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5.0 puts people at the center
In 2016, Japan coined the term “Smart Society 5.0” and declared the beginning of a new industrial revolution where society embraces IoT and AI in favor of higher socials standards. Cooperation between people and machines or, in other words, human intelligence working in synergy with cognitive computing.

By pulling people away from monotone tasks perfect for automation, new jobs - especially creative ones - and jobs prior deemed not economical enough will be favored.

Workers are thus in a way “enhanced”

as they will be equipped with more focus, better tools and assistance by machines. Generation X onwards is tech native and prefers hyper customization - a perfect match.

The magic behind the movement of the cyber era is accompanied by the continuous explosive improvement of Blockchain. What Blockchain promises is no less than to be the technological backbone of the 21st-century empowering the public.

In this century, more than ever, power stems from large amounts of data. Blockchain promises to democratize data. This, however, requires one factor: trust in technology - the belief that it does what it is supposed to do (and unbiased at that).

All of the above has led to the formation of the UniWorld.io ecosystem. The Uni team has developed both their own AI and Blockchain platforms to serve the tech community and accelerate AI and Blockchain adoption.

UniWorld.io has proven itself to the world as key to actualize Smart Society 5.0 globally through UniMe - one of the core products enabling secure messaging, AI chatbot and crypto management. The development team, called UniLab, is a DAO Network and UniMe is the brainchild of this decentralized team. The same applies to UniChain and the virtual assistant platform - UniBot.

What they want is to showcase the synergy between AI & Blockchain through UniMe and that this match made in heaven must be focused on. UniWorld.io has conquered the market with thousands of downloads on the Google Play Store version alone from the community, their companions

Why this video-chat-wallet app is considered “next generation”

On the website of UniMe, they highlight words such as: Freedom, Trust and Privacy. Let's look at the concept of intelligent society 5.0 serving people and machines.

Automation systems are optimizing working and manufacturing processes to the point where many jobs can be considered about to be or even already replaced labor. It enhances security and systematic processes so that people can live in complete confidence, trust, and freedom towards their government.

But the current rate of software technology infrastructure is failing to meet the necessary standards and truly break through to the levels needed for something worth to be called Society 5.0 or Smart Society. In comparison in white paper of UniMe, Uni’s multi-tool messenger shows a clear picture of how surprisingly limited even the most established apps actually are.
Chat - Call - Video Call Encryption - Can It Be Done Without Storing Any User Data
UniMe offers true privacy. Think of it as Signal with more features and enriched encryption without storage neither monotonous nor prying.

The way it works is quite simple. Data is encrypted as it’s being transferred - e.g. when you send a message - and then instantly deleted again.  Perfectly suited for absolute privacy.
Most of the current phone call and messaging apps store user data. While they apply encryption, they also always leave a track of data stored somewhere. When machines replace people, privacy needs to be focused.

Especially for sensitive topics such as financial transactions, it is important not to simply assess whether to trust the person you are chatting with, but to have a system in place where this distrust is not needed to begin with. It is easy to see why the trend of users communicating across borders is organized around a to buy and sell goods fashion, often prioritizing security in applications such as Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp occurs.

The default mode is not encrypted  advanced security too neither is it using local government-controlled applications.

A Centralized Cryptocurrency Hub Wallet

The integrated wallet and Chat app are not too abstract. In the examples such as Wechat or Whatsapp - but for actual money respectively Fiat based processing such as credit cards is simply unreliable at this point. Alternatives such as Paypal work - but are centralized and highly dependent on mediation.

We don’t have any of the overhead and payroll e.g. a credit card organization struggles with nor do we need to mediate or settle things like Paypal has to enabling us to spend this cost by instead lowering our fees. UniMe is a synchronized wallet with a native Blockchain system - it’s own Blockchain respectively.

All tokens created from Uni Tools/on the UniChain will be prioritized for consolidation and are always shown on UniMe. In other words, UniChain is a platform that allows users to create their own Cryptocurrencies. In addition here, on Twitter CEO - Mr Daika Ginza was pleased to announce that UniChain's blockchain Explorer system has recorded more than 18,000 personal wallet addresses created after 72 hours of press release about release on the campaign to bring UNW - UniCash to the market.
The technological trend of improving security and data privacy is indisputable. Cryptocurrency brings upon security and safety in a byzantine problem solving way.

The wallet hub also prioritizes monuments such as Bitcoin, ETH and many other popular coins and tokens. For Smart Society 5.0, cryptocurrencies are indispensable. Uni sees them as the root of the concept.

Virtual Assistance Via Bots Both On- and Offline

When machines replace people in certain areas, they must do so without restriction of the individual's freedom or crossing certain ethic borders. We also need bots that are more personalized and specifically optimized for whatever  task.
Bots are also ought to personalize things such as devices and space autonomously. Restriction and control of bots must come with high standards though. Virtual Assistants made from the UniBot platform can interact even without an internet connection. Each person's virtual assistant bot comes with automatically improving alternate versions of itself constantly upgrading and replacing their former parent version. A phone number can also be your UniMe ID with a QR bot code. This code can then be scanned and utilized accordingly. Tasks are recorded and then retroactively executed upon which the data of this happening is deleted again.
The special thing that the CEO of UniWorld.io, Mr. Daika Ginza mentioned in the older UniWorld.io Blog posts of version 1.0 is that UniMe will be a tool-kit rather than a one-case solution. The venture wants to show just how deep the combination of AI & Blockchain in trading transactions between Seller and Buyer, Bot Seller and Human Buyer and so forth can be.

Everything is verified by smart contracts and the Blockchain system verifies the history, identities, and assessments of both parties for the transaction to be carried out automatically and safely. This will be very difficult to actualize if the infrastructure is only based on 3rd party verification. Contrary, Uni’s AI ​​and Blockchain platform is a separate Team-building platform so to speak. They are all owners of the company holding “shares” (DAO + Tokens). There are less technical barriers when everything is integrated and optimized, taking advantage of the strengths of AI and Blockchain technology to compensate for each other's defects.

It is true that the so-called next-generation communication app for Smart Society 5.0 requires people to be gaining more freedom, more privacy, more security, and trust in the processing itself. This remains more or less risky as any AI is trained on human made and selected data resulting in inevitable bias. People spend time prioritizing other values ​​of life and culture when they are not occupied with other things though making this worthwhile.
Ethical calls are subjective and the large number of downloads and individual wallet addresses created in a short period of time, shows results that can’t be denied - forming a trend on Google although the features are not yet complete Uni is the next step in AI and BC development. UniMe is exactly what one would expect from a world-grade AI venture and community, and it is following the concept of Society 5.0.

"People at the Center"

Let's experience UniMe together and support the passionate enthusiasm of the UniLab DAO network who have and continue to build the UniWorld.io ecosystem - unprecedented in the history of Start-ups even considering moonshots.


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