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A Guide to Utilizing Technology to Create Lasting and Effective Change

…Ignoring Geographical Constraints and Enabling Anonymous Incentives to Achieve Dissent and Discontent

As I sometimes negotiate the pros and cons of upsetting the status quo and creating something positive out of the class structure and bigotry that surrounds me, I wonder how we can use new and novel tech to achieve dreams and mandates that our generation by and large seems to have forgotten.

There are some mighty truths abound — it takes money to make money, and capitalism appears to have failed or, at least been transformed into a platform whereby the rich control all the wealth, capital and real estate. We can trade our future labor, retirements and peace of mind we can cut out a tiny fraction of what that entails — but is that truly the goals with which our modern capitalist nations were founded with? Did those revolting against tyranny or fighting world wars against fascism have in mind for us in the early 21st century?

I think they were, for the most part, fighting and dying for us to be free from slavery or subjugation. How does that make you feel?

The Oath of Allegiance begins “”I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;…” — with firm roots in the constitution and declaration of independence, verbiage like this is lost in translation but what the founding fathers had in mind for America was certainly not 99% of wealth electronic and 95% of it controlled by the richest 5% of people. These people — that control the media, manufacturing opinion and consent, and tracking our every move in order to better design our policies — these people surely are the domestic enemies our nations were founded to protect us against.

Think about it — every single thing you could possibly want for or strive to achieve financially — from a new car to a new house to a family — is wrapped up in debt, insurance and other money schemes to keep you enslaved to labor.

Unless you’re the richest 5%, and you’ve found this little note of insurrection through your multibillion dollar Red List AIs, you’re surely working your hours every week in order to achieve some corporate or group goal that only serves those CXOs at the top — whose salaries not only dwarf yours, but even eclipses them. What’s worse is that these CXOs in your average small- to medium-sized business aren’t even representing that richest 5%, but are just as much of a pawn as you are — driving the wheels of business, economy, nationalism and religion, pushing the globalist agenda further and putting puppets to the left or puppets to the right in office in your local or national jurisdiction to better their own end-game scenarios.

How can we battle this trend? How can we rise up and — without turning to violence and beheading or committing these few evil people to internment camps or any other reactionary atrocity we’ve seen to these tables in this game appearing as they are now — how can we effect long and lasting change?

I draw your attention to crypto — and the ability to transfer sums of money (which we’ll consider bribes or, for a lesser triggering word, incentives) anonymously across geographies. Whether you’re a major player or not, there’s surely some cause, troll or anti-The Man sentiment you could support — or support in micro-funds as part of a crowd-fund — somewhere in the world, or some kind of action you could take against the institutions and banks that could yield you a tidy reward should the right person see it.

Since April 2018, I’ve been toying with the idea of launching a crowdsale for just this purpose — taking some of the tech championed by Pareto Network and restructuring it to not reward financial insights or insider information, but dissent and discontent globally. With a decentralized and self-sustaining, self-moderating platform for dissent and discontent (ie. upvotes and downvotes a la STEEM), we can create this kind of ecosystem where international or local influences can exert the kind of results they’re looking to achieve — anonymously and without censorship from regulators. The ToS would be worded in such a way to dissuade illegal activities, as is Pareto’s.

On the other side of the same token (ha!), there could be a sister movement for Good Samaritans to deliver random acts of kindness or for people around the world to incite random acts of kindness locally and abroad, for whichever net net goal or scenario they envision — it’d be a battle of Good Vs. Evil, and one that would go down in history as a defining achievement of decentralization and democratization.

What I lack to achieve this vision is penetration into markets where people would be keen on capitalizing on the end-to-end ecosystem and associated applications, to find those people with bankrolls they could entrust in the system to achieve their goals. It takes money to run a successful platform in crypto, and alas I’ve missed more than one opportunity to be a crypto millionaire.

How this affects hackers locally and abroad? Should you find there’s something deeply wrong with the status quo and balance of power in modern capitalist first-world nations — even just by outsourcing all of our meagre, less-than-minimum-wage jobs to people outside our line of sight and peace of mind through a delineation based on lines drawn in the sand — borders — and we continue to subjugate and capitalize on the labor of others around the world to produce our clothes, shoes, electronics and any number of mass manufactures goods? Should you find that slaving to the grind to pay off your mortgage, loans, credit cards and giving your interest to multi billion dollar moguls doesn’t sleep well with you at night — whatever your qualms with the present beast are, let’s start a discussion around how we can effect change!

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