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7 Writing Tips To Help You Create Better Content

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@jamesmurpyJames Murphy

James Murphy is a tech guru and a blogger from New York. James mostly writes about new technologies.

Ever had the urge to yawn while reading something you’ve writ

“That was fairly interesting...” you say after reading the conclusion.

Of course, you're not as boring as a history professor. You're doing good, buddy. You’re telling interesting stories, and keeping them short and to the point. But it’s not working. You can feel it in your gut.

Plus, your content doesn’t get comments, tweets or the shares it deserves. And now you are wondering if your content does captivate your readers.

The truth is you'll never really know whether your readers are yawning, fidgeting, or clicking away.

There are some specific mistakes that writers make which end up boring their readers. If you want to engage and entertain your readers, you have to make your content work.

Here are seven secrets that will change your writing career for the better.

1. Share one idea at a time

To engage your readers, you’ll need to share a tone of great ideas. “Sharing only one idea would be boring”, you say to yourself. This is the wrong approach.

According to best paper writing services, writing is similar to talking to your readers. And there’s nothing as boring as a story that goes in ten different directions. Every article should have only one idea. Every argument or story should be supported by it.

Having lots of great ideas is not a bad thing. It means that you have plenty of good content. All you need to do is take them out one at a time. Your headline should focus on one concept. The post should concentrate on one idea. And, the post should have one call to action.

2. Use short sentences

Long sentences are not only boring but also cumbersome and spiritless – especially if you use long jargon or vague words. Why not use short sentences?

Short sentences are easy to read and entertaining. The reader can easily see how he or she is progressing. Use short sentences. And use full stops as much as you can. If you are not sure about using colons and semicolons, go for a full stop. Full stops are your best friend in the punctuation world.

Also, use some phrases like this for example:

"Riding so bad like on blind dog" says Dmitry Oshlyansky, a Ukrainian Jew and my good friend.

3. Avoid difficult words

Some writers have the urge to show their readers how educated they are. They think that showing it by using difficult words will attract readers.

Please avoid using difficult words. They bore your readers to the core. Difficult words are jargon, scientific or long words. By using plain English, your readers will easily comprehend your message.

In general, readers are lazy. And the last thing you want to do is exhaust them. Readers are not interested in learning your complex vocabulary. Readers want you to help them solve their problems. Remember, no one will ever complain that your article is too simple to understand.

4. High school rules don’t apply

High school rules don’t apply in the real world. Why? Formality is not only tiring but also boring. No one wants to read your college paper. Stop thinking about your English professor and focus on your readers.

Use short sentences and paragraphs. Start your sentences with words like ‘and, because and but’. In short, break the rules. Your content will be entertaining and fun. And, your readers will fall in love with you.

Remember, your teachers were paid to read your essays and ensure you followed the instructions. Just because you got good grades in school doesn’t mean you are a great writer.

5. Charm your readers

No one likes to communicate and connect with dispassionate and indifferent people. You need to be charming to engage with your readers. And this requires human touch.

To charm your readers, you need to choose a topic that you genuinely love. Also, you can use quizzes in the content strategy and when people are driven to finish your quiz, this is good news for your page metrics – particularly time on page. So people spend more time on your website and they have more chances to familiarise themselves with your blog.

Secondly, write as if you are talking to your friend. Not a huge crowd. Let’s face it. Everyone is selfish. We spend most of our time thinking about ourselves. Read the works of all the professional writers and see how they exploit this rule.

Third, let your readers see how similar you are to them. Your readers cannot connect with you if you think you are above them. Tell them how you waste time watching TV over the weekends or spending your money on things you don’t need. Don’t make yourself too righteous.

Include short interesting stories that relate to your main idea. And, don’t be afraid of having an opinion. Remember, readers are looking for solutions to their problems. If you can’t take a stand, why should they read your story?

6. Know the writing rules

To write creative content, you’ll have to entertain your readers. This means using the best angle and a strong voice. You don’t have to be original.

There are several copywriting techniques that you should use to make your content engaging and interesting. They include:

  • Using trigger words that evoke emotion;
  • Ensuring that every sentence counts. Every sentence should make your readers want to read the next one;
  • Know and use the fascinating elements of content writing. You can grab your readers' attention by using shock, entertainment or fun;
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Follow the writing rules outlined by the writers you look up to. And you’ll get similar results.

7. Avoid readability crimes

You’ve taken the time to craft great content. You’ve edited and proofread it several times. Your piece of writing is friendly, engaging and informative. However, you choose the wrong font and size. Choosing a fancy or complex font makes will destroy the effectiveness of your words. Also, using a small font size will strain your readers’ eyes. Look at some of the popular websites and notice their font size.

It’s important to use a readable font. This means being generous with white space. Also, use numbered lists and bullet points whenever you can.

Bonus tip: Use high-quality stock photos

As the popular saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. You’ll easily connect with your readers by using clear photos that are supported by your main idea. A post without photos is dull and boring.

While using photos will make your writing interesting, you should avoid overusing them. Crowded pictures will make you look disorganized and unengaging.

You can also create infographics to summarize your idea. Include it with your content to help engage readers and then post it on Pinterest and other social media platforms to drive more people to your writing.


In the real world, there are no rules to show how charming or engaging you should be. There is no code to keep your readers engaged. However, you can avoid making silly mistakes that make your work boring.

To become a great writer, you have to write with passion. By being enthusiastic and showing your readers how much you care, you’ll gain a raving audience. Apply these secrets today and see how your life will change.

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@jamesmurpyJames Murphy

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James Murphy is a tech guru and a blogger from New York. James mostly writes about new technologies.


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