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7 Simple Tips I Used to Build My Startup Investment Portfolio

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@nam-nguyenNam Nguyen

  1. I could lose all my money. Invest in only the amount I’m willing to lose.
  2. Invest small amounts in each company. Give myself atleast an opportunity to stake 30 companies.
  3. Start out slow. At first, I was less selective in the companies. I had less filtering parameters. I did less diligence. First start out with investing in one company per month.
  4. Invest in companies that already have revenue. Revenue is hard. Having revenue filters out a lot of risk. Revenue means that there is a viable product. Revenue means that the product is good enough for someone to be willing to pay for it.
  5. Is there an opportunity to invest alongside a seasoned investor?
  6. Invest in companies that have potential to scale.
  7. Invest in founders. Founders who are smart. Founders who have done hard things before.

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