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89 Stories To Learn About Tech

by Learn RepoAugust 31st, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Tech via these 89 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Tech via these 89 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

The hottest technology takes on tomorrow's tech, today.

1. How To Merge Two Sorted Lists

We can use LinkedList to merge both sorted lists, though there are considerations to doing it single or double-linked that may complicate the operation.

2. How to Implement Trie (Prefix Tree) - Blind 75 LeetCode Questions

A trie (pronounced as “try”) or prefix tree is a tree data structure used to efficiently store and retrieve keys in a dataset of strings.

3. Hack Reactor: Confessions of a $20K Bootcamp Graduate

Hack Reactor was created in late 2012 by DevBootcamp grads. I’ll review the curriculum of the bootcamp and the reality graduates are facing.

4. How to Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping in Windows 10 [SOLVED]

If you're experiencing mouse scroll wheel jumping, you may have outdated, corrupt, or missing drivers. Another likely reason would be incorrectly configured scrolling settings.

5. Why Interviewing As A Developer Is Complete Nonsense

Learn what a developer goes through on every job search

6. How to query JSONB, beginner sheet cheat

Let’s say we have to query a user table with a metadata JSONB column on a PostgreSQL 9.5+ database.

7. $200 Solar Self-sufficiency — Without your Landlord Noticing

Building a solar micro-grid in my bedroom with parts from Amazon

8. Kth Largest Element in an Array - Quickselect Using Lomuto Partitioning Scheme.

Solving k-th largest element in the array using heap and quickselect

9. Differences Between RAM, ROM, And Flash Memory: All You Need To Know

ROM and RAM belong to the semiconductor memory. ROM is the abbreviation of read only memory, and RAM is the abbreviation of random access memory.

10. 5 Best Courses to Learn MySQL Database for Beginners

If you are interested in learning SQL with MySQL database then you have come to the right place.

11. Why Elastos is Building a New Internet With User Rights and Freedom at its Core

Building decentralised web 3.0 network on a decentralised network which is censorship resistant and provides users with net neutrality.

12. Making the Case for Why React Native is Garbage

Ex-Google/ex-Facebook TechLead presents the case against the React Native cross-platform mobile app framework. Join my interview training prep here

13. 10 Tech Gadgets All Music Lovers Should Have 

In this age of fast-paced technological advances, music is perhaps more than just the food for the soul. Thanks to many high-tech gadgets available today, listening to music is an extremely amazing experience. But how do you choose perfect devices for your musical needs in a market that has tons of options? Here are 10 must-have gadgets for music lovers.

14. 'Why I don't eat out at restaurants, even as a millionaire' - TechLead

Ex-Google Tech Lead reveals the secret to why he doesn't enjoy eating out at restaurants, even as a multi-millionaire.

15. What Exactly is a Tech Job?

Any job that deals within the tech ecosystem and requires some basic knowledge and understanding of technology is a tech job.

16. How To Get Windows 10 PRO OEM Keys in Under $12

For years now, Windows 10 has been the standard for laptops and mobile phones running on the Windows platform. While many people prefer to tout the benefits of Windows 10software such as Windows 7 and 8, Windows 10 provides an amalgamation of both systems in a way that is truly revolutionary.

17. The 8 Youngest and Most Accomplished Tech Entrepreneurs

Tech startups, e-commerce stores and family businesses have all played a role in making some of the wealthiest tech based entrepreneurs of the decade. With the advancement of recent technology, there is now more young up and coming entrepreneurs today than any other point in our history. Forbes has ranked the youngest billionaire at just 22 years old, that being Alexandra Andressen, the young women who owns Ferd, the Norwegian investment company that runs hedge funds and actively invests in the Nordic Stock Exchange.

18. DJL: Deep Java Library and How To Get Started

Want to get your hands dirty with Machine Learning / Deep Learning, but have a Java background and not sure where to start? Then read on! This article is about using an existing Java skillset and ramp-up your journey to start building deep learning models.

19. 5 Best Augmented Reality Tools For Web Development Projects

Presently, AR (Augmented Reality) is not just a technology, as it is now used for creating brand applications and building customer relationships. Almost every brand has started using AR as a tool for building apps and web apps for their own brand image.

20. AWS vs Google Cloud: We Asked the Devs

Spoiler alert: It's AWS for the win.

21. Hosting Your Web Development Projects For Free [A How-To Guide]

Many people (myself included) don’t host their personal projects, because it usually costs money, right? The thing is that those projects don’t matter if no one can see them. How are you going to prove someone that you’ve to build 3 real-world projects if he can’t see them? There is a solution for that, and that’s free hosting. In this article, I’ll give you a few best free hosting options that you can use to host your projects. Let’s get started!

