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A Defect — Might Affect — Blown by #MakeMyTrip

Am developing software for a long time. I always insist on a systemic approach toward the software solution. I still contend with making sure the software is defect free to an extent which is not directly going to affect peoples lives. A small software defect could impact people’s peace of mind. It is not good for the software or the product stakeholders or the technical team.

Haven said my philosophy; I had an experience today with one of the wrong software notification which made my life terrible for 3 minutes. It only extends to a 3-minute extent but could explain the scenario below which talks more in detail.

Am traveling back to India after my business trip in the USA. My flight is from Jacksonville, FL to Newyork and NewYork to Chennai. I had booked my ticket long back in “MakeMyTrip.” Today morning I have to be at the airport to catch up a JetBlue from Jacksonville to Newyork which is scheduled at 11:17 AM EST.

I have all set on packing yesterday, happy about coming back to India after three weeks, excited to meet my family & friends. All set put an alarm at 5:30 AM and went peacefully to bed after all the preparation.

Am waking for the alarm at 5:30 AM, is the first thing (as usual) started checking my emails. You know what… a small… no not so little at that time… a BIGGGGGG surprise waiting for me in my email. Please look below for the email….

My flight is scheduled at 11:30 AM, but I got an email from “MakeMyTrip” asking for feedback on my trip from JAX to NY…. You could imagine how my thought process is for next couple of minutes… Am sure I know the flight is at 11:30 AM, still this inappropriate email make me to panic for a while.

All is well. The email might be a tiny bug in the notification/feedback module of the software. But you could see how it impacts someone in the early morning. This incident is going to be a case study for me to talk whenever am going to talk about “Defects/Bugs” in software development in future. Hope “MakeMyTrip” will fix it up soon.

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