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8 Helpful Remote Learning Resources for College Students

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The quarantine trapped most of the students and teachers at homes. But is current pandemics a reason to stop studying at all? College and school administrations don’t think so. And, if being honest, we support them.
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The good news is that in 2020 we are backed up with extensive digital support to continue studies online. We’ve rounded up 8 top distance learning programs and tools to ease your college studies while social distancing. Check them all out in the list as follows:
1. Coursera
One of the most popular online education sites. Not only individual lectures are presented here, but full courses from leading higher education institutions from all over the world. For instance, if you’re a marketer, on Coursera, you will find relevant materials on marketing strategy creation, digital analytics in marketing, SMM, branding and many more. It is easy to study and check your progress on this platform, as each course includes video lectures with subtitles for foreign learners, text summaries, as well as course tests and final exams.
2. Academic Earth
An extensive collection of free educational resources for distance learning from the world’s top universities. It is possible to adjust your search for courses by either disciplines or universities. The largest number of courses are provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, and Stanford University.
Academic Earth selects links to the best online learning resources. The 750 courses available and 8,500 individual lectures provide you with an opportunity to study a variety of subjects at your own pace and time.
3. Khan Academy
A non-profit, world-class education site for anyone anywhere.
The Khan Academy has a huge library of quality teaching materials, including five thousand Youtube Video Tutorials mini-lectures. This is not just a combination of individual courses from teachers, but all the core subjects from both school and university programs.
After logging in, the portal remembers what you have learned and submits it in a visual format so you can keep track of how you are reaching your goal. The video lectures format with a detailed explanation of the material is really helpful when it comes to assignments on some complex concepts in any subject.
4. Udemy
A resource where you can find quality paid content to study a variety of disciplines. Compared to the previous one, this platform is less likely to be categorized as websites that write papers for you, and its courses are less academic. Still, it is useful enough for skills development, as lectures are read by practitioners and professionals in their field.
Naturally, you can face some difficulties managing writing tasks from college professors and taking classes.
5. TED
There is probably no student who has never heard of TED conferences. This is one of the top favorite students’ resources where they can find out some interesting facts or unique modern ideas depending on the time they want to spend watching TED-talks. Experts in the fields of education, business, science, technology, and psychology tell about their achievements and results of work. Exciting lectures will probably help you to find some interesting ideas for your work or study.
6. P2PU
An open learning community that deepens knowledge across disciplines through online courses and training groups. The portal has both individual training groups and their associations – the so-called “schools” (School of Social Innovation, Webcraft School, etc.).
Everyone can create a course or training group and share their knowledge with other users. The community is open to everyone.
According to the portal, unlike individual online courses and python homework help the site community encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration between students. Working together helps stay motivated throughout the training, and having feedback allows you to improve the quality of your projects.
7. Big think
Roadmap to the best and newest ideas on the planet. Nowadays, the internet offers many informational points – stories, tweets, status updates – but there are very few ways to combine these points to see larger patterns. By asking experts about the most important advances in their research, the Big Think editorial team selects the best ideas for criteria such as relevance (how the idea will affect the world as a whole and the life of the individual), relevance (who will be most impacted) and the ability to apply it to practice.
With a growing network of experts, this site is becoming a platform of knowledge that can be used to solve everyday problems.
8. Alison
A global online community designed to teach people the important skills they need to work.
Users can gain the necessary skills by registering for one of the 600 certified multimedia free courses. Alison is a very successful project, approved by UNESCO and other influential international organizations.
Hopefully, you found our list of remote learning resources useful for your interests. Stay healthy!


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