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7 Laravel Tips You Should Know

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Hello, my name is Adrian. After writing an article about 6 Eloquent Tricks Every Laravel Developer Should Know and receiving a better than expected feedback from the readers, I decided to show some more Laravel tips that are used at Weap.

The get() method can accept an array of columns to return

Did you know that the get() method can accept an array with the columns which should be returned? The same thing also works with the method all().


Allow access to specific IP addresses when your application is in maintenance mode

Laravel allows you to put your application in maintenance mode using the command artisan down. While in maintenance, the application will not be accessible by the users. But did you know that you can allow access to specific IP addresses?


Combined where conditions

Using combined where conditions is a common case for almost all applications. Did you know there is a different way to write them?


Getting the ID of the authenticated user

Very often I see developers using Auth::user()->id to retrieve the id of the authenticated user. There is a better way.


Faker optional()

Sometimes, in Weap's automated tests a backup record should be not completed. For such cases, Faker has the optional() method.


Unsigned columns in the migrations

When you have a relation between two tables, the column must be unsigned. To make the column unsigned, the unsigned() method is used. But there is a second way to achieve the same result.


Easier dd()

If you need to dd() the results of a query, there are two ways.


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