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79 Stories To Learn About Rust

by Learn RepoJune 3rd, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Rust via these 79 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Rust via these 79 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Top 10 Programming Languages for Web Devs to Learn During Quarantine

If you're just sitting at home most nights, wondering what the hell you should be doing, rejoice! I've got a list of 10 of the hottest, coolest programming languages you can stuff in a single sack ( post).

2. An Intro to Rust for JavaScript Developers

Learn Rust in 5 minutes with your existing JavaScript knowledge. Here, I list differences Rust has compared to JS that is crucial to understanding it.

3. How to Build a To-Do List in Rust Using bb8 and Tokio_Postgres

Good news! It’s easy to create a simple to-do list using bb8 and tokio_postgres for the data layer side.

4. How Rust and Elixir Read Ethereum and other EVM Smart Contracts: Functional Programming & Blockchain

I am going to show the function of reading Ethereum Smart Contract by Elixir&Rust in this article

5. Debugging Rust Cargo Issues in Gitlab

Straightforward moral of the story: always first check environment variables in CI settings. They can overwrite your configs and cause unexpected issues.

6. Let's Build a Telegram Bot in Rust. Part 1

Building telegram bot using Rust.

7. Raspberry Pi Wireless Thermostat - in Rust!

I created a fully working wireless thermostat that runs on a Raspberry Pi, written in Rust, as a practical learning project.

8. Lets Graph Simple Moving Averages Using Rust

Simple Moving Averages are calculated by getting the mean closing price over a period of time. Lets see on how we can program that idea into Rust.

9. A Comprehensive Guide for Handling Errors in Rust

This article address how errors are handled with the Rust programming language.

10. Why Rust is Meant to Replace C

The Rust programming language is an ambitious project of the Mozilla Foundation – a language that claims to be the next step in evolution of C and C++. Over the years of existence of these languages some of their basic flaws still haven’t been fixed, like segmentation errors, manual memory control, risks of memory leaks and unpredictable compiler behavior. Rust was created to solve these problems while improving security and performance along the way.

11. "Solidity is Not Ideal For Writing Foolproof Smart Contracts" - Patrick Dai

This article discusses smart contracts, ethereum, blockchain, decentralization, and the state of DeFi.

12. A Brief Guide to Rust for Embedded Development

Rust can be used for embedded development on RT-Thread operating system.

13. Rust Is On A Roll

I plan to use Rust as a replacement for Python for writing automation, especially any complex-calculable tasks. Here are the reasons why.

14. Everybody Loves Rust: How Rust is Being Used in Production

Who uses Rust, and what are the benefits of choosing this programming language for your stack? Find out the answer in stories from 9 successful companies.

15. We open sourced dotenv-linter: a lightning-fast linter for .env files, written in rust

Find dotenv-linter on Github!

16. The Tools and Resources You Need to Become a Web3 Developer in 2022

In this article, I'm going to give you a roadmap and some of the best resources on the internet that will definitely help you get your first job in Web3.

17. After 20 Years Of Web Development, I Am Ready For Disruption

I have been working in web technology for more than 20 years. I spent the first five years of my career as a full-stack developer. Back then, we used the term webmaster. I would set up servers (which included e-mail and FTP), order domain names, create databases and order SSL certificates. I would code the backend and the frontend, plus open up Photoshop to do a little bit of design and UX from time to time. I was the scrum master and the business analyst plus I would support customers and project manage their websites. These tasks and job titles were all just part of being a webmaster. You crafted the web by yourself, and it lived in a box in the room next door, occasionally you would have to go in and check on it, maybe even restart it.

Later in my career, I saw an opportunity to specialise. Living and working in London, I saw the increasing need for the expert. Recruiters started to ring me, asking about specialist job titles. I very much enjoyed the visual element of working in the browser and JavaScript was growing in power and clearly here to stay.

18. Rust Programming Language: Everything You Should Know

With this post, we aim at spreading the word about Rust language for web development by shedding light on the features and benefits.

