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69 Poem

69 Poem is a parody of the original poem by harry baker. The original poem is 59 by Harry Baker. The poem is about a man who fell in love with a woman he met in a shed. The poet is 69 and his wife 69, 71 and 69 are both of the same age. The parody poem is called 69: "I'm 69. I'm 71 together we combine to become twice of 70. You are 69," says 69. The author of the poem is not sure what happened to 69.
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69 was in his house

looking for a beautiful cute spouse,

one day when he was roaming across his house ,

he saw 70 only in a blouse.

now 70 was super hot,

69 got a sudden jaw drop ,

69 was excited a lot,

to meet 70 and find her spot.

69 knew her favorite flower,

he think of 70 every hour,

70 think 69 was odd,

69 was not expecting this but this is what he got,

69 was depressed,

night un-slept,

fully unrest,

in damn regret,

but life took a turn,

69 got blessed,

One rainy day he got wet,

Ran under a shed,

Where 71 was met.

Now 71 was stunning,

Perfect body and cunning,

71 and 69 both were odds

He introduced, I'm 69

She said, I'm 71

Under that shed, They talked more,

69 thought 70 was a whore ,

As 71 was like 70....... but a little bit more.

71 was his type,

69 also got a right swipe,

Wanted to be his wife,

And then suddenly 71 stukup and asked about 70.

69 told 71 about his crush,

71 saw 69 got a blush,

71 was Lil shifty,

Sounds Lil drifty,

71 said You are 69, I'm 71 together we combine to become twice of 70.

To all those who think this is real love

this wasn't real love

That love was just an example

When came to this

It's how 69 got a prime example

- this a parody poem (the original poem is 59 by harry baker)


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