22. Taproot and Schnorr: The Biggest BTC Upgrade for 2021

Taproot is the most significant BTC update since the SegWit soft fork of 2017. It is intended to increase Bitcoin's fungibility.

23. KYC Does Not Harm the Crypto Industry — It Actually Does the Complete Opposite

KYC (know your customer) is by no means an enemy of the crypto space. In fact, it is much needed if the goal is for cryptocurrency to be taken seriously on the world stage.

24. You Need to Know What is erb in Rails and How to Master it

One of the first things that made me uncomfortable about learning Rails was taking a look at the views. I found some weird files with some weird syntax. Their name was something like ‘name.html.erb’ and I was like what? Why does this file which seems to be an HTML file with kind of HTML syntax has a .erb extension after the .html extension?

25. How to Remove Background Sound in Real-Time for Linux

26. The Oracle of Truth: Where Do Blockchain Betting Projects get Their Event's Results?

There are hundreds of blockchain projects proposing to “disrupt” real-world industries, from insurance to sports betting. It seems like a great way to remove intermediaries and fight fraud. Unfortunately, crypto enthusiasts often forget one thing: as soon as external data is involved, blockchain is in trouble.

27. What Does a Decentralized VPN Look Like?

As far as the Internet is concerned one of the most significant hot-button issues has got to be the issue of privacy and restrictions. Currently, everyone seems to have an opinion over the prospect of providing restrictions and keeping other people from having access to some portions of the Internet-technology which, ideally, should have been for us all.

28. The 💩 Poop Emoji's 10th Anniversary

The poop emoji was inspired by Dr.Slump, a Japanese anime from the 80s. The emoji project began in Japan in 1999.

29. Substrata CEO Talks About the Subtle Art Of Dealmaking

A successful dealmaker needs two things to push a sale forward: the right attitude and a reliable, cutting-edge tool.

30. Top 10 Android App Development Frameworks 2020

(Image by Aline Dassel from Pixabay)

31. Styled Components:  The Essentials to Get Started

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🇬🇧 on Unsplash

32. How Netflix works: the (Hugely Simplified) Complex Stuff that Happens Every Time You Hit Play

Not long ago, House of Cards came back for the fifth season, finally ending a long wait for binge watchers across the world who are interested in an American politician’s ruthless ascendance to presidency. For them, kicking off a marathon is as simple as reaching out for your device or remote, opening the Netflix app and hitting Play. Simple, fast and instantly gratifying.

33. React Vs. Vue: Who Takes The Prize

we’ve put together this convenient guide to popular frameworks, to help you better understand the use cases of Vue vs. React.

34. 17 Highest-Paying Cities in the San Francisco Bay Area for Software Engineers

A list with 17 of the highest paying cities for Software Engineers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Curate by reports from the verified professionals at Blind.

35. 5 Best Budget Gaming Laptops Under $500

Lenovo, Asus, and Acer produce some of the best budget gaming laptops under 500 USD. The extensive features and a multitude of uses has led to gaming laptops being preferred over consoles in today’s gaming world. But as the demand for gaming laptops rose, so did their prices.

36. Quick Tips for Programmers to Improve Their Posture

As programmers, we spend a lot of our time sitting in a chair in front of the desk, and most of the times you can’t choose what chair you want or how high do you want the desk. All of these things, in most cases, lead to having a bad posture, and that’s a serious problem, even more, serious than most people think. So, in this article, I am going to help you correct and keep a good posture, while being a programmer.

37. IT Arena 2022 - Ukrainian Tech Braves the War

This was my third invitation to attend IT Arena in Lviv, Ukraine. But this was the first time, and indeed a first for me overall that it happened during a war.

38. 14 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Software Engineer

A Q&A for students with a Facebook software engineer

39. Technology Trends of 2021: Our Top Five Picks

2021 is just around the corner, which means it is high time to forecast what the IT industry is holding for us.

40. Using Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) versus Black Scholes Model to value Stocks [A How-To Guide]

Should we choose a model that gives a flawed but mostly usable coefficient, or should we choose a model that may give a very good or at times a very bad estimate depending on the nature of the data?

41. Pocketalk Review: Is this Translator Device Worth the Hype?

Pocketalk is a mobile translator device that supports over 70 languages and works in over 130 countries. In our Pocketalk review, we will explain why this device may or may not be a worthy investment for you and/or your company.

