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8-Ways Data Mining Can Improve your Business

by Murtaza AminDecember 7th, 2019
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Founder of one of the largest data mining and CRM cleaning KPO - Data Mining is miles ahead of traditional market research. With Data Mining Services, you not only can understand your customers’ buying preferences but also retain them. You can reduce churning, evaluate their psyche and forecast trends. The success of a business lies in how efficient their data mining process is. It can help them to decipher age-old questions that make or break them: How to know the customers better. How to understand the market, its gaps, challenges and issues? How to become the solution and not the problem?

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If your company is trying to make sense of the customer data, here’s a not-so-surprising fact for you. You aren’t alone. Far too many companies want to understand data and gain an in-depth insight into the information they are sitting on. Let’s be clear that today, the success of a business lies in how efficient their data mining process is. Their expertise to process the available data as this can help them to decipher age-old questions that make or break them:

  • How to know the customers better
  • How to understand the market, its gaps, challenges and issues?
  • How to become the solution and not a part of the problem?

With Data Mining, you not only can understand your customers’ buying preferences but also retain them. You can reduce churning, evaluate their psyche and forecast trends.

Now, can you really afford to miss this wagon? We don’t think so!

However, first things first!

What are Data Mining Services?

Data Mining is miles ahead of traditional market research. Irrespective of how many customers you have, if you can’t use their information or turn this data into actionable insights, your organization is nothing but a ticking time bomb. The think tanks at several organizations have tried and used several statistical methods, algorithms and mathematical models to understand and predict their target audience. But data mining changed the game and made things a lot easier for the decision-makers.

First of all, the assessment and analyzing of the market trends and behavioural aspects of the customers became automated. Working in tandem with artificial intelligence, it helps businesses to understand their customers and tosses the guesswork out of the window.

Using complex statistical methods and techniques such as patterns, clustering and regressions, data mining complicate things for businesses, especially in the marketing division. It drives actionable and meaningful insights about the consumers and their buying behaviours. Data Mining is directly aimed at making sense of the data that is available with the organization and on the customers.

However, it is much more than just compiling or extracting data from online and offline resources. When you outsource CRM Data Mining Services, you get insights and specific information handed out to you that can be used and acted upon to drive your business ahead. Be it to understand the customers or to analyse your competitors, to create market databases or result-oriented marketing campaign, data mining services retains the power to touch every aspect of a business and magically transform it.

How does Data Mining Work?

Every business is different and so are its needs and data. Data mining starts with understanding your business requirement and analyzing the competitors. Based on these business-driven leads to data formats and data sources both online and offline. Several predictive data models are used to map the information.  This process, however, is never as linear as it sounds. The data analysis and data models are iterative until every possibility of deriving relevant information is exhausted. The data could also be processed in a single package or it could be divided into clusters to collate a bit complex albeit a more accurate outcome.

Data Mining in Action: A Preview

Data Mining Services have improved the way businesses do business.’ Right from the company’s boardroom to the sales and market-it has touched every aspect of a business and its processes.

An IDG survey conducted on over 60 business leaders and IT companies has revealed that 92 per cent of respondents want to utilize data mining services broadly across the organization. The respondents have affirmed in the positive that the benefits of B2B data mining are wide and impactful and helped them to achieve their goals. Here are some of the impacts of data mining as reinforced and confirmed by the respondents.

Decision-Making Power: 56 per cent of business leaders have confirmed that data science has helped them with a better understanding of the volatile market conditions and thus, improved decision making. They can predict market trends and analyze the current ones better.

Enterprise Planning:  A total of 46 per cent business owners have accepted that B2B Data Mining has given them a competitive edge in the market. Since they have better hands-on expertise available on customers and market trends, their marketing campaigns are focused and sales figures have gone up.  Besides, they can now invest in the development of new product mixes with updated data available at their disposal.

Customer Relationship: According to this report, 31 per cent of businesses now take satisfaction in improved customer relationship. Thanks to Data Mining Services, these businesses have developed a fresh pair of eyes and mindset to interact with their customers. They can assess their customers’ response in real-time and based on this; can deliver what they want as a part of the solution. When you hire a data mining company, you get information pertaining to customers that help you to understand them better, which results in better interactions via marketing campaigns and of course, better sales figures. 

Cost Management: With B2B Data mining, 41 per cent of businesses have reported a significant reduction in business costs and operational expenditure. This reduction in costs particularly stems from identifying the  prospective customers and the new-found capability to control the marketing outcomes. Marketing campaigns are devised keeping interested customers in mind and doesn’t rely on a generalized sales pitch anymore. This bespoke arrangement with customers results in more profits, newer revenue streams and fewer costs.