19. The History of Hackathons: A Digital Evolution

The term hackathon is a compound word, a fusion of hacking and marathon, where hack is used in the sense of exploratory programming.

20. An In-Depth Guide to IC Programming and Best Practices to Follow

The integration of Internet Identity (II for short) needs to be distinguished between the development environment and the main network environment.

21. The Noonification: The Wall of Death (12/26/2022)

12/26/2022: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

22. Rust Coming to PS4 and Xbox: Rust Console Date Details

Rust is finally on its way to Xbox and Playstation. Here's details on the Rust console date.

23. The Noonification: How to Move Away From Twitter (12/15/2022)

12/15/2022: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

24. How Rust Developers Can Succeed with the Aleo Ecosystem

How the first builders of the Aleo ecosystem will be able to successfully execute their startups in the shortest amount of time?

25. Creating a P2P, Messaging App on Web3 Using Substrate & Ionic - Introducing Uke - BOG#002

Creating a peer to peer messaging app and protocol.

26. Implementing Multi-Threaded Shared Memory in Rust

Hide the messy details of dealing with Mutexes by encapsulating them inside a struct.

27. Learn How to Build an HTTP API with Rust

In this article, I'll write about the developer experience of developing the above application in Rust, compared to what I'm used to with Spring Boot.

28. Lilan Anjana Fernando is Excited About New And Upcoming Programming Languages

Lilan Anjana Fernando from United States has been nominated for a 2020#Noonie in the Future Heroes and Technology categories.

29. Languages, Frameworks and Tools to Become a Robust Web3 Dev

Web3, blockchain, NFTs?! It’s all getting a bit year 3000 out there… We’ve pulled this apart to better understand what the future of work looks like for develop

30. How to Build a Parser in Rust for Fun and Profit

Learn how to build a parser in Rust in an afternoon with memes

31. Running A Tech Community in Your Company: An Ex-Principal Engineer’s Guide

5 easy steps to create a sustainable tech community in your company that everyone loves.

32. Find and Fix Problems in .env Files With Dotenv-linter v2.2.0

We have developed dotenv-linter — a useful tool for checking .env files. It helps to find problems in .env files that you might miss at first, but which later may result in incorrect work of applications.

33. Building A Blockchain Social Media Module Using Substrate - WEB3 101

Everything you need to know to build your first custom blockchain using Substrate. Learn exactly how to build, test, and deploy your own pallets on Substrate.

34. Cross Compiling Rust on MacOS to Run as a Unikernel

Most programs on Linux are dynamically linked. So when you are creating a unikernel with OPS out of a linux application OPS goes out and finds all the libraries it's dynamically linked to and throws it onto the disk image. This works well if you are on linux - 99% of everything on linux is dynamically linked.

35. How to Move Away From Twitter

Some people I know planned or already had moved away. The target seems to be Mastodon, an alternate decentralized Open Source using the ActivityPub protocol.

36. Second State Releases Scalable Privacy Service at Mozilla Open Labs

Build a scalable and privacy-first Internet on Second State’s serverless infrastructure. Get the email newsletter on Rust, WebAssembly, serverless, blockchain, and AI.

37. How I Rebuilt the Classic Snake Game on the CENNZnet Blockchain

What goes into building a blockchain using Rust? Our newest dev at the CENNZnet project provides an insight into his latest project.

38. The Goals and Principles of The DevX Initiative Sponsorship Program

DevX Initiative Sponsorship program is here and focuses on the individuals who have worked passionately to make Rust what it is today. Read to know more.

39. How Using AWS Lambda with Rust Saved 3x the Cost Compared to Using Python or .NET

When building for large-scale use, using Rust certainly feels worth it both from a cost perspective (factor x3 saved) and from a performance perspective.

40. Deep Vs. Shallow Copying

Let's go back one moment. A little further down to our data structures. The dear heaps and stacks of them.Quite literally.

