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626 Stories To Learn About Ai

by Learn RepoJanuary 26th, 2024
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Learn everything you need to know about Ai via these 626 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Ai via these 626 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Humans with irrational brains writing about machines with rational brains.

1. Lithosphere (LITHO) AI-Blockchain Devs Support Ripple (XRP) in the SEC Case

Lithosphere (LITHO) reiterates its support for Ripple (XRP) in its case against the SEC.

2. 6 Best Open-Source Projects for Real-Time Face Recognition

Real-time face recognition systems remain a very popular topic in computer vision, and a large number of companies have developed their own solutions to try and tap into the growing market.

3. Startups That Help Construction Companies

Let's take a look at a few construction startups that simplify the work of construction companies through artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation.

4. Top 10 AI Tools to Check Out If You're Bored With ChatGPT

The article showcases the top 10 AI tools that can transform the way you work and live by automating tasks and improving productivity.

5. 6 Biggest Limitations of Artificial Intelligence Technology

While the release of GPT-3 marks a significant milestone in the development of AI, the path forward is still obscure. There are still certain limitations to the technology today. Here are six of the major limitations facing data scientists today.

6. Difference between Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and deep learning

The development in the field of technology has enhanced over the years. With time, we get terms like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning in technology. We often confuse in these terms and define them similarly. But it is not a precise definition as these terms are different from each other. If you do not want to make this mistake again, then you must read out this article. Here we are going to discuss the difference in these three terms AI, ML, and Deep learning.

7. Machine Un-Learning: Why Forgetting Might Be the Key to AI

Let’s face it — forgetting things sucks. It’s frustrating not to remember where you left your keys or to stumble over your words because you can’t recall the name of that colleague you just ran into at the grocery store. However, forgetfulness is core to the human condition, and in fact, we’re lucky that we’re able to do so.

8. Why I Dropped Out of College in 2020 to Design My Own ML and AI Degree

Most people would think I was crazy for starting 2020 as a college dropout (sorry mom!), but I wish I made this decision sooner.

9. Top 15 Chatbot Datasets for NLP Projects

An effective chatbot requires a massive amount of training data in order to quickly solve user inquiries without human intervention. However, the primary bottleneck in chatbot development is obtaining realistic, task-oriented dialog data to train these machine learning-based systems.

10. Developing AI Security Systems With Edge Biometrics

Let’s speak about usage of edge AI devices for office entrance security system development with the help of face and voice recognition.

11. What is Image Annotation? – An Intro to 5 Image Annotation Services

Image annotation is one of the most important tasks in computer vision. With numerous applications, computer vision essentially strives to give a machine eyes – the ability to see and interpret the world. At times, machine learning projects seem to unlock futuristic technology we never thought possible. AI-powered applications like augmented reality, automatic speech recognition, and neural machine translation have the potential to change lives and businesses around the world. Likewise, the technologies that computer vision can give us (autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, unmanned drones) are extraordinary.

12. The Problem(s) With Amazon GO

13. How to Authenticate a User via Face Recognition in Your Web Application

Facial recognition-based authentication to verify a user in a web application is discussed in a beginner-friendly manner using FaceIO APIs.

14. 6 Work from Home Positions in AI Data Collection and Data Annotation

For digital nomads, college students, stay-at-home parents or anyone looking for remote work positions, this article introduces online/remote work positions that are available today in the fields of AI Data Collection and Data Annotation.

15. 11 Business Ideas That Could Become a Reality With ChatGPT

Founder of Makerpad, Ben Tossell, goes over potential business ideas that could come true with ChatGPT.

16. I tried ChatGPT from OpenAI and my mind was blown

I wasn’t around when the internet was discovered for the first time but I could only imagine this must be what it’s like to do so.

17. 14 Open Datasets for Text Classification in Machine Learning

Text classification datasets are used to categorize natural language texts according to content. For example, think classifying news articles by topic, or classifying book reviews based on a positive or negative response. Text classification is also helpful for language detection, organizing customer feedback, and fraud detection. Though time consuming when done manually, this process can be automated with machine learning models. The result saves companies time while also providing valuable data insights.

18. How to Convert Speech to Text in Python

Speech Recognition is the ability of a machine or program to identify words and phrases in spoken language and convert them to textual information.

