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93 Stories To Learn About Online Courses

by Learn RepoAugust 20th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Online Courses via these 93 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Online Courses via these 93 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Free Courses for Learning HTML: 2020 Edition

HTML and CSS are the pillars of web development. They are used to create web pages. HTML provides the structure to your web page while CSS provides them the style to look better. I know most people use Bootstrap: a CSS library to make their web pages look beautiful and professional. But, basic knowledge of the CSS concept is very important to understand how bootstrap works.

2. 3 Free Python Courses For Beginners: 2020 Edition

If you are looking for the best Free Python courses that you can use to expand your Python knowledge, you have come to the right place! If you aren’t sure that you are ready to step into the world of Python, be sure to check out the 6 Things To Know Before You Start Learning Python to make sure that you are starting in the right place.

3. 8 iOS Courses That Will Take You From Newbie to Pro: 2020 Edition

Is learning to code on your bucket list for this year? Well here are all the courses you need to get started on your journey to the App Store!

4. Course Review - The Complete Web Developer in 2023: Zero to Mastery

Are you someone who would like to learn Web Development, but don’t know where to start? Well, you are in the right place.

5. Should Programmers Know Things About Computers

I have one question for you. What do you think, how much do programmers know about computers? And by computers I mean computer configuration, knowing what PC is the best, and how to fix problems with the computer in general. You may be surprised to know that there a lot of programmers who don’t know much about that.

6. Coursera vs Udemy: 6 Factors to Consider

Coursera and Udemy are the most popular online learning platforms, but which one is better? Let's find out by comparing these 6 factors.

7. 5 Places to Learn About Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Free

Considering that the crypto world is fairly new, education platforms are critical to accelerating the adoption of crypto assets on a global level.

8. Why Chess is Better than Video Games

The game of chess is supposed to contain no hidden information and unlike the other games of dice, there is no scope of winning luck by chance.

9. Becoming a Game Designer is More Attainable Than You Think

The School of Game Design: Lifetime Membership - $49 - is on sale for just $49 for a limited time.

10. 9 Learning Tips To Be On Top Of Your Online Learning Platform's Schedules

What I really love about this digital era is how easily one can learn almost anything he wants. The only requirements are a computer, an internet connection, and of course, the necessary amount of motivation. Isn't that just wonderful?

11. Education Technology and Smart Classrooms

Education Technology (Ed Tech) and Smart Classrooms have been changing the traditional method of education, teaching and learning methods. Education technology refers to the integration and application of software, hardware and educational theories for facilitating learning in an interesting manner and enhancing the performances through creation, usage and management of suitable technical resources and processes.

12. How AI Is Transforming The Field Of Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the wonders of the modern world, which isn’t going to cease to amaze the most intelligent of human beings. Like other fields, the field of education is also gaining the maximum amount of benefits out of the promises of the AI-powered technology.

13. Top 5 Career Options and Online Courses for Python Developers (2021)

Here are a few job roles that you can fill after completing your Python learning.

14. How I made $100k in Revenue Selling Tutorials on Google Sheets

Celebrating $100,000 revenue selling Google Sheet Tutorials and Google Sheets. Yep, I generated $100k in revenue In 24 months selling Google Sheets.

15. How To Become a Full Stack Web Developer in 2020

A lot of people want to become web developers. Some of them are passionate about computers and they want to try programming, some of them are wanting to find a higher paying job or something else. It doesn’t matter why you want to learn web development, but the thing that matters is how are you learning it. If you are learning everything by yourself, you’ll probably be struggling, because you don’t know the right way. That’s why I’ve created this article.

16. Making Money Online: Turning Content Creation into Career

With the dawn of the digital revolution, came a flood of gateways to work online, and finding niches in the digital sphere.

17. 5 Online Web Development Platforms to Learn Web Development

Web development is a major area of IT. It is an umbrella term for anything related to the development of a website, whether for the Internet or the intranet. Many aspects go into web development:

18. Why You Need to Learn Multiple Programming Languages

Why do computer science curriculums require you to learn more than one programming language? Here's the answer.

19. Dear Aspiring Data Scientists: Skip the Certificates, Do This Instead

If you've been on LinkedIn anytime in the past several months, you've probably come across the infamous "certification post."

