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89 Stories To Learn About Decentralized Exchange

by Learn RepoOctober 12th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Decentralized Exchange via these 89 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Decentralized Exchange via these 89 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Generating Passive Income Through Filecoin Staking

In this post, we'll explore the concept of staking and how will you benefit from Filecoin staking.

2. A Complete Look at Unizen & Its Hybrid CeDeFi Ecosystem

Unizen’s smart exchange aims to address these flaws by merging a centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) architecture, dubbed 'CeDeFi' by the crypto community

3. How Decentralized Science (DeSci) lowers the Cost of Innovation and Implementation

Despite the recent market shocks, blockchain is bet upon by many to bring innovation to finance, tech, and science.

4. What Makes TradFi Different From DeFi?

You may have seen numerous articles about decentralized finance (DeFi) and its claims that it will radically change the traditional finance (TradFi) sector.

5. Understanding Inflationary Bias in DeFi

Cognitive bias is a well-known pattern of deviation from a rational judgment or conclusion. This is also happening every day in DeFi.

6. What Is Looping in DeFi and How Does It Work

There is a method known as "looping" that allows investors to profit from borrowed funds.

7. Polkadex Review: The Polkadot Based Decentralized Exchange

Polkadex is a decentralized exchange that combines features from centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

8. Top 5 FAQs on Smart Contract Auditing

A smart contract needs an auditing solution to enhance code correctness for optimized performance.

9. DEX's And AMM's Fuel DeFi Growth

Further advancements in blockchain technology drive the rise of decentralized financial technology (DFT).

10. Binance Chain's BEP3 atomic pegs [Explained]

Binance Chain, like any other decentralized exchange, faces the eternal problem that has been plaguing DEXs for ages:

11. Hamlet Loves Decentralized Exchanges

“What a piece of work is a man!” cries Hamlet as he laments Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s savage double-cross. They morph from Hamlet’s childhood friends into sleazy middlemen, spying on behalf of King Claudius. The divide between man’s potential for trust and life’s double-dealing, rotten reality lays Hamlet low in depression.

12. Here’s a Quick Guide to Easily Retrieve Crypto Sent to a Wrong Network on Binance

The notable crypto network or standards are BEP-20, ERC-20, TRC-20, and BEP-2. Users can easily mistake BEP-20 for BEP-2 and ERC-20 for TRC-20 and vice-versa.

13. "Only the Code Can Be Trusted," Says Atomex Co-Founder, Igor

We're working on algorithms for automatic market-matching to allow users to provide liquidity to atomic swap exchange; without transaction confirmation.

14. 3 Music NFT Initiatives That Are Aiding Market Recovery

When the market is volatile, investors seek dependability. These solutions have a chance to reduce speculation and boost confidence in NFTs.

15. Deciding What Kind of Exchange Is Best for Your Token

Where is it better to list tokens on a centralized or decentralized exchange? In the new Hackernoon story, I answer what is better for the project — CEX or DEX

16. Crypto Trading on Centralized vs. Decentralized Exchanges

On a centralized exchange, users do not have control over their funds, as they are stored on the exchange's servers.

17. True Meaning Of DAOs — Understanding A New, Emerging Phenomenon

DAOs set out to replace organizations as we know them today with an approach of openness and decentralization. But what are DAOs really?

18. WingRiders DEX Aims to Address Scalability Issues Faced by Ethereum Dapps

Scalability is currently one of the largest concerns for the Ethereum network. The network still suffers from slow transactions and high gas costs.

19. What is Directional Liquidity Pooling? The New AMM Explained

An explantation of directional liquidity pooling and how it works helps liquidity providers get a share of the trading fees on the decentralized exchange.

20. The Emergence of Crypto Visa in 2023

In this era of a radical transformation of traditional finance, it seems to be natural development that credit and debit cards are the next set of products

21. How to Identify and Avoid Scams on Uniswap

Learn how to protect yourself when using Uniswap.

22. Launching a New CeDeFi Investment Product: Key Aspects, Metrics, and Security Risks

You have likely heard about decentralized finance (DeFi), but what about decentralized-centralized finance, a bridge between the new system and the old.

