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A Few Experience-Based Tips to Boost Influencer Marketing

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@dana-kachanDana Kachan

Marketing Consultant, Speaker, Author, Content Manager at Fireart Studio

Are you looking for new approaches to your influencer marketing campaigns? Read this article with proven influencer marketing tips and tricks. 

Have you started an influencer marketing campaign and think of what's the next step? Don't you know how to increase its performance and avoid a high turnout rate of influencers, low engagements, and many other problems? Here we are considering the top influencer marketing practices that will help you get the desired results. 

1. Give The Full Freedom to Create to Influencers

Do you want to save time while achieving better results from influencer marketing campaigns?

Although automating outreach campaigns is a good practice, keep in mind the necessity of taking an individual approach to direct communication and collaboration with influencers. Each of them is different and engages the audience with its unique style. People love their creativity. 

So, you should appreciate it and don't limit it when the influencer creates the promotional content for your brand. Don't create detailed guidelines on how your brand should be promoted. Instead, let influencers reveal their uniqueness in full, as they know what kind of content excites their followers better. 

By restricting their creativity to a specific type of content or message, you take the risk of losing the audience engagement and results you've been seeking. Let their horses of creativity run at a trot when they will craft the promotional content your brand. It will help you generate audience engagement organically and hear the followers' applauds coming in a while.

2. Build Relationships with Influencers

Long-term and trust-based relationships are crucial for any business collaboration, especially when it goes about a successful influencer marketing campaign. Let influencers know that your brand is interested not only in promotion but in achieving a bigger goal together. Show that your primary purpose is not just advertising but also setting a more personal connection with followers and creating a large community of like-minded people.

Highly motivated influencers can scale your marketing efforts much more effectively. It will also help you build reliable relationships and set amazing collaboration for future projects.   

3. Don't Combine Different Goals in One Campaign

It's advisable not to mix several objectives in a single influencer marketing campaign for better results. On the contrary, I recommend adjusting the content for a particular stage of the customer journey. For instance, if your marketing campaign's goal is brand awareness, it requires creating more generic and rather educational content than promotional. At the same time, the content for a decision-making stage can be more "salesy." However, try to keep it unobtrusive as well. 

For instance, the content for the audience engagement campaign varies from the content for the campaign that promotes an event. If you create a campaign that targets both of these KPIs, it might not perform as expected. Consider that a marketing campaign aimed at motivating people to buy tickets for the event should use highly engaging content and be short-term, as it needs to generate sales quite quickly. That's why it's better to create separate campaigns for these marketing goals to achieve higher ROI rates.

4. Invite Influencers to Your Online Events

Today, we can see an increasing number of online events organized by different brands to increase their audience engagement. It helps these companies draw customers' attention, earn their loyalty, and motivate people to learn more about products or services. Involving influencers in such digital events will help you spark the buzz around your brand and evoke an even larger wave of customer engagement. 

Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing channels for businesses. So, you can ask influencers to organize live events on Instagram or Facebook to target the potential customers there.  

The Key Takeaway

It might be easier to achieve your KPIs if you know how to approach influencers and automate your outreach process in the right way. Undoubtedly, influencer marketing software can give you a competitive edge and help you facilitate your workflow. However, you can also keep in mind that every personality is unique and requires an individual approach to communication. Hopefully, these simple yet actionable tips will help you meet your business objectives with influencer marketing. 


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