41. How to Go About Using WASM Semantic Search in Rust

Introducing Voy, a portable WebAssembly semantic search engine with vector similarity search in Rust.

42. My Journey to Running a Workflow Automation Engine in a Browser

About a week ago I got seriously bothered to figure out whether it is possible to run BPXE (a workflow automation engine I am developing) in a browser.

[43. Rust Cross Compiling to the

Raspberry Pi]( Efficiently set up a development environment for cross-compiling Rust code for other platforms, including Raspberry Pi and AWS Lambda.

44. How to Create A Smart Contract to Mint NFTs on NEAR Protocol

Blockchain technology is perpetually becoming a game-changer for most enthusiasts. It came to the limelight with the advent of cryptocurrency.

45. Using Go Defer and Rust Drop to Defer the Call to Rollback

Forgetting to close things off in Go can potentially come back to bite you. The most basic and straightforward method is to call rollback or commit.

46. Including Files and Deeply Directories in Rust

One of the things that's been criticized by newbies in Rust is the file include mechanism. About 2 days ago, I spent around 5 hours on how I was supposed to include a file that was referenced deep down in a directory tree. The docs didn't help, as they were simple structures. Here I'll show you how you can include your code in different parts of the application, even when the structure is complex, and save you hours on how to do this supposedly trivial task.

47. Learning Rust in Lockdown

The COVID19 lockdown has been a pretty challenging time for everyone. Staying sane without the social interactions we normally have can be difficult. I took the time to learn a new programming language. This served several purposes.

48. Building an API in Rust with and Following Clean Architecture

In this guide I’m going to walk you through the process of building a simple CRUD API from scratch in Rust using

49. Don't Learn Alone, Take ChatGPT With You

You may have noticed that, in the last few years, the Rust language has become a true Internet darling.

50. Rust’s Ownership and Borrowing Enforce Memory Safety

How does Rust guarantee memory safety?

51. Improving React App Performance with SSR and Rust: Rust vs Node.js [Part III]

In theory, a new technology or a modern approach should have a lot of benefits, but the main question that matters is that - what is actually practical advantages of that in numbers?

52. Using Cloud-ZK for Developing ZKP Acceleration in the Cloud

Cloud-ZK: A Toolkit for developing ZKP acceleration in the cloud

53. 6 Best Rust Programming Books Ranked by Reviews

This list will cover books that primarily focus on Rust. It also won’t take into account separate editions of books.

54. We Open Sourced Datanymizer: in-Flight Template-Driven Data Anonymization Tool

Datanymizer is an open-source, GDPR-compliant, privacy-preserving data anonymization tool flexible about how the anonymization takes place

55. How To Improve React App Performance with SSR and Rust [Part II: Rust Web Server]

Continue creating boosted Server Side Rendering implementation. In the first part we prepared ReactJS Application with SSR script that lets choose the best technologies for our Web Server.

56. Using Rust For Monitoring 30k API Calls Per Minute

At Bearer, we are a polyglot engineering team. Both in spoken languages and programming languages. Our stack is made up of services written in Node.js, Ruby, Elixir, and a handful of others in addition to all the languages our agent library supports. Like most teams, we balance using the right tool for the job with using the right tool for the time.

57. Tutorial: Extending Sonic With Limit Orders Using ic-cron Library

In this tutorial we build a crypto trading bot canister on Internet Computer (Dfinity) which can execute limit orders on AMM-based exchange - Sonic.

58. How to Insert Binary Tree in Rust

Let's learn interesting Rust concepts like smart pointers and ownership with a classic data structure and algorithm together.

59. A Procedural Landscape Experiment

Quick and dirty(?) procedural generation in 99 LoC of Rust

60. Retired Software Richard Eng Discusses Rust, Golang, Smalltalk, China and More!

Richard Eng 2020 Noonie Nominee for Blockchain from India has been nominated for a 2020#Noonie in the Future Heroes and Technology categories.. The Noonies are Hacker Noon’s way of getting to know — from a community perspective —  what matters in tech today. So, we asked our Noonie Nominees to tell us. Here’s what Richard had to share.