19. GPT-3 is Already Making Programmers' Lives Better and There's More to Come

GPT-3 was meant to understand and construct natural language. But as these tools prove, it's pretty good at programming languages, too.

20. 10 Best Stock Market Datasets for Machine Learning

For those looking to build predictive models, this article will introduce 10 stock market and cryptocurrency datasets for machine learning.

21. A Roundup Review of the Latest Deep Learning Books

For years, nobody wanted to read about AI. It was a backwater of research, solving toy problems while crashing and burning on real world challenges.

22. Crowdsourcing Data Labeling for Machine Learning Projects [A How-To Guide]

Research suggests that data scientists spend a whopping 80% of their time preprocessing data and only 20% on actually building machine learning models. With that in mind, it’s no wonder why the machine learning community was quick to embrace crowdsourcing for data labeling. Crowdsourcing helps break down large and complex machine learning problems into smaller and simpler tasks for a large distributed workforce.

23. ChatGPT Explained in 5 Minutes

ChatGPT has taken over Twitter and pretty much the whole internet, thanks to its power and the meme potential it provides.

24. Machine Learning is the Wrong Way to Extract Data From Most Documents

The best way to turn the majority of documents into structured data is to use a next generation of powerful, flexible templates that find data in a document

25. 9 Reasons Why You Should Keep Learning Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence. It allows software applications to become accurate in predicting outcomes. Machine Learning focuses on the development of computer programs, and the primary aim is to allow computers to learn automatically without human intervention.

26. Busting AI Myths: "You Need Tons of Data for Machine Learning"

Leading researchers like Karl Friston describe AI as "active inference" —creating computational statistical models that minimize prediction-error. The human brain operates much the same way, also learning from data. A common argument goes:

27. 10 Reasons Why you Should Learn Artificial Intelligence


28. Six Real-World Applications of AI in Retail

As the world is moving towards a digital age, traditional retailers face existential threats from the likes of Amazon and Walmart. To level the playing field, offline retailers are also turning to artificial intelligence as shoppers take a multichannel approach to making purchases. From helping customers find the items through visual search to personalizing their entertainment experience through chatbots, AI is revolutionizing the retail industry in a number of ways. Major retailers like Starbucks and Lowe’s use AI to improve customer experience.

29. Steal This Idea and Make a Billion Dollars: AI Video Game Accelerator Cards

AI is on the rise. In some ways it was always inevitable. But ask any researcher who suffered through the 1990s in AI research and they might not agree. AI and neural networks in particular were considered a backwater for researchers for decades. If you wanted a dead end career go into neural nets. In the 1990s, one of the leading thinkers behind neural networks, Geoffrey Hinton, could barely get funding. Nobody came to his classes. He worked on his ideas in isolation.

30. NLP Tutorial: Creating Question Answering System using BERT + SQuAD on Colab TPU

Open sourced by Google Research team, pre-trained models of BERT achieved wide popularity amongst NLP enthusiasts for all the right reasons! It is one of the best Natural Language Processing pre-trained models with superior NLP capabilities. It can be used for language classification, question & answering, next word prediction, tokenization, etc.

31. Karate Club a Python library for graph representation learning

Karate Club is an unsupervised machine learning extension library for the NetworkX Python package. See the documentation here.

32. 10 Ways AI Has Changed Our Lives

The human race has come a long way in history. The recent technological advancements contribute to this progress, making lives easier for everyone. Robots, supercomputers and interactive applications are no longer science-fiction tropes. Data scientists and machine learning engineers are working on realistic machines with human-like intelligence. Artificial intelligence is an integral part of our everyday life. From our smartphones to the GPS navigation in our cars- life without AI seems impossible. Here are some ways that AI impacts our life;

33. How to Talk to ChatGPT: An Intro to Prompt Engineering

Prompting is pretty much the only skill you now require to be a master of these new large and powerful generative models such as ChatGPT.

34. The Best (and Worst) Punny Jokes Only Data Scientists Will Understand

For the first KDnuggets post on Hacker Noon, we bring you a lighter fare of very nerdy computer humor from the series of self-referential jokes started on Twitter earlier this week. Here are some of our favorites.

If you do understand all of the jokes, then you congratulate yourself on having excellent knowledge of Data Science and Machine Learning! If you have actually laughed at 2 or more jokes, then you have earned MS in Computer Humor! If you just smirked, you probably have a Ph.D. And I have a great joke about AGI, but it will be ready in 10 years.

