infrastructure that includes DeFi, Metaverse and NFTs. This attention to emerging trends in the blockchain sector has led to massive adoption by merchants and shoppers. 

Uquid has reached more than 40 million products in its ecosystem and integrated DeFi features that enable loyal customers to earn from shopping. The blockchain ecosystem has already stated its ambition to be the e-commerce domain of web 3.0 and incorporate up to 120 million products by 2023. 

Its latest product launched in 2021, “Payment in 3”, was a major success and enabled users to pay installments for products using crypto. This has led to easier crypto adoption within the e-commerce scene.

This latest partnership with Hive is great and should provide a significant push towards Uquid adoption globally. 

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