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7 Cloud Telephony Features For Your Office Phone System

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The existence of a business without a modern office phone system is next to impossible. Every business requires you to build outbound and inbound communication, generate leads, and much more. 

With the advent of cloud telephony, business communication has become more pocket –friendly and less strenuous. Summing up its role in a business’ success is hard. The only thing we can say is that it is the spine of every business. However, not every office phone system can be that much good. Some features are responsible for such great functionality. Without these features, any office system is just a mere toolbox lying at a corner.

As you must be using a phone system for your business, knowing about these features is more than imperative so that you can crack a good deal on it. So, here is a list of must-have features for the modern office phone system.


If you want your office phone number to never miss a call, then having an auto-attendant feature is more than imperative. With the help of this feature, you can answer the calls without having a human receptionist. This feature is a one-man army. It will auto-greet callers, ask about the right area of assistance, divert the call in the right direction, and accelerate the call disposal time without leaving the customers’ queries un-answered.

Every business is aware that high call waiting time tarnishes the brand image. An auto-attendant is the right way to handle it. As the call will be answered within 5 seconds of calling regardless of the availability of receptionists and agents, your customers are going to hung-up the phone not with disappointment but with pleasure.  

Line extensions

Your number of callers can increase at any point in time. So, having such a phone system that can handle high call traffic easily is one thing that should be the prime agenda of any business. The line extension feature of cloud telephony is what you need to direct the caller in the right direction. This feature eliminates the need to own different phone numbers for different departments and reduce financial burden.

For example, you need not have a different office phone number for the sales and customer care department. Line extensions allow you to set as many as extensions you want on your primary business phone number. With the use of cloud telephony, line extension can transfer the calls to employees working outside your office premises.

Time-of-the-day scheduling

If you are running a global business, then you must be having a tough time maintaining a balance between the two different time zones. In that case, having a Time-of-the-day scheduling feature in your international phone number brings great relief.

This feature updates you about the live status of the destination and makes you aware of the right calling time.

Direct Inward Dialing or DID

If you have huge manpower that needs to be in a loophole for every business communication, then having Direct Inward Dialing or DID feature is a must for you. The office phone system features eliminate the need to purchase a separate phone for separate employees and save big on system installation costs. There will be no delay in handling incoming calls. 


Your customers can call from any device. They can use landline or mobile phone for this job. With the use of the IP PBX feature on your cloud telephony, you make your VoIP office phone number competent enough to answer calls made from landlines as well. 

Acoustic Fence

No matter what sort of phone system you are using, having great voice clarity is one thing that you get the utmost attention to. With weak and feeble voice signals and disturbance from surroundings, your customers will not be able to communicate properly.  With the help of the acoustic fence feature, you can block the sounds coming from surroundings such as co-workers' voices, machinery sounds, and other unwanted sounds and ensure that there is crystal clear communication. 

 Unified Communication

 Business communication has outgrown the usual telephone-based communication. Now, the customer prefers dropping a voicemail or do live chat over making a phone call. If your business is at a global level, then you may need to have video conferencing with team members as well. 
In that case, your international phone number must be able to offer unified communication. It can send SMS, email, voicemails, and set-up live chatbots from a centralized place.  

Before we wrap up

The viability of an office phone system in a business ecosystem requires no proof today. It has proved its significance long back. But, in the wake of cloud telephony, it has gone a little far. Now, many useful features reduce the operational and financial burden for businesses and help them touch the sky of success easily. If you want to avail its benefits, do the same without keeping any doubt in your mind.

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