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A Minimalistic Web Portfolio for all developers 😎 by@sivanesh-shanmugam

A Minimalistic Web Portfolio for all developers 😎

Sivanesh Shanmugam Hacker Noon profile picture

Sivanesh Shanmugam

Full Stack / React Developer

A small minimal Portfolio for developers who are tiring of thinking about creating their new portfolio website. Due to the Pandemic outbreaks (as staying at home), I was thinking of creating a weekend fun project. While searching for ideas I came up with this. So that you can pull/fork this repo and use it to showcase their talents.

Why Minimal?

A formal portfolio will be a good approach, but creating and maintaining a well developed formal portfolio website will be difficult and tedious (IMO). As it requires more time to think and design our website, we must collect and curate all information to display as a formal portfolio. That involves some more writing too. I felt the same when I created my own. 😜

Maintaining code is hard and complex portfolio sites or blogs tend to get out of date quickly. I think minimal is better since no one really wants to read a lot of words.

This is for developers who think:

“My work and code speak more than a Portfolio website”

This website is fully responsive and will be adaptable with different devices and also with good backward compatibility. So no worries about browser support. No web development skills required (If you do have, then you are welcome to customize with your skills and ideas).









Data for the Portfolio

You don’t need to surf through HTML docs and update the data. All the data needed for your portfolio must be updated in data.js.

If you like it then clone or fork the repo (can also star my repo 😉 as support), make changes and publish them. You can even host your portfolio in GitHub pages for free. As like myself and many developers, GitHub Pages also provides adding custom domain support if you are not feeling good with * .

Feel free to share your comments below. 😃

I love to be connected with developers. Catch me at:

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