23. TiDefi CEO on Improving the Trading Experience on DEXs

Discussion on the trading experiences for users on DEXs and how it may evolve in the future.

24. The Problem With CeFi Exchanges & Why We Need DeFi Now More Than Ever

Too many are taking the collapse of FTX (a CeFi exchange) as a shake up their belief in DeFi. Simplifying the meltdown and why we need DeFi now more than ever.

25. Everything you Need to Know About Project Serum ($SRM)

Project Serum is a brand new decentralized exchange (DEX) for the decentralized finance (DeFi) sphere from the same team that created FTX Exchange. It is said to test the boundaries of DEXs using a non-Ethereum blockchain.

26. The True Value of Emeris in DeFi

Blockchain agnostic, Emeris will expand far beyond the Cosmos network and eventually be a one-stop portal for all crypto apps.

27. Digital Assets Exchanges and Their Benefits in 2022

A look at digital assets exchanges and their benefits in 2022

28. The Current State and Future of Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) 

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) have undergone a significant evolution since the debut of NXT Asset Exchange, one of the pioneer DEXs to launch in 2014.

29. Mint your NFTs for Nothin' - Get your Crypto for Free

A newbie tale of navigating the world of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets to get to the holy grail of no-money-down NFTs.

30. Automated Market Making With Equal and Self-Adjusting Governance Token Distribution

Uniswap describes a vision of a fair decentralized trading protocol: on the one hand, anyone can exchange two paired tokens anytime and anywhere; and on the other hand, it uses fair incentives to encourage everyone to provide liquidity for trading.

31. Big Brother Sets Eyes on Crypto

Will Big Brother shut down the DeFi movement just as it's gaining ground?

32. How Decentralized Systems Are Reshaping the Financial Market

Many centralized organizations operate in an old-fashioned way, although they have long lost their credibility. But is there a solution?

33. Decentralized Exchanges Must Put An End To DeFi Token Rug Pulls

In the cryptocurrency industry, there are currently two hot trends. On the one hand, there is DeFi, or decentralized finance. On the other, there are decentralized exchanges. Both segments intertwine for many different reasons, yet they are also very different from one another,

34. A Look at Some of the Latest Developments in Decentralized Finance in 2022

A look at the latest developments in decentralized finance

35. Build to Rent DAO: Pioneering the Concept of 'Rent-to-Earn'

Real estate tokenization system allows users to rent objects from a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO instead of buying it.

36. Maximizing Capital Efficiency on DEXs Will Improve Global Adoption

Capital preservation whilst engaging in DeFi is important for crypto investors, however high slippage on DEX's can cause users to pay more than they should.

37. The Idea of “Safe Cex” Should Stay in 2022

While a questionable play on words might have temporarily licked the wounds of crypto Twitter last year, its time in the spotlight is over.

38. DeFi, DEXs, and the Growth of Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Story is about the future of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the growth of cryptocurrency trading platforms, also known as decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

39. How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously: The Most Secure Ways

This article will tell you how to buy Bitcoin anonymously and at the same time legally, and most importantly, how to keep your data safe.

40. 2021 and the Rise of Layer-2 Blockchain Solutions

Discover which layer 2 projects are offering solutions to scaling issues stunting the growth of DeFi

41. 6 Key Reasons Why Everyone Is Buying NFTs

NFTs have been the talk online for a while, but not everyone understands why anyone would want to purchase digital arts for millions! Learn more from our guide.

42. Examining Decentralized Exchange Token Sales

Decentralized exchanges are truly having their year in crypto. We are starting to see more decentralization for capital raises facilitated by trustless, non-custodial platforms.

43. Could xDEXs Do To UniSwap What UniSwap Did To DEXs and CEXs?

On September 22, 2020 a new cross-chain decentralized exchange (xDEX) launched called mimo 8 - a fully decentralized protocol with automated liquidity.

44. The Importance Of Liquidity In Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Liquidity is one of the most improtant aspects in every market and asset. The main reason liquidity is so important is that it greatly affects asset prices. In

45. A Look into the DeFi Deflationary Yield Farming Boom

It’s not often that you see a technological boom inside of another breakout, but that’s precisely what is happening in the crypto markets currently. The DeFi (decentralized finance) sector, which seeks to revolutionize the current centralized financial system by introducing various decentralized replacements, is also experiencing a deflationary yield farming boom.

