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How We Discussed Scrum Master Job Description

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Several weeks ago, #agile @Twitter was discussing this Scrum Master (SM) job description, attached. This is what some members of Agile BSD thought.

One experienceโ€ฆ Planning and tracking progress is entrusted to the team. I only monitored and advised as needed, since Development Team was mature enough.

I personally think the SM role is a people-development oriented one. There is no team and individual development goal. It is too process-oriented. Points mentioned in the job desc should be after-effects of developing team and its members.

Some members discussed that this organization is trying to move towards Agile but still clings to a project-mindset. A project-mindset with Waterfall methodology has never been wrong, in certain scenarios it is the best approach. Agile (and Scrum) is the way we think.

Another member thinks that this is a Project Manager (PM) role with a dash of Scrum โ€œspices.โ€ The job scope is too heavy in driving the team, instead of moving towards a self-organizing team in Scrum and Agile. A SM should work on the framework (like Scrum), work with people, finally the organizationโ€™s culture that is most challenging.

Many organizations still view Agile as merely going faster, without considering technical excellence that is challenging to maintain, thus the requirement of a new way of working.

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