20. How To Choose The Best Programming Course

If are like most people, you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on something that may not even work. The same principle goes with the programming courses. These days there are so many of them, and most people, who are beginners don’t know which one they should pick. Most of them end up spending more time and money than they needed.

So, in this article, I am gonna point out all the things that you need to know to choose the best programming course for your needs. I am going to list courses that will suit your goals the best and will have the best bank for the buck and also save you a quite lot of time. Let’s go!

21. 5 Prominent Big Data Analytics Tools to Learn in 2020

Data, data and data. This seems to be what our world is swimming and immersing in. Why? The answer is simple: simply everything we use, such as mobile phones, and with it, all that it has, such as the social media, churn out unimaginable amounts of data.

22. The Best Online Platforms to Learn Something New, Today!

Read this post to know the best Online Learning Platforms to Acquire New Skills And Enhance Existing Ones.

23. When To Start Applying For Web Developer Jobs

When I was in the process of learning web development, I was always thinking to myself: “Am I ready to start applying for jobs”, “How many things do I need to know before I start applying for jobs”, “When should I start applying for jobs”. These are probably one of the most important questions in your web development career and ones most people struggle with.

24. Why is Technology Underused in Learning

Before, I start I want to differentiate between learning and education. Of course, technology has contributed immensely to make education accessible. However, I am here to talk about learning.

25. How Effective is Online Employee Training?

In this article, we will talk about how effective employee training is online, as well as which programs can be moved online and which cannot.

26. How to Build a Platform to Sell Your Online Course (A Brief Outline)

I’ll briefly describe how I built a platform for selling my course. We used Gatsby Framework, Sanity_io, and Stripe to build the website.

27. The Benefits of Attending College Online

While some will never reach for a higher level of education after high school graduation, there are those who wish they could go to college, yet they don’t think it possible. For one reason or another, they know they could never physically attend classes. The development of attending college online has made it possible for almost anyone to get a college diploma. Here are seven benefits to online schooling.

28. The Rise and Advantages of Remote Learning and Education

Online education is no longer regarded as something that should be criticized by your fellow students. Learn more about the rise of online platforms today.

29. Digital Education: Opportunities and Challenges Coronavirus Exposed

The number of students not attending schools or universities due to the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 is growing rapidly. This is why governments around the world have decided to convert education to electronic form. While the Covid-19 pandemic significantly pushed the digitalization of the learning process, it also exposed major stumbling blocks in this way.

30. How America is About to Change with Engineering Jobs

How America is about to change with engineering jobs. The broken college system and the rise of online courses.

31. The 3 Part Framework to Effective Learning

A hands-on practical system for learning from the learner's perspective.

32. 5 Reasons why eLearning Might Become the New Normal

With the rise of the cloud and live streaming services for education, the popularity of online education has grown at an astounding rate. It provides learners with multiple benefits, from reducing the costs of education to adapting to their learning habits. The Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures have also resulted in the faster adoption of virtual learning.

33. Popular Online Courses: The Best One To Enhance Your Copywriting

Learn and enhance your copywriting, with the best online courses available.

34. 10 Best Online Courses to Learn Oracle and PL/SQL for Beginners

35. Practices Used in eLearning Video-Content Protection

Find out here how to provide eLearning content security which is needed with the majority of data in open access.

36. A Complete Overview Of Educational App Development

As a matter of fact, poverty is driven by the lack of education. Education is a potent tool that has the potential to drive a nation towards the path of progress. In this new age, there is an increased awareness among people about the significance of education. Owing to this, coupled with the advancements in technology, educational app development has been gathering the attention of people across the world. Many educational institutions are now collaborating with an education app development company to provide better services to students of all age groups.

37. How To Start An IT Career From Scratch

This story is for the people who doesn't have any experience in IT industry, whether you are completely new to job market or have some experience in other fields yet want to start over a new career.

38. The Syllabus for Hyperledger 's Upcoming Open Source University Course

A recent Hyperledger Lab, created this month has the goal of providing a university master level course on Blockchain Technologies, focused on Hyperledger Fabric.