61. Why Rust Is So Popular?

If you are looking for some kind of metal panel business idea, allow me to be clear: the Rust I am referring to is a programming language.

62. How to Execute Background Tasks on Particular Weekdays with IC-Cron and Chrono

In this tutorial we use ic-cron library in order to execute tasks on Internet Computer (Dfinity) at a specific days of week.

63. Parsing HTML with Rust: A Simple Tutorial Using Tokio, Reqwest, and Scraper

Learn to parse websites with Rust using Tokio, Reqwest, Scraper.

64. Make Your Rust Code More Rustic By Breaking Some Rules

Warp engineer and resident Rust expert @ChuckAPierce writes about when to break the rules of Rust's infamous borrow checker.

65. Do Modern Technologies Like Serverless Really Offer Better Benefits?

Remember mainframes? Serverless is pretty much that: we own the machine and you rent out time on our big iron. We went full circle on progress!

66. "Rust Isn’t Afraid to be Imperfect as Long as we Ship something Useful" - Steve Klabnik

Steve Klabnik is a member of the Rust core team, an active open-source contributor, and author of The Rust Programming Language, Rails 4 in Action, and Designing Hypermedia APIs books. In 2012 and 2016, we invited Steve to speak at the RailsClub (now RubyRussia) conference. Since then, Steve has been working on Rust a lot, did a lot of interesting things and we realized that we should definitely interview him once again!

67. Static Full-Text Search in Next.js with WebAssembly, Rust, and Xor Filters

I built a full-text search engine in Rust and WebAssembly. Fast, lightweight, and tons of fun to build!

68. How To Create Small, Fast And Cool Desktop Apps With Tauri And Ember.js

I recently played around with Tauri, a toolkit for development desktop apps with web technologies. Here's how I got it working with an Ember.js application.

69. Faster than Linux

FTL usually refers to "faster than light". A theoretical particle known as a tachyon that powers certain spaceships in the Star Trek universe keeps the plot going for decades through multiple series and and movie franchises.

70. Topological Sorting of a Directed Acyclic Graph in Rust Using DFS

Topological sorting refers to the linear ordering of vertices in a graph such that for every directed edge ab, of vertex a to b, a, always comes before b.

71. An Introduction to Building on the Solana Network

This tutorial will teach you how to build and deploy your own programs on the Solana blockchain!

72. How I Used Rust + Lunatic to Build a TelNet Chat Server With WebAssembly

This post describes how I leveraged Rust, WebAssembly and Lunatic to build a telnet chat server.

73. 10 Most Sought-After Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2021

If you are working on any technology and want to know which programming language is best for you then you can follow this article.

74. Variable Shadowing: "Let" Keyword Is Immutable But Not Constant Variable

Let's take a look at some of the common pitfalls with the keywords let and mut. Then, we will learn how immutable != constant by using variable shadowing.

75. Interview: Flask Creator Armin Ronacher


76. Recap: 2020 WebAssembly (Wasm) Summit in Silicon Valley [incl. Links and Resources]

The WebAssembly Summit was held in Silicon Valley, on the 10th February 2020. The venue, Google’s newest building at 1625 Plymouth St Mountain View CA.

77. Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn in 2022

The craze for learning programming languages is very high. These days people have one question in their mind and that is which programming language should one prefer in 20201 and why?

78. Building A Blockchain in Rust & Substrate: [A Step-by-Step Guide for Developers]

A beginner-friendly tutorial on how to build hardcore blockchain infrastructure in Substrate, an open source framework.

79. Rusty Chains: A Basic Blockchain Implementation Written in Pure Rust

A hands-on tutorial on blockchain basics, taxonomy and Rust.

Thank you for checking out the 79 most read stories about Rust on HackerNoon.

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