46. The Rise of Crypto Predictions on Decentralized Prediction Markets

The prediction markets depend on crowdsourcing information from the general public to form beliefs and forecasts about the occurrence of future events.

47. Forget Shark Tank, The Killer Whale Pod is Here to Support Your Blockchain Projects

On October 30th, the Killer Whale Pod Cast launches with an exclusive live airdrop event and everyone is welcome!

48. "On-chain DEX activity has Exploded Since January 2019 to a $45.2 Billion TVL" - Vladimir Gorbunov

The worldwide crypto wallet app Crypterium has recently been granted FCA registration and knows for sure that DEXs hold the key to mass crypto adoption.

49. Decentralization Will Force Institutions to Conform or Die: Brandon Burgason, CEO of Mobie Labs

Brandon Burgason is the CEO and Founder of Mobie Labs. He explains the barriers that are keeping blockchain from realizing its full potential.

50. Inside Crypto’s Most Elaborate Scams: Fake Frontrunning Bots

These are highly sophisticated scams targeting advanced crypto users and boy, does this rabbit hole run deep. Here’s what I found.

51. The ETH Merge Is (Almost) Upon Us – Here’s What To Actually Expect

With all of the excitement around the upcoming Ethereum Merge, it can be hard to know what is hype and what is real alpha.

52. Klein Finance Mainnet Official Launch

On July 29, 2022, Klein Finance announced mainnet official launch based on KCC ecology.

53. Perp v2 Goes Open Source: Including Codebase, frontend SDK, and Subgraph

After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that our Curie contract codebase, the frontend SDK and subgraph are now all open source.

54. How Brave Browser Gained the Favor of Crypto Enthusiasts

By leveraging early adopters across verticals, Brave is compounding network effects. Users like a holistic interface. Investors look at the Sum of the Parts.

55. Is There Still Hope for the Future of Blockchain

A list of challenging technical issues of blockchain adoption is briefly discussed here.

56. How Social Trading Paves the Way for a Decentralized Future

The lack of full ownership and open access threatens the sustainability of wealth preservation and growth for traders. Social trading could be the solution.

57. A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating an NFT Real Estate Marketplace

The market for non-exchangeable tokens, more known as NFT, has grown significantly - and it’s about time that NFT is about to change industries!

58. DEX on Polkadot? Here are 4 projects to Consider

As the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem continues to grow, we take a look at four promising DEX platforms and protocols that are offering innovative solutions.

59. Normie Series: What Is a DEX and How Does It Work?

DEX Decentralized Exchange

60. WingRiders is Using Cardano to Build a DEX Based on DAG-Based Technology.

In this story we’ll look at the evolution of decentralized exchanges as well as the EUTXO protocol and the WingRiders platform.

61. The Risk and Reward of Yield Farming

Yield farming tends to have much higher returns due to a protocol's high need for liquidity. However, the higher returns come with increased risk.

62. 5 Leading DeFi Aggregators in 2021

The overview of popular DeFi aggregators which are a single simple interface to improve the customer journey in the world of DeFi.

63. 3 Promising Cryptocurrencies to Invest In For 2021 & 2022

3 Promising Cryptocurrencies to Look Out For 2021 - 2022

64. The Role of Decentralized Crypto Exchanges and Why Community Power Matters

The key differences between centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) crypto exchanges (DEX) and the power of community voting.

65. In This Market, Crypto Buyers Can’t Risk Centralized Exchanges

In today’s vicious bear market, crypto investors should exercise caution and turn to what made blockchain so great in the first place: decentralization.

66. Here Are the Top Crypto Audit Companies that Secure the DeFi Space

Even if a project has been tested for full-functionality, it is important to work with a smart contract audit company to ensure they have been reviewed.

67. The Danger In the Stable Coins (Thought Experiments and the Real Price of Bitcoin


68. Why Pangolin is One of the Best Stories in Crypto

Pangolin is one of the best stories in Crypto. A community controlled decentralized exchange.

69. Discussing Perpetuals in DeFi and Making Them Accessible to the Masses

A conversation with Bernd Stöckl, the CPO and co-founder of Palmswap, on making DeFi more accessible for retail investors, perpetual trading, and DeFi 2.0.