39. Something for Everyone: Holiday Gadget Gift Guide 2019

If you’re anything like me—a savvy shopper indelibly on the hunt for great techie gifts and gets that can be bought online with all of the comfort and convenience e-Tail affords—you can probably relate that finding unique, worthy and especially “ah-inducing” giftables can take a tremendous amount of time and effort. So in the spirit of easing and expediting your shopping escapades, here are a cross-section of holiday gadget gift picks across a multitude of categories that can all be purchased lickety-split with a few keystrokes.

40. Top 7 Online Certificate Courses for Retail Pros

We all know how essential it is for any professional to keep upgrading their skills to stay on top of their game. I've decided to compile a list of useful online courses (both free and paid) to help you further your career if you are a pricing, brand or category manager in need of mastering the power of technology.

41. How We Recreate the Idea of Educational Content [Part #1]

Physical textbooks are reprinted once a year at best according to the waterfall process. Their content becomes outdated way before it’s published. And if a textbook is not commercially successful, it means financial losses for the company. One of the solutions is to create digital content right from the start, not just digitalize published content. This would allow for updates on the spot and the creation of customized materials that can be then published.

42. A-Z Guide For Developing A MOOC LMS [Like Coursera]

This is an A-Z guide for entrepreneurs who wish to develop an LMS like Coursera, FutureLearn, Udacity, edX, etc providing MOOCs. Here, we will be discussing everything, from features to cost of developing such Learning Management Software for mobile or web.

43. "SQL Will Help You Achieve Your Goals" - Jarosław Błąd, Vertabelo CEO

We spoke to Jarosław Błąd, CEO at Vertabelo about how he set up his website based around teaching people how to code using SQL and the motivations behind it.

44. How I started learning web development, The first step to become a Full-Stack Software Developer

At the ending of last year, I found an amazing opportunity to become a software developer, studying at a global school for remote software developers that It’s call Microverse. To apply to Microverse you need to have some basic coding knowledge in HTML, CSS and a programming language of your preference to solve some coding challenges.

45. Study Blockchain in 60 Minutes: New Online Course Launched By Blockdegree

Blockdegree-- an esteemed member of the US Education Blockchain Action Network --has launched a Blockchain Foundational Video Programme-- Study Blockchain in 60 minutes.

46. 5 Upcoming Online Machine Learning Conferences in 2020

Machine learning conferences have always played an important role in the world of data science. They're a place to announce new research, discuss current issues, and connect with the community. They also help to promote new areas of research and development through Q&A sessions, workshops, and tutorials.

47. The Benefits of Taking a CPR Course Online

Obtaining your cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification online is now a very real and viable option for all people. Regardless of the reason why you’re obtaining your certification, you can either take it online, in-person, or a combination of the two, often called a “blended” course option.

48. Will Ubuntu 20.04 Steal Windows Users

t’s that time of year again, Ubuntu 20.04 is now available. Will this be the release that steals away more Windows users?

49. How to Pass the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam in 7 Days

A couple of weeks ago I passed the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam with 7 days of prep. Here’s how I did it.

50. 7 Great Resources for Java Beginners

To begin with, the Java programming language is easy enough to learn and has the greatest impact on the industry. So the question is: “which course to choose?"

51. “Pay Want You Want” Model Got Us $1M Donations for Online Courses

Join HYLS, donation-based online course platform where you boost your self-development at any price you want.

52. How Developers Can earn a Side Income by Online Courses and Coaching

As a mentor and author of a programming blog, I often receive queries like should programmers and software engineers create an alternative source of income?, or should developer create their own blog or website?

53. 9 Best Java Online Courses to Learn Programming for Beginners

In this article, I am going to share some of the best Java courses beginners can join to learn Java.

54. Reinforcement Learning [Part 2]: The Q-learning Algorithm

Learning how to find the optimal q-value can produce significant improvements in a ML-algorithm's ability to learn both in terms of speed and quality.

55. 5 Low-Investment Business Ideas You Can Start Online

Entrepreneurship definitely is one of the most misconceived terminologies of the era. It seems like a mountain of tasks to start a business. When we think of all the time, money, and risks involved, it’ just seems so inaccessible to a regular man or woman.

