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9 Tips To Make Regression Testing More Effective

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@pCloudyBala Murugan

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With the surging rise in the number of mobile app users in the entire world, itโ€™s a high time that brands should focus on delivering seamless functioning of mobile apps. Hence mobile app testing is one of the ways to achieve this goal. This shows the importance of including regression testing in your mobile application development lifecycle.

Although software testers face a lot of roadblocks in performing regression testing, they cannot avoid it. So here are some of the ways to make regression testing more effective:

Monitor the Changes

Regression testing is performed when there is a change in the existing functionality. To check whether there is no adverse effect on the existing functionality it is imperative to perform regression testing. This shows how important is it to monitor the changes that might occur in your software product. This practice can be effectively performed by adding the necessary test cases to your regression test suite and discarding the obsolete ones.ย 

Maintain Regression Test Suite

Regression testing is all about having a bank of test cases that will help in the seamless functioning of your application. Maintaining a robust regression test suite is an imperative part of your testing lifecycle. So whenever a change or a new integration is required then prepare respective test cases and add to your regression test suite. Also, you can customize your regression test suite by categorizing the test cases are-testable, reusable and obsolete ones.

Regular Screening

Regular checking the test cases is the sole motive of regression testing. This increases the accuracy and efficiency of the test suits. Also, regular checking will help to identify the problems and issues in the existing test suites which otherwise can deteriorate the quality of the application. Hence never miss regular screening in your regression test lifecycle.

Rotate your workforce

Regression testing life-cycle involves a number of test suites that need to be executed regularly. So if you assign the same test cases to one tester then he might get bored and start losing interest. Hence best practice is to distribute the regression testing work to a group of members with good coordination and rotate them to make the outcome more efficient.

Focus on frequently used app features

While preparing your regression test cases you must focus on the most frequently used functions of your app and make sure that it works as expected. Find out the most commonly used app features and optimize it on priority to get the most efficient results.

Update your Regression pack regularly

A regression pack is a collection of test cases that are prepared when a new version of an applicationย  is updated. It also includes test cases keeping in mind the requirement specification of the older version. You can update the regression pack with test cases meeting the new version requirement specifications regularly for better results.

Automate Regression testingย 

Performing regression testing for your mobile application is not at all a cakewalk. Hence regression testing may cause testers to lose interest and make the complete process boring resulting in inefficient outcomes. Hence automating regression testing will be a much better option in fetching efficient results. Also, the automation of regression testing can be cost-effective.

Metric Analysis

Setting some metrics in order to measure the efficiency of your regression test suite will be very helpful in getting effective regression testing results. One of the examples is finding the percentage of defects found from a particular regression test suite.ย 

Using cloud-based regression testing platform

What if you can perform software testing of multiple mobile devices parallelly in one platform? Isnโ€™t it time and cost-efficient? pCloudy is one such platform that allows you to achieve this. Different types of Regression testing can be performed in all stages of testing life cycle. Also, pcloudy being powered by latest technologies like artificial intelligence and predictive analysis helps in speeding up the complete process of Regression testing.

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@pCloudyBala Murugan

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Mobile App Testing platform on cloud for next-gen app testing powered by emerging technologies.


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