42. Why Startup Names Today Are $#!& And How You Can Find One That Isn’t

When you think about startups, you immediately picture a really smart group of young professionals biting away on their computers with the sole aim of solving complex everyday problems. But when you hear the names of some of these startups, you can literally hear yourself go ‘What the hell?!’

43. Understanding The Cryptocurrency Bull Run 2021

In this article, I explain the larger pieces of the puzzle contributing to this epic 2021 cryptocurrency bull run.

44. A Comparison Of The Best Desktops vs Laptops For Coding

Every programmer who is buying a new computer will ask themselves, ‘Should I buy a desktop or a laptop for coding’? Also, what computer should I buy if I also want to do other things besides coding, like playing games?

45. 4 Best HDMI 2.1 Gaming Monitors for Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC

Display technology is evolving! Find a monitor for your Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC with this list of the best HDMI 2.1 monitors.

46. 5 Realities of Tech in China

From the well-known to the hardly spoken about.

47. How to Use HTML Templates for Smarter Web Development

Learn how to take a handful of static HTML files and convert them into templated files that will help you minimize errors and work more efficiently.

48. 10 things InfoSec Professionals Need to Know About Networking

So this story stems from the fact that I’ve plopped myself into the InfoSec world from App Development and from my Sec work I’ve really seen and understood that there is a need for a greater security understanding amongst devs, and the planet in general.

49. Key Trends in AI-Driven Fintech: The New Paradigm

Technology is reshaping the operating-model of financial institutions fundamentally, and the attributes necessary to build a successful business.

50. Confessions of a Serial Interviewer

I bombed completely at my first big job interview. It included whiteboard-coding and questions about multithreading and I hadn't prepared nearly enough. Instead of saying I don't know, I ranted on for a good couple of minutes about anything tangential I could come up with, hoping I'd get in the vicinity of the answer–I never did. Fortunately when the ego takes a hit, a willingness to improve kicks in.

51. How to Start a Movie Streaming Website, Service or Platform Like Netflix & Amazon Prime?

Wondering how to create a movie streaming website? The article will walk you through the process of building a movie streaming app/website like netflix & hulu.

52. Please Don't Use OFFSET and LIMIT For Your Pagination

Gone are the days when we wouldn’t need to worry about database performance optimization.

53. Neutron: A $4000 RTX 2080Ti (MSI) Deep Learning box (8700k/64GB/2080Ti)

Since the launch of My little company <a href="" target="_blank">Neuroascent</a> that I’ve Co-founded along with <a href="" data-anchor-type="2" data-user-id="5dd0ee4fe1b1" data-action-value="5dd0ee4fe1b1" data-action="show-user-card" data-action-type="hover" target="_blank">Rishi Bhalodia</a> about a few months ago, We’ve reached a stage that now we’re ready to invest in a “Deep Learning Rig”.

54. Coding vs Scripting: What Are The Differences?

You’ve probably seen somewhere someone saying coding vs scripting. When I first saw that, I thought that those two are the same things, but the more I learned I found out that there are some main differences between those two. So, what are those differences?

55. Taming Big Tech: The Case for Monitoring

<em>How, working in the shadows of the internet, researchers developed a passive monitoring system that might soon make Big Tech companies accountable to the public — and even save democracy.</em>

56. 10 Steps To Become A Tech Influencer

A simple guide on how to become a tech influencer so you can share your voice and make a living.

57. Asynchronous Javascript For Beginners

Asynchronous javascript is the backbone of modern web development. But understanding it comes with its challenges.

58. As a builder of Wordpress websites, I need to speak my truth

This is why Wordpress sucks and you should probably stop using it

59. Why Start a Bank? Interview with Mercury CEO Immad Akhund

Fintech startups have become undeniably attractive in the last few years, receiving a lot of attention from media outlets and VCs. I spoke with Immad Akhund, co-founder and CEO of Mercury, to understand the vision for his new company that aims to define the future of banking for startups.

60. The Ascent of FinTech

Society has always been hostile towards financiers. There has always been tension between the have-nots and have-yachts. For millennia people have sneered at ‘parasitic’ money lenders, while admiring more ‘honourable’ professions from farming to art.

61. Golang: A Beginner' Guide To Getting Started

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know to get started using Go to build real-world applications.

62. What is a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) and How Does it Work?

A BESS is an energy storage system (ESS) that captures energy from different sources, accumulates this energy, and stores it in rechargeable batteries.

63. Automation, AI, and the Future of Jobs

Billions of people will not have the luck, means, or stamina to keep retraining and hold non-automatized jobs. Can our society future-proof itself?