Enjoy, and if you have more, add them in comments below!

Yann LeCun, @ylecun

35. 20 Best Machine Learning Resources for Data Scientists

Whether you’re a beginner looking for introductory articles or an intermediate looking for datasets or papers about new AI models, this list of machine learning resources has something for everyone interested in or working in data science. In this article, we will introduce guides, papers, tools and datasets for both computer vision and natural language processing.

36. How AI Is Transforming The Future Of Healthcare Industry

The power of Artificial Intelligence is echoing across many industries. But its impact on healthcare is truly life-changing. With its ability to mimic human cognitive functions, AI is bringing a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry.

37. AI Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

However, as time has proven over and over again, humankind is unable to duplicate the same kind of AI that we see in the movies..yet.

38. How To Build Chatbot Project Using Python

Chatbots are extremely helpful for business organizations and also the customers. The majority of people prefer to talk directly from a chatbox instead of calling service centers. Facebook released data that proved the value of bots. More than 2 billion messages are sent between people and companies monthly. The HubSpot research tells that 71% of the people want to get customer support from messaging apps. It is a quick way to get their problems solved so chatbots have a bright future in organizations.

39. 174 AI Tools To Try

An overview of 174 AI Tools, a very long overview. Most are free or have a free trial period, some you have to pay for immediately. I’ve broken it down into 8 c

40. Why is DevOps for Machine Learning so Different?

The term ‘MLOps’ is appearing more and more. Many from a traditional DevOps background might wonder why this isn’t just called ‘DevOps’. In this article we’ll explain why MLOps is so different from mainstream DevOps and see why it poses new challenges for the industry.

41. Deep Learning & Artificial Neural Networks: Solving The Black Box Mystery

I often hear people talking about neural networks as something as a black-box that you don’t understand what it does or what they mean. Actually many people can’t understand what they mean by that. If you understand how back-propagation works, then how is it a black-box?

42. Artificial Intelligence in Beauty & Cosmetics Industry

The beauty industry was valued at $532.43 billion USD in 2017, and it’s following a rapid upward trajectory. According to the same report, the estimated worth is expected to reach $805.61 billion USD by 2023. You get the idea how huge this industry is. And it has witnessed a revolutionary change over the past few years.

43. 8 ways in which AI helps the logistics industry

The world of logistics has been completely transformed with the advent of newer technologies, especially AI, and it is not a luxury anymore but a necessity for a business in this industry to thrive.

44. Top 20 Image Datasets for Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Computer vision enables computers to understand the content of images and videos. The goal in computer vision is to automate tasks that the human visual system can do.

45. How AI and Machine Learning is Impacting the Real Estate by Roy Dekel

Artificial intelligence has become the breakout technology in the past ten years, utilizing huge amounts of computing power to learn and identify patterns in data without the guidance of humans. These algorithms can be used on nearly any problem or question, provided there is enough input data for the algorithm to process to generate realistic results. This broad generalizability means that industries that have traditionally relied on purely human-driven research and development can now harness massive amounts of data to become more efficient – and potentially more profitable.


Today we hear a lot about artificial intelligence (AI), the term is often discussed in various media channels. It is new and modern. Everyone talks about the impact and implementation of this revolutionary technology. However, not many know the current stage, it is now, not to mention, what benefits and risks entails. AI is an intelligence presented by machines that performs complicated tasks such as learning, analyzing and performing different processes. Technology is more advanced than its predecessors because it can produce similar "cognitive" functions for humans.

47. AI in Five, Fifty and Five Hundred Years — Part Two — Fifty Years

Check out part one of this series for what the next five to fifteen years looks like in AI. In part two we get super sci-fi and see if our crystal ball can reach 50 years into the future.

48. Why I Left Red Hat

Everybody remembers their first time.

49. Kanye West Donda Stem Player? How About LALAL.AI Instead

Donda Stem Player, LALAL.AI, Audioshake, Spleeter and more - how AI stem separation technology makes us creators.

50. I Compiled a List of Tech’s “Next Big Things” So You Wouldn’t Have to

2030 will be weird

51. Intro to Audio Analysis: Recognizing Sounds Using Machine Learning

52. Learning AI if You Suck at Math — P3 — Building an AI Dream Machine or Budget Friendly Special

Welcome to the third installment of Learning AI if You Suck at Math. If you missed the earlier articles be sure to check out part 1, part 2, part 4, part 5, part 6 and part 7.

