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7 Human Resource Key Steps That Will Help Your Team to Stick Together

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@jamesmurpyJames Murphy

James Murphy is a tech guru and a blogger from New York. James mostly writes about new technologies.

Employees are the most vital aspect of any successful business. As a result, when running a company, your team is the most vital asset and best resource that you can have.  Without a team, the business might not function well. Market research has shown that 86% of failures that occur at the workplace is as a result of a lack of collaboration and teamwork between employees.

In the workplace, HRs performs the following: employment and recruiting, labor and employee relations, job analysis, training and development, benefits and compensation.  They must ensure that there is a conducive working environment that enhances productivity, and this includes ensuring their teams stick together.

Your business experiences growth when your team sticks together and work synergistically. Effective team collaboration helps to achieve the following: efficient work system, innovation through collaboration, high morale, and motivation to work, stronger employee to employee relationships. For companies with top-notch teamwork, problem-solving is easier because workers with different skills and expertise will work together to provide creative solutions to problems.

Productive organizations are where people feel safe, encouraged to experiment and also take up challenges. Have you been looking for ways to help your team stick together? The following are key steps for every human resource manager to ensure their team puts collaboration first before a competition.

1. Create a Healthy Work Environment

Your work environment has a huge impact on the productivity of your team and their creativity. Create a workspace that helps your team to feel motivated and engaged. It is easier to work somewhere that is enjoyable. While creating a space, ensure you put into consideration the natural light, ambiance, and privacy.

A healthy environment is not only about the surroundings. There are other things to look into when you want to create a healthy workplace. They include a supportive environment, healthy lifestyle practice and workplace culture. Also, it is the function of the HR management software to ensure that you encourage healthy habits among your team members by providing snacks at work or a room for exercise. It can be in the form of gym classes for the team.

By encouraging these habits, it increases your team energy levels and disposition to work. All these work benefits will make your team feel valued and appreciated. It will also motivate them to put in their best efforts and stick together as a team.

2. Define All Roles

Clarity is paramount when dishing out tasks. Efficient teamwork is impossible if there is any difficulty in understanding roles and responsibilities. Confusion is inevitable when your team members do not fully understand their responsibilities.

You might even end up with possible scenarios where some team members won’t do their work or choose someone else to do it for them. To tackle this, proper documentation of roles and responsibilities is important. These roles must be made known to all members of the team. They can easily refer back to it to avoid a clash of opinions regarding responsibilities.

Create job descriptions for every one. Establish workplace rules and ensure you inform your team members of their specific job descriptions. You can even create different infographics for this. Every team member must be clear of their roles and also the roles of their teammates. As a human resource manager, you can create a handbook for each team in your workplace clarifying each role, objectives, and projects. Lastly, enforce your set practices and policies.

3. Focus on Employees’Strengths

We are all different. We all have different passions, strengths, and weaknesses. One of the best qualities of HR is learning how to focus on an individual’s strength. As long as everyone is doing their best by bringing a strong skill to the team, you should only dwell on their skill.

You can help to build the strengths of your team members by giving outs projects based on their strengths and also conducting strength-building for your team members. Focusing on the strength of your team can impact their engagement and consequently increase their productivity.

4. Encourage Diversity

Research has shown that companies that promote diversity in their workplace do not only achieve the best results, but they also achieve more than companies who do not. Workplace diversity allows your team always to discuss issues from a different and broader perspective.

Heading a team where they have different mindsets allows them to channel the difference in skill, talents, and knowledge into innovative olutions that can take the organization higher. Before recruiting, consider each candidate’s career path, where they have lived in the past years, including their social and economic backgrounds.

To stay relevant in today’s global economy, you must recognize different skills, understand them and include them in your recruitment process. Asides from including it in your recruitment process, you can also encourage diversity by creating diversity-friendly workplace policies, establish diverse mentorships and build diverse teams.

5. Encourage Informal Social Gatherings

In some human resource manuals, Informal gatherings for team members are advised. Coercing people to get involved in team building activities is harmful to a team. The last thing a human resource manager wants is to allow anger and unhappiness to grow amongst your staff. Rather than forcing them to engage in team-building activities like a tyrant, you should enable the team to grow in a slow but steady way.

Let there be an informal gathering where your team can relate outside the work environment. In an informal gathering, there is no pressure. Members of the team can socialize with each other and form strong bonds which they can build on when they get into the office.  Before planning a social retreat, take your time to review different places that can have a relaxing impact like sativa effects on your team members. To save money, you can also arrange for low-key social meetups.

6. Reward Excellent Teamwork

Rewarding outstanding teamwork is one of the best ways to ensure that your team sticks together. Praise your employees often when they do an excellent job. If the team performs well and does beyond their roles to benefit the company, ensure that they are commended for a job well done.

Expressing gratitude for excellent teamwork helps to create an impressive and friendly workplace atmosphere. When people are rewarded and recognized for performing exceptionally, they are inspired to do more, and the habit of sticking together as a team will naturally improve.

Giving them recognition can be in any form. It can be a formal recognition, kind words from you, and the team’s photo in the company’s newsletter or anything that will increase productivity.

7. Provide Platforms for Feedbacks

It is wise to always give room for feedback. Great ideas are said to always come from unexpected places. Asides brainstorming sessions provide many feedback channels for your team members. It is not all employees that are outspoken. Some are reserved but possess great business ideas. Having as many channels as possible will help some reserved employees to speak out and share knowledge.

Some might prefer to speak their minds through anonymous means while some can give excellent feedback to you during a one-on-one meeting. Make necessary changes where it is needed. This will show your team members that their opinions are valued and well appreciated. When your team feels valued, they stick together.


Every HR desires to stimulate an office environment where teams can collaborate rather than compete againsteach other. Your team will naturally stick together when you promote diversity, put in place a healthy work environment and also recognize and reward excellent teamwork.

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@jamesmurpyJames Murphy

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James Murphy is a tech guru and a blogger from New York. James mostly writes about new technologies.


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