A Water-Cooling Upgrade That Can Give Bitcoin Miners Their Power Back by@cryptofiresidepress

A Water-Cooling Upgrade That Can Give Bitcoin Miners Their Power Back

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The Antminer S19 Pro has one of the most impressive power consumption ratios of 29.5w/t. This dwarfs all other comparable miners and is an industry-leading standard. With a hashrate of 110Th, and power consumption of 3250W, it truly is a remarkable product. There is really not a bad thing to say about the product and you’ll find even the most passionate critic struggle to say something negative about it. The test condition: a water-cooling miner to soon-to-beed air-cooled.
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S19 Pro water-cooling upgrade test.

In the world of Bitcoin mining, the mass-produced and fan-cooled Antminer S19 Pro has one of the most impressive power consumption ratios of 29.5W/Th.

This dwarfs all other comparable miners and is an industry-leading standard. With a hash rate of 110Th and power consumption of 3250W, it truly is a remarkable product.

As you can tell from our previous posts, we’re HUGE fans of the Antminer S19 Pro. There is really not a bad thing to say about the product and you’ll find even the most passionate critic struggle to say something negative.

If there is any product in the field of Bitcoin mining that does not seem to be phased by whether or not the market is green or red, this machine has to be S19 Pro.


The S19 Pro does not care about the market.

In the last test, you’ll remember we transformed the S19 Pro from an air-cooled system into a water-cooled one. I think we called it a Liquid-Cooled Beast or something like that.

Ultimately the final transformation into a water-cooled S19 Pro achieved and sustained a stable hash rate of around 180Th. Amazing! Well at least in our view anyway, we’re Bitcoin mining nerds whose whole business is supporting other Bitcoin mining nerds!

In the current chaotic period with insane market fluctuations and overall instability we know and understand miners, because once upon a time we were miners ourselves. We’ll leave that story for another day. So, we know that miners not only want a product with a high hash rate but a product that is equipped with the options to deal with any market condition by simply flicking a few switches.

Today we’d like to continue our very open and public tests and will optimize the hash rate in different stages, from 110Th to 180Th via our water-cooling system.

With a different hash rate, power consumption, and power consumption ratios, we will select 3-4 of the most mining-friendly configurations for our final Water-Cooled S19 Pro.

But just before we get stuck into the nitty-gritty, why? Why are we doing all this?

As we mentioned above. Before the government crack-down in China, we were miners ourselves. We’ve since had to switch our business model into a sales and service model which you can read about here in an interview our founder Mark Zhou gave.

We want to give miners their power back (pun intended) and we want to do this by putting the choice back in their hands. Allowing them to decide their version of suitable computing, and power consumption, that is according to their load requirements, their electricity budgets, and of course, we want to give them a choice that takes into consideration all types of market conditions.

Bitcoin mining has been attacked left and right. Its been attacked by environmentalists, politicians, nation-states, and now the market itself. But by doing what we are doing we are in a sense revolutionizing space. We’re attempting to not only increase hash rate with current systems but also reduce energy which in turn is better for the environment and which reduces costs all while increasing competitiveness.

The future of Bitcoin mining is a water-cooled one. We know that and we want to harness the potential that this change brings and offer current-day workable solutions to our mining customers instead of sitting idle and waiting for someone else to revolutionize the industry for us, or worse dismantle it.

Key points and acknowledgments before we begin our test:

7000W water-cooling PSU

As you will see. When we choose different hash rate outputs, the actual power consumption is also different. 7000W is the maximum output of this custom-designed PSU.

Varied computing and power consumption data

We need to test the chips' most stable frequency and also the power consumption ratio, and finally select several settings as standards, and fix them as options.

The goal is that miners only need to choose the options within the system and let us do the rest.

  1. Name of the test: water-cooling S19 Pro performance experiment.

  2. The aims of the test: after finishing the water cooling upgrade, test the actual power consumption under different hash rate outputs.

  3. The test condition: a fan-cooled S19 Pro, water-cooling tower, water-cooling upgrade kit, and pool system.

  4. Steps of the test:

    a) upgrade the air-cooled miner to a water-cooled one with our soon-to-be water-cooling kit.

    b) different data-configuration tests under different hash rate outputs.

First, a comparison of power consumption under different hash rate outputs:


Putting our engineer thinking caps on…if we change the water cooling PSU plugs to circular connectors, and also improve the copper core within the electric wire, then it is expected that we can optimize the power conversion by 2-3%, and improve the ratio of the overall power efficiency.

