How to Manage Your Supergrowth Community (0 to 10k Members in 7 Days) by@ivan.kan

How to Manage Your Supergrowth Community (0 to 10k Members in 7 Days)

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Ivan Kan, Co-Founder of Crowdcreate
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A BaaSid Case Study

Investors seek the best projects to invest and grow their money with. They can tell when a project has something special to it that might solve a problem they personally have. However, there is a problem. A product can be innovation at it’s best, but without a powerful user base, it might as well not exist.

We at Crowdcreate are specialists at growing your community and gathering mass interest in your product.


What is supergrowth? Supergrowth is a quick, large injection of real users into your Telegram group. Our research has shown that things like airdrops and bounties can boost the performance of your Telegram group and ramp up engagement across all ICO mediums. Once you use our supergrowth product, your ramping up just wont stop.

Most startup founders are smart the way developers are smart. They are excellent in figuring out logical problems, and applying the best method to streamline the solution.


Telegram and community growth is less logical than computer programming. Sometimes, founders and developers can underplay the powerful effect of emotion and the tactics used to incite community growth through passion.


Problem A. Growth isn’t always the answer. This may be hard to believe with how much focus is on growing your Telegram at this current moment. Our team has found that companies that utilizes supergrowth techniques are having a difficult time managing their groups after saturation. They provide bad answers or simply ignore their now large community, effectively turning their project into a Telegram necropolis.

Problem B. The Crowdcreate management has found that what happens after Supergrowth was vital to the success of an ICO. We follow up our supergrowth with options for Telegram participation such as giveaways, polls, and content creation prizes. By churning the passion of the supergrowth community, we can prevent them from becoming dead zones.

Problem C. Another problem is that startups try and do super growths themselves. The result is akin to the example to the right where massive amounts of people are unwillingly invited. These people will not be found during your token sale event. Nobody likes being forced to do anything.


The Solution — Professional Community Management.

We at Crowdcreate understand the ins and outs of community management. We cover all types of growth from supergrowth to pure organic. This means that we don’t just stop at growth, we know how to convert off of that growth as well.


The Results — We Have Happily Engaged Communities and Clients

Our client’s appreciate our creative approaches to growing a community and maintaining it. Even with over 12k people in our BaaSid group, we’ve managed to successfully run polls, giveaway, and news flashes to engage our community. This means both happy and successful clients.

Questions? Ask a question about community management below.

Originally published at on April 24, 2018.


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