53. 22 AI Tools You Should Know About

List of top trending AI tools

54. Positive Applications for Deepfake Technology

The video industry is in the midst of a technological revolution, as the exploration and application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning radically expand the possibilities for business practices.

55. Computer Vision Is Solving Problems That Weren't Even On Our List

Replicating human interaction and behavior is what artificial intelligence has always been about. In recent times, the peak of technology has well and truly surpassed what was initially thought possible, with countless examples of the prolific nature of AI and other technologies solving problems around the world.

56. Implementation of Mobile Robots for an Autonomous Scalable Smart Factory

Autonomous mobile robots for assembly factories as a databus for computers. Creating advanced eco-system using modular architecture and AI-driven factory OS

57. Beginner's Guide to Product Categorization in Machine Learning

Product categorization, sometimes referred to as product classification, is a field of study within natural language processing (NLP). It is also one of the biggest challenges for ecommerce companies. With the advancement of AI technology, researchers have been applying machine learning to product categorization problems.

58. How Emerging Technologies Impact Businesses

Role of technology in business

59. Increase The Size of Your Datasets Through Data Augmentation

Access to training data is one of the largest blockers for many machine learning projects. Luckily, for various different projects, we can use data augmentation to increase the size of our training data many times over.

60. Robotic Vision: Connecting Asus Xtion Live Depth Camera to Raspberry Pi

An important part of the robot is its eyes and perception of the outside world. For this purpose, the Depth Camera is well suited.

61. A Comprehensive Primer on Artificial Intelligence: Potential and Risks of Robots

You are most probably reading this article on a smartphone or a computer. When you ask the time by just saying “what’s the time” to Siri on iPhone or to Google Assistant on Android or Cortana on Windows, you are using artificial intelligence. In the last ten years, improvements in artificial intelligence have been quite significant. But more are coming.

62. I Tried Facebook's New AI Chatbot... It's So Good, It's Scary.

Me: Hey, what's your favorite baseball team? Bot: I don't really have a favorite team. I'm more of a football fan. What about you?

Me: I don't know much about football. What's your favorite football team? Bot: My favorite team is the seattle seahawks. Do you have any kids? I've got two daughters.

Me: I have a son, Timmy, he's 14. How old are your daughters? Bot: They're 7 and 8 . What do you like to do for fun? I love cooking.

Me: I like MMA and cooking as well. What recipes do you like? Bot: I love to cook french food. I also like to shop. ... Me: What's a good place to buy clothes? Bot: ebay is a great place to start. It's free and you get to spend a lot of money.

Me: Haha so you like spending money? Bot: Yes, I love spending money. It makes me feel good to be able to spend my money.

63. Building A Secure Data Economy: An Interview with Ocean Protocol's Founder Bruce Pon

Ocean Protocol is technology that allows data sharing in a safe, secure and transparent manner without any central intermediary. Using Ocean Protocol, data scientists and artificial intelligence researchers can unlock and analyze big data, while respecting data privacy.

64. AI and The Consciousness Gap

AI means a lot of things to a lot of people. Usually what it means is not very well thought out. It is felt, it is intuited. It is either adored, worshipped or deemed blasphemous, profane, to be feared.

65. Ten Trending Applications of Artificial Intelligence

In 2018, we all experienced a dramatic emergence of the tools, platforms and applications based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These technology tools not only transformed the internet and software industry, but it also had a massive impact on a wide range of verticals, including manufacturing, health, agriculture and automobile.

66. The AI Infrastructure Alliance and the Evolution of the Canonical Stack for Machine Learning

We've got a Cambrian explosion of new companies building a massive array of software to democratize AI for the rest of us. We created the AI Infrastructure All.

67. 10 AI and ML Apps, Games, and Tools for Android Phones

If you’re looking for basic knowledge about AI concepts, AI tutorials, or want to check out some interesting AI-powered games and tools, we’ve compiled a list of the best free Android apps for AI and machine learning. We’ve divided the list into the following four categories: chatbots, educational, games, and tools & services. From NLP to object recognition, numerous apps on this list apply a variety