A sign that the valley is starting to take crypto currency seriously by@gilpenchina

A sign that the valley is starting to take crypto currency seriously

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Gil Penchina

Here’s a few local events just in the silicon valley area

Sept 14, Oakland Blockchain: Introduction to Theory and Investment (Informative Lecture)

Sept 14, Oakland Come and Learn about Crypto Investing (Bitcoin)

Sept 14, SF, Tech talk: Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies (Informative)

Sept 14, 7–9pm, San Leandro Come and Learn about Crypto Investing (Bitcoin)

Sept 14, 6.30–9.30pm SF Bitcoin Social — Proof of Drink at El Rio!

Sept 18, 6pm SF Ethereum Developers Talk: Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Poon and Jun Hasegawa

Sept 19, 4pm Palo Alto Vitalik Buterin, Balaji Srinivasan, and Joseph Poon

Sept 20, 6–8pm SF GoSF — Blockchain & Go, Docker & Go, Banking on Go

Sept 20, SF Blockstack Meetup Building Decentralized Apps

Sept 21, 5.30pm What it takes to create and scale #1 Mobile Wallet (PayPal) in the world.(Dev-oriented)

Sept 21, 6–9pm ImpactHub SF — BlockChange: Blockchain for Climate Change

Sept 23–24, Santa Clara, 2-day Conference: Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum training.

Sept 26, 6.30–9pm SF Bitcoin Social Bitcoin meetup (with presentations)

Sept 26, 9.30am-8pm SF Tech Startup Fest (no-ticket FREE full-day MEGA match-making event)

Sept 27, 6–7pm Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin Meetup

Sept 29, Oakland, Goodvibes Ventures Presents: Crypto Campout

Sept 29, 5pm SF Crypto Campout

Oct. 2nd, Berkeley, CryptoEconomics Security Conference 2017

Oct. 5th. Oakland Ethereum Capture the Flag

Oct. 5th. 6.30–8.30pm SF Smart Contracts Investor/Founder panel

Oct. 6th, Sunnyvale, Blockchain + IoT Hackathon

Oct. 7th. Berkeley Stanford China Forum

Oct. 15th. Cupertino, Network, Munch & What the Bleep is Blockchain?!

Oct. 17th, H3Uni Lighthouse Cafe — The BlockChain (webinar)

Oct. 30th, SF Future of Bitcoin

Nov. 7th. Demo Day — SK Telecom Americas Startup Foundry Season 2 & SKT CEI Startups

Nov. 8th, 6–9pm SF UXNight: The Blockchain

Nov. 15–16th Blockchain WithTheBest — Online Conference (online conference)

Nov. 16th Fintech Week SF [Hot topic] Blockchain & ICOs

Nov. 29, Santa Clara, IoT Tech Expo North America 2017

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