How can Data Mining Help Businesses to do better and Enhance their Value?

Data Mining generates new pools of information based on the ‘already there’ information. However, the only difference is this new knowledge can be used to draw conclusions that can change the very face of a business. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that data mining is being embraced and adopted by many startups, businesses and in the field of Fintech to reach out to the customers and penetrate newer market segments. Data mining services are proved to be highly effective and there are several tangible implications that many businesses swear by. B2B Data Mining has some ace up its sleeves that can improve a business’ performance tremendously. Some of them are:

Marketing Forecasts:

One of the techniques in Data Mining is Regression Analysis that takes the volatility of the market out and swaps it with peace of mind. In simpler terms, you can compare it to the good old crystal ball that can tell you about the future market trends. This technique studies customers’ reaction, response, buying behaviour and purchase triggers. The experts study the market with one variable criterion and analyse the impact it will create on the market.          

Introducing New Product Mix

Sometimes businesses even fail to understand a basic product need. Take Hotstar for instance. This new up-and-coming digital streaming service doesn’t have a ‘Skip Intro’ feature and you won’t believe the outrage or the responses it or ‘the lack of it’ has generated.

Based on the marketing forecasts, businesses not only can fulfill such ‘obvious’ gaps but also understand what their customers want and offer something unique. Sitting on this reliable and ‘mined’ information, a business can get way ahead of its competitors. Each aspect of data mining helps you to deliver to the customer and get a product mix that can deliver maximum value to them.

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Is your marketing campaigns failing? Is your marketing message landing in the spam folder of your customers and you don’t seem to have a control over it? Are you not getting any click-through or expected feedback from your customers through e-mails? Then, it is time to deploy Classification Analysis that can recognize the lapses in a database, delete inactive and unwanted information as well as improve the reach.

Turn Customers into Brand Ambassadors

The spine of a business is its customers. Whether a business is small or big, offline or online, it ‘tries’ to keep the guesswork out of it and be in the first on the list to woo them. Data Mining can help you to decipher the data, understand the opportunities and collect additional information to analyse what they need and answer some crucial questions such as:

  • Do your customers need better delivery?
  • Why don’t your customers go through the purchase and leave the products in the cart?
  • Do they want more discounts or more variations in the products?
  • Do they want a more streamlined user experience or are they looking for easy log-in options?
  • Do they prefer your competitor? If yes, why?

Along with these questions, Data Mining Services also help the business to identify and segment customers on the basis of age, occupation and gender for more focussed marketing approach. Data mining insights can also track the key reasons why some of your customers are bailing on you or why some of them are still with you.

Streamlined Business Processes

All of this is rendered useless if your business fails to checks in on its own processes. If there are internal lapses, loopholes and coordination issues within departments that are becoming gaping black holes, then your business is in desperate need of an exhaustive overhaul. Customised Data

Mining techniques can do an automatic analysis of businesses and help them to create a seamless process from topline to bottom line. The data that is lying across the departments is extracted, coordinated and stored in a virtual warehouse. This virtual warehouse becomes a powerhouse of insights and a stepping stone of business decisions that can take your organization many light-years ahead in business expertise, knowledge and product development.

Secure Business Practices

Whether it is an online business or offline, the contaminated database is a serious threat.  Data Mining can detect such business intrusion and repair decontamination in the database, resulting in a more secure environment for business.

Project Risk Management

Most IT and consulting teams often deploy B2B and CRM Data Mining techniques to draw a conclusive decision tree associated with costs and benefits. With the right set of tools and methods, data mining can prove to be very effective in optimising project management.

Risk Detection and Management

In any business, a simple error could result in grave issues and a major dent in the credibility. Be it a simple data entry mistake or lapse in predicting inventory, a design fault or manufacturing issue- such inconsistencies and anomalies can be detected and eliminated with one of the data mining techniques called Anomaly Detection.

Data Mining in a Real-World Scenario

  • In the field of marketing, Data Mining Services is pointing businesses towards their target groups so that they can market products in accordance with their needs.
  • In the retail sector, it is solving inventory issues and improving operational aspects.
  • Several healthcare institutes are now deploying Electronic Health Records that are basically health records of citizens matched to a set of treatments.
  • Banking groups are warming up to data analytics to understand customer data and buying preferences to offer customised products.
  • Similarly, B2B Data Mining has helped manufacturing industry to automate their design and manufacturing processes. It also predicts output, the lifespan of equipment and inventory for the organisations.
  • Online marketers are now at the top of their game as they have the knowledge of web analytics, sponsored links and user behaviour – all powered by CRM Data Mining.