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9 Free Startup Resources for Entrepreneurs.

Are you an Entrepreneur?

Do you also wish to save some money and also get the best resources for your startup?

9 Free Startup Resources for Entrepreneurs.

Saving money isn’t bad but saving money at the cost of quality is definitely bad.

But if I say that you can save money without compromising the quality then what would you give me?

Just kidding. (But if you still want to give me something then just give the article some claps and I will be happy enough.)

Yes there are many tools out there that will help you a lot in your Entrepreneurial journey and will not cost you anything and trust me they are among the best tools that I have tested in my entire life.

Thanks to God and the developers who are so much kind that they giving out Awesome+Free Stuffs to us.

Now without wasting a lot of time let’s explore the 9 Free Startup Resources for Entrepreneurs-

  1. Medium- How can I just not list Medium here. Medium is so much powerful and easy to use that many Entrepreneurs have already moved to Medium and left their personal Blogs. Medium has already gave the best tool for Bloggers and now it has also influenced so many people that they have become full time blogger here and are also earning a lot. (I am not because Stripe isn’t available in India. Poor Indians!)
  2. Google Analytics- None other Analytical Tool is better than this tool. Google has already provided us a bunch of awesome+free tools like Docs , Forms, etc. but Analytics is a must for every Entrepreneur who needs to track all the traffic and ROI of the advertisements.
  3. SumoMe- This is the tool that i use in all websites. SumoMe provides a set of Free Tools like Email List builders, social share buttons, contact form, etc. that can even compete with the premium tools.
  4. Pixabay- As a Blogger I always need quality images to add in my blog posts but I also need to take care of the image copyrights. So for getting the best copyright free images I head up to Pixabay. Pixabay is the best place to find images that are copyright free.
  5. Canva- Canva has made creating Infographics so easy that now we don’t need professionals for doing the job. Now we can create infographics, blog graphics, facebook covers, etc. in just few minutes without having any professional skills and that too for free.
  6. Yoast SEO- If you blog at WordPress than you must have heard about Yoast. Yoast is the best tool doing the SEO of your Website and blog posts.
  7. MailChimp- The Email Marketing Giant. MailChimp allows you to create a list of 2,000 subscribers without charging even a penny.
  8. Buffer- Social Media never sleeps and so you also need to be active all the time. Buffer is the best tool that I have used till now to schedule your social media posts on different platforms.
  9. SEMRush- The Ultimate Keyword research tool. SEMRush is one of the best tools that can be used for content marketing strategy. Every-time I start writing up a new blog post the first thing that I do is to head up to SEMRush and then decide the best keyword that is related to my blog post idea.

If you wish to add something to the list then feel free to use the comment box and help me to grow the list.

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