70. 3 Ways to Earn Crypto Passive Income: A Quick Guide

Do you want to earn some side income but have no experience in trading? Learn how to maximize your cryptocurrency funds instead of simply HODLing!

71. Interchain Transaction Bridge - The Missing Key to Creating Seamless UX in a Multi-chain Universe

We dive into the problems that users face when using a dapp on another chain, how Interchain Transaction Bridge solves the problem, followed by a case study.

72. 3 Best DEXs For Liquidity Mining and Swapping in 2021

Decentralized exchanges are a safe way to trade without having to trust any third parties. In this article, we look at the top 3 decentraliced exchanges.

73. The Legal Guide to Asset Tokenization on the Blockchain

Tokenization turns low-liquidity assets into highly-liquid digital tokens enabling fractionalization, trading and compliance by design powered by the functional

74. 5 Crypto Compounding Projects to Look at in 2022

Compounding is a sure way to bolster your earnings in the long run, especially if you are invested in long-term income-earning pathways.

75. DeFi Decentralized Exchanges: An Overview

We continue our journey in the areas of decentralized finance (DeFi) and today we talk about the sector with the greatest weight of all DeFi up to now, especially dollars locked in the various platforms and blockchains, i.e. decentralized exchanges (DEX).

76. The KingSwap Project - An Introduction

🛡⚔️A new 🤴🏼King’s in town to claim his right to the DEX throne⚔️🛡.

77. How DEXs Fuel the Development of the Decentralized Internet

he operation is concentrated in the hands of corporations which creates room for censorship imposed by national governments, company management and even application stores.

78. Faster, Cheaper, and More Secure Real Estate Ownership with NFTs

The 21st Century has certainly been a time of incredible technological advancement. In just a few years, we’ve seen the rise of the internet, social media, and mobile devices. These technologies have transformed the way we live, work, and play.

79. Safeguarding Customers on CEXs: What's Being Done and What Can Be Done [An Analysis]

Due to the many risks associated with using centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX) one would wonder what steps have been done by CEX operators to mitigate them. Truth be told many CEX operators have been seeking ways to ensure that the funds that have been entrusted to them are safe.

80. The 'UNKNOWN' Bug On Uniswap Continues to Plague The Platform

Uniswap is probably one of the most popular decentralized exchanges for listing projects but a severe bug could cause Uniswap and its users significant issues.

81. Let Us Demystify DeFi

Today there exists a DeFi alternative for almost every traditional finance (TradFi) service, and more are launching every day.

82. DeFi Explained: The Guide to Decentralized Finance

Built upon the blockchains of cryptocurrencies, the range of DeFi applications cover a financial services, including insurance, loans, savings, and trading.

83. Sub-Markets on Crypto-Exchanges and Their Volumes [An Analysis]

The article lists the crypto sub-markets of a number of crypto-exchanges, and gives results of a snapshot — a moment in time, of the trading volumes of the most traded items, normalized — in percentages, and arranged from max to min.

84. DeFi & Crypto Passive Income: How to Get Started

The decentralised finance industry grows larger and more sophisticated by the day. Now is a great time to become a liquidity provider.

85. Are IDOs the Next Alternative to IEOs and ICOs?

There are major players as exchanges that are running in a fully controlled manner. The solution recently presented itself in IDO - Initial DEX Offering.

86. The Beautiful Double Helix of High Responsiveness and Decentralized Storage in the Web3.0 Era

However, as Web3 technology evolves and matures, it will support deeper verticals such as manufacturing, engineering and smart cities.

87. Rebuilding the Tower of Babel: A Theory of New National Development Based on DAO

But when we stop focusing on dysfunctional, centralized government and talk directly to DAO members, we are already transforming ourselves and society.

88. Speculative AMMs Are the Future of DeFi

Since the last two years, a significant upsurge has taken place in the Defi space. Gone are the days where you had limited options for what you can do with your crypto.

89. How To Use RSKSwap Smart Contracts To Automate Trading

How to use RSKSwap smart contracts to automate trading. RSKSwap is a decentralized exchange to automatically exchange ERC20 tokens.

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