7 Top Domain Monitoring Software, Analysis Tools and Integrated Servicesby@WhoisXMLAPI
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7 Top Domain Monitoring Software, Analysis Tools and Integrated Services

by WhoisXML APIMarch 17th, 2020
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Domain Research Suite includes tools such as Reverse WHOIS Search, Domain Availability Check and Domain Availability API. Domain Monitoring Software, Analysis Tools and Integrated Services can be highly beneficial for organizations. With these tools, users can protect brand marks from infringement, extrapolate a domain’s ties to criminal networks, spot registration trends, and perform market research. These tools can be used by IT professionals to keep a well-chosen, well-aged domain name safe and profitable. The Domain Research suite includes tools that help IT professionals add to their toolkits.

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A domain name is a valuable piece of online real estate that a person can own. In fact, it is often treated like “a plot of land,” according to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in a historic decision over the ownership of Sex[.]com.

In an unprecedented case, Gary Kremen sued Network Solutions Inc. (NSI) for enabling the illegitimate transfer of his domain to a conman, no less. In reaching its decision, the court sided with Kremen on his conversion claims, arguing that registrants have property rights over their domains.

Like real-estate properties, domains are appraised based on age and revenue potential. Domains released in the 1990s, such as (US$3,000,000), (US$7,500,000), and (US$3,000,000), thus sell for a hefty sum. So, whether one decides to hold on to a strategic domain as an investment or use it for a website, it’s a win-win situation.

Indeed, a well-chosen, well-aged domain name enables owners to earn tremendously from it. It is, therefore, essential to keep the ones in your care threat-free and profitable. One way to do so is with the help of domain analysis tools, such as those that comprise the Domain Research Suite. Let’s take a closer look at several domain monitoring software and applications from the suite.

Must-Have Domain Analysis Tools for IT Professionals

Below are some services that IT professionals may want to add to their toolkits:

Reverse WHOIS Search

Reverse WHOIS Search helps users find all associated domains for a search keyword, such as a company name, a phone number, or an email address. Domainers, marketers, and security analysts use the tool to uncover relationships between web addresses, individuals, and companies that share data points in their WHOIS records. Reverse WHOIS Search also comes in the form of an API—Reverse WHOIS API—that users can integrate into existing solutions.

WHOIS History Search

WHOIS History Search and its API counterpart WHOIS History API enable users to dig up a domain’s ownership history. Marketers and cyber investigators rely on the solutions to track who owned a domain at a particular time, as well as how many times it changed hands. The solutions also allow users to find out a domain’s previous registrar and registrant in case they need to contact its current owner should its WHOIS record be privacy-protected.

WHOIS Search

WHOIS Search is a lookup tool that aids in the retrieval of a domain or an IP address’s WHOIS record. Such a record includes vital data points, such as the domain’s registrant, age, registrar, and name servers, among others. With WHOIS Search or WHOIS API (its API counterpart), users can protect their brand marks from infringement, extrapolate a domain’s ties to criminal networks, spot registration trends, and perform market research.

Domain Availability Check

Domain Availability Check is a straightforward web-based solution that allows users to determine if a domain is free for registration or not. It enables domainers to keep a close eye on domain state changes. That way, they can reserve domains of interest as soon as these become available. More tech-savvy users can also opt for Domain Availability API.

Domain Monitor

As its name suggests, this domain monitoring service allows users to watch for updates in the data points of WHOIS records for domains of interest. Domain Monitor provides users the option to add unregistered and registered domains to their dashboard individually or in bulk.

Registrant Monitor

By entering a registrant’s name or organization into the tool, users can track all domains that the registrant added or dropped over time. Domainers and organizations can use it to keep track of domains they want to purchase or observe for investigation. Registrant Monitor also has an API counterpart—Registrant Alert API

Brand Monitor

Brand Monitor or its API counterpart Brand Alert API enables brand protection agents and cybersecurity analysts to watch for lookalike domains that may be involved in fraudulent acts against their organizations. The solutions require a brand name or product-specific keyword as input and return a list of domains containing the specified search terms. They also allow users to configure alerts for monitored search terms.

Deploying domain analysis tools and monitoring services can be highly beneficial for organizations. Domain Research Suite is an excellent example of a solutions stack with applications in cybersecurity, digital marketing, and domaining.