56. 5 Best Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam Courses in 2022

In this article, I will share the best online courses to help you pass the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification exam.

57. The Web Development Courses to Help you Kickstart a Career in Web Development

If you want to learn web development and become a web developer, or looking for web development resources like books, online courses, and tutorials, but are not

58. 3 Types of Successful eLearning Business Models

As people are increasingly looking for convenient and flexible options to learn from the comfort of their homes, eLearning has become a viable path toward acquiring knowledge and education. For subject experts and edupreneurs, the rise in eLearning presents a huge opportunity to establish and grow their businesses. Not just to make money but to create a community of loyal students as well.

59. How to Pass the Oracle Certified Java Developer Certification OCP 11 Exam

My favorite books, courses, and practice tests you need to prepare well for Oracle Certified Java SE 11 Developer Certification Exam with code 1Z0-819 in 2021.

60. How I Create Websites: The Process of Web Development

Many people, especially beginners, think that developing a website is purely about coding, but it’s not like that. There a lot of other things that you need to do if you wanna create at least a decent website. The part when you actually make a website with code or with WordPress or some other CMS is just a small part.

61. Learning RegEx Basics in Ruby

Find patterns in strings is a common problem for developers. One of the main scenarios where you could need this is on form validations, has the email the right structure? has the user first name any invalid character?. That's where regular expressions appear.

62. Hacking the Higher Ed System for a Free Online Education

There's a better way to skip the 4 year traditional college model by educating yourself online for free.

63. Best Resources To Learn Machine Learning And AI

“Anybody can code” , I know this sentence sounds cliche so let me give you another one “Anybody can learn AI”. Well, know it sounds overwhelming except if you are not a PhD or a mad scientist.

64. Top 5 Free C++ Courses to Learn Programming

I am going to share with you some of the best courses to learn C++ online at your own time and place and free of cost.

65. 10 Web Designing Institute In Chennai To Learn Web Development

Web designing is where you design your UX/UI with blasts of colors, attractive structure, font and text styles, images, graphics for a well interactive web page for your user. In order to stand out of the crowd, you need to acquire adequate knowledge in different areas of the field.

66. How I Train Myself For Google Internship Interview

I recently got an intern offer from Google for Summer 2020. I have been practicing LeetCode problems for more than two years. Other than the LC problems, I have used the educative courses to help me prepare the coding interviews.

67. How To Create a Useful Educational Product for Adults using Motivational Design

The main metric for educational product is it's completition rate. To improve it, one can use the principles of motivational design.

68. 4 Features to Look for in Online Education Platforms

Educational platforms to learn how to code SQL, python, JS, etc are numerous and tailored to several different crowds like web developers and data scientists. Unfortunately, not every student and user knows what to look for in a platform and many companies will quickly take your money and provide little in return. Best features can range anywhere from peer feedback and troubleshooting guides to hands-on integrated development environments (IDEs) that match tools you’d use in industry.

69. Introduction to Different Machine Leaning Tools

Machine Learning is one of the emerging technologies of the present IT industry. This technology has now become the talk of the town and has seen  an abnormally high growth over the few years.

70. The Tech Challenges of Moving K-12 to a Distance Learning Model

The global shift to home isolation has unique implications for public education. The era of slow and steady plans to virtualize education was given a donkey kick by this virus and the quarantine, and here's what I've observed.

71. How We Recreate the Idea of Educational Content [Part #2]

The story "How We Recreate the Idea of Educational Content [Part #1]" you can read here.

72. 5 Reasons to Learn HTML & CSS

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a basic tool to design web pages that complements itself with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). So everyone who wants to join the web design world has to learn this tools, but even if you want to be a web back-end developer it would be nice to learn this, therefore we are going to list a few good reasons to do it:

73. 5 Best Courses to Learn MySQL Database for Beginners

If you are interested in learning SQL with MySQL database then you have come to the right place.

74. Coursera is Giving Out $100 Discounts For New Years

Coursera is giving our $100 discounts for New Years.