64. 'How I got a $500K job at Facebook (as a software engineer)' - TechLead

Ex-Google TechLead explains the interview process at Facebook for staff software engineer. (FYI, this video is a little more technical in nature.)

65. A Procedural Landscape Experiment

Quick and dirty(?) procedural generation in 99 LoC of Rust

66. Can You Get A Developer Job With HTML And CSS Only?

When I was just learning web development and only knew HTML and CSS, I wasn’t applying for any job, because most of the people told me that you can’t get a developer job with just HTML and CSS. In this article, I’ll analyze that a little bit better and maybe try to prove it wrong.

67. Explore Must-Know Technical Concepts For Product Managers: Your Guide to the Mind of a Dev

A relevant list of software-related concepts that every product manager should know to better understand a developer's point of view.

68. Frigidaire Freezer Error Codes

Frigidaire is the most reliable freezer brand due to its highest quality and excellent performance. Most people prefer this brand to others because of its attractive features, including a cooling system, a light that shows that the power is on, a temperature alarm, leveled stands, and numerous shelves for storage. Another added advantage to the Frigidaire freezer is the presence of a reversible door, which makes placement more flexible, thus more superb.

69. 5 Best Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam Courses in 2022

In this article, I will share the best online courses to help you pass the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification exam.

70. 5+ ERC standards every Ethereum developer should know about

(bait for ethereum lovers)

71. 5 Steps in Programming to Keep You From Getting Stuck

Getting stuck in a programming problem is a very common thing.

72. Smart Contracts: Characteristics, Benefits, and Types

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73. Did You Know That Every Expo App Includes Facebook's SDK?

How Expo Is Fooling Everyone

74. The User Experience of Mobile Phone Numbers

In this post, I want to talk about the user experience of an archaic technology that we got used to live with. We don’t even consider it archaic and we’re numb to all the little nuances it has: The mobile phone numbers.

75. Should You Let Them Put a Chip in Your Brain?

How Neuralink's Brain-Machine Interface works

76. 6 Proven Tips to Become a Technical Content Writer

How did it all start?

77. How You Can Set Up Remote Development Workflow With VS Code in Your Browser

In this guide, I will be walking through VS Code-Server setup with DigitalOcean, as well as tweaks I have used to create a clean, simple workflow.

78. Should Web Developers Use WordPress?

If you’re a web developer and you’re not sure if you should use WordPress for building websites or you should code them by yourself. Read this article to learn if web developers should use WordPress.

79. Pay It Forward, You’ll Be Surprised To See How Much You Can Achieve.

These holidays, choose wisely

80. So you want to do marketing for a tech company… (Part 2)

Facebook campus during a hackathon 2013

81. How to Build a Pokédex App with React and a Slash GraphQL Backend

In this article, we're going to walk through some of the basic setup for Slash GraphQL and then take a look at how I built a Pokémon Pokédex app with React and Slash GraphQL in just a few hours!

82. Top 21 Companies Hiring for Remote Work

Top 21 Companies Hiring for full time , Remote Work-from Home Jobs

83. How I built Pushstart, one of the most active startup communities of India

PushInterview 01:

84. What are Latent Diffusion Models? The Architecture Behind Stable Diffusion

What do all recent super powerful image models like DALLE, Imagen, or Midjourney have in common? Other than their high computing costs, huge training time, and shared hype, they are all based on the same mechanism: diffusion.

85. How to Make $40K Per Month in Your 20's: Building a Side-Business

Ex-Google Tech Lead talks about building a side-hustle and making $40K/month in your 20's.

86. Web Scrape with Python Using Just 9 Lines of Code

Scraping is extracting data from websites. In this article, I will show you how to scrape links from a test e-commerce site with Python 3.

87. Self-Taught vs College-Educated Programmers: Who's More Effective?

If you’re just a normal person who doesn’t know much about coding, you would probably think that those programmers who went to college are better then those who are self-taught. I mean, they went to college, they must know more than those who have learned it by themself. In reality, the answer is not that simple.

88. How to Make Requests Over Tor Browser Using Python

To make requests over Tor using Python3, we are going to be utilizing a Python controller library for Tor called Stem.

89. Building the bank for startups: Immad Akhund of Mercury [Interview]

Fintech startups have become undeniably attractive in the last few years, receiving a lot of attention from media outlets and VCs. I spoke with Immad Akhund, co-founder and CEO of Mercury, to understand the vision for his new company that aims to define the future of banking for startups.

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