It has also been noted from previous tests that after removing the fans and heat sinks from the mining machine and upgrading it to water-cooling plates for heat dissipation, the power consumption of the mining machine is reduced, and the power efficiency ratio is improved. Winning!

Let's review everything again.

The whole process of the water cooling upgrade which we publicly tested last time, only with some minor efficiency improvements this time around.

STEP 1 - Ask your friendly Meta-Luban salesperson for a second-hand S19 Pro 110Th air-cooled miner like the beautiful old girl pictured below.


STEP 2 - Dismantle the case, and remove the fan, and hash board. The technician not provided.


STEP 3 - Remove the heat sinks.


STEP 4 - Clean the hash board, and remove the dust and bits of Cheetos (we have no idea how those got there).


STEP 5 - Open up your Meta-Luban Water-Cooling upgrade kit~ Ooh la la!


STEP 6 - Put silicon grease on the chips. Splat.


STEP 7 - Install the water cooling plates.


STEP 8 - Once you’ve installed the three water cooling plates, install the water pipe interface.


STEP 9 - Connect the hashboard to the wire and put it back into the case.


STEP 10 - Change the PSU with Meta-Lubans water-cooled version.


STEP 11 - Connect the miner to the water tower.


Voila! All done!

Time for some results!

We were able to get many data samples from this test, and we chose three to represent the test, as below.

Mode 1 (60% increase in hash rate output):

Hashrate: 178.4Th.

Power consumption: 6561W.

Chip temperature: 60 degrees.

Test duration: 15 minutes.

Power consumption ratio: 36.78W/T.

Hashrate increase: 68.4Th.

Power consumption ratio after hash rate increase: 48.5W/T.

Note: the testing time for this kind of mode was relatively short.

First, due to there being too many samples generated from this test, secondly, the water-cooled PSU being used is our first-generation product, and we still need to make some adjustments to the power supply layout and power output.

In order to ensure the testing under ultra-high electric current, the testing time is short relatively speaking. In August 2022, the standard 7000W PSU will be mass-produced, and the strength test will be done according to industry standards.

Therefore, the chip temperature under this current scheme is only a figure in the short term, and normally the chip temperature should be around 70 degrees.



Mode 2 (30% increase in hash rate output):

Hashrate: 144.36Th.

Power consumption: 4496W.

Chip temperature: 53-57 degrees.

Test duration: 62 minutes.

Power consumption ratio: 31.14W/T.

Hashrate increase: 34.36Th.

Power consumption ratio after hash rate increase: 36.26W/T.



Mode 3 (15% increase in computing power):

Hashrate: 127.58Th.

Power consumption: 3678W.

Chip temperature: 50-52 degrees.

Test duration: 62 minutes.

Power consumption ratio: 28.81W/T.

Hashrate increase: 17.58Th.

Power consumption ratio after hash rate increase: 24.23W/T.



The three options/modes (there are potentially more than three but at this stage, we have decided to only show these three) under the Meta-Luban system will be decided by miners themselves and based on several factors such as the electricity price, cryptocurrency price, and even just the miner’s mood or business in general. Hence, we’re giving them their power back!

The selection of any of these modes can be completed with just one keystroke. There is no need to manually change a single machine’s setting, which greatly improves efficiency.

Time for some reality checks.

The shortcomings of this test. As you are all beginning to see, here at Meta-Luban we are very open and transparent and we want to continue to be.


In order for us to test often and fail fast, the first generation of our water-cooled PSU has not yet been equipped with a circular connector head. We did this knowing the poor little guy’s life would be cut short, sorry bud, it was for the best. You can see the results above.

Going forward, the final product’s power conversion can be improved furthermore once we make these changes and equip it with a circular connector head.

It is expected that the improvement will be made in August 2022.


The water-cooled PSU replaces the traditional wire conduction with a copper bar to supply power to the mining machine, this also solved the output problem related to a higher voltage level.

However, choosing this small and lightweight material, just now means that we still have a lot of room for optimization of electricity conduction. Not all materials are created equal.

After solving these most recent hurdles, the water-cooled S19 Pro will have the same or similar power consumption ratios when compared to the air-cooled S19 Pro, and let’s not forget, that this is with a hash rate increase of an average of 30%…from the same machine!

As previously already mentioned, we estimate that testing, tooling-up, and all of the other fun things that come with running a global Bitcoin mining, sales, and service business will be finished by August 2022 and with it, the Meta-Luban Water-Cooling system kit and other key components will be ready for shipping.

We thank you for reading and please continue to follow Meta-Luban, we see the future together, and walk towards it.

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