75. These are the best Courses to Learn New Java Features from JDK 8 to JDK 13

There are many useful features introduces from Java 8 to Java 13 like lambda expressions, Stream API, New Date, and Time API, Creating Immutable Lists, var for storing local variables without types, String in switch case, Text Block and many more.

76. 10 Best Courses to Master Eclipse and JUnit To Become a Better Java Developer

Eclipse and JUnit are two of the essential tools for Java Developers. Eclipse is a Java IDE, Integrated Development environment which allows you to code, run and debug Java program from a single window, while JUnit is a unit testing library that allows you to test your Java code automatically.

77. 5 Best Online Information Technology Courses to Grow Your Tech Career

Online learning is just as important to your career as learning in a class. Find out the five online courses that you can take to grow in your tech career.

78. 10 Best Object-Oriented Online Programming and Design Courses 2020 [Updated]

There is no doubt that object-oriented programming is a pillar of software development and also one of the reasons for the huge success of Java. Strong knowledge of object-oriented programming helps you to create better software.

79. An Anthology of Best Online Courses to Learn Java for Beginners

If you are a computer science graduate or a programmer who wants to learn Java and looking for some awesome resources like books, tutorials, and online courses then you have come to the right place.

80. 10 Best Free Online Courses for Blockchain Developers

Hello guys, if you are thinking about how to become a Blockchain Developer in 2020 and looking for some online courses to startwith then you have come to the right palce.

81. 10 Best Courses To Learn Spring Boot for Full Stack Java Developers

Hello folks, Spring Boot is one of the top Java frameworks to learn in 2020, but as a full stack Java developer, just learning Spring Boot is not enough, you also need to learn all the technologies which make the eco-system like containers, could, testing spring Boot application, advanced Spring Boot features like Actuator, creating Microservices using Spring Boot, deploying Spring Boot applications on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

82. All Pluralsight Content is Free in April

Times are tough right now. The world is struggling with this pandemic, and folks are staying inside to help stop the spread. Pluralsight has just announced that they’re opening up the entire platform for the month of April. They’re making all 7,000 courses and other content completely free for the month, no credit card needed.

83. Unlock Your Career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The significance of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) has increased by much in technology in recent years. It has gone to a point where they are helping businesses gain an advantage over their competitors.

84. Create an e-Learning App Without Knowing How to Code

Have a passion for teaching. Here is how to teach the world

85. 7+ Best Courses to Learn Web Development for Beginners

Hello all, if you are thinking to learn about Web Development or want to become a web developer then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share some of the best online courses you can take to learn Web development in depth.

86. 6 Best Online Courses to Learn GraphQL for Beginners and Experienced JavaScript Developers

Hello guys, you might have heard about GraphQL, another exciting technology. GraphQL is gaining a lot of popularity because of its superiority over traditional REST APIs.

87. Learn C# Programming Course for Free

Learn c# programming with examples. C# is an object-oriented programming language, and it is useful to build web, windows, mobile applications.

88. 7+ Free Git Tutorials, Classes and Courses for Programmers at any Skill Level

This article was made possible by Udemy.

89. 10 Best + Free Machine Learning Courses Collection

Here's a compilation of some of the best + free machine learning courses available online.

90. Tactics to Triple Your Online Course Sales

Here’s a detailed and intuitive guide on how to make staggering sales with your online courses. This includes social media, content marketing strategy and more.

91. Top 5 Courses Learn Swift and iOS for Beginners - Best of Lot

Hello guys, how are you doing? Are you thinking about learning iOS and Swift to become an iOS App developer and create that next app or game that rock the world? If that’s true then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share some of the very best online courses to learn iOS 13 and Swift 5 in 2020 and become the start iOS App developer you always wanted to be.

92. 10 Free Courses to learn Docker and DevOps for Programmers and Software Developers

As software development (both frontend and backend) is moving towards automation, good knowledge and experience about the Docker could be very valuable for your career.

93. Pluralsight Vs. Udemy Vs. Codecademy Vs. Educative

Hello guys, how are you doing? I am again back with answering one of the familiar doubts among programmers and online tech learners, Pluralsight, or Udemy? Which are the better websites for learning code and leveling up your programming skills?

Thank you for checking out the 93 most read stories about Online Courses on HackerNoon.

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