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A silly mistake most programmers make

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@febinFebin John James

I found this security bug in one of the prominent food startups of India. All their customer data including residential info , order info and contact details were vulnerable.

Exposed Customer Data

Look at the following code.

def customer_info():
customer_id = requests.args.get(‘customer_id’)
customer = customers.query.filter(Customer.id==customer_id).one()

A customer of id 5453 will have the following request URL

Now look at the URL, the id is a number. A hacker will try changing the number from 5453 to 5454

This will allow him to fetch details of the customer with id 5454, which he is not supposed to see. Now he can write a script which loops through customer ids and fetch information; he has hacked into a company’s confidential data.

This can be prevented by adding authentication to check if the user has privileges to access the data. A unique string identifier is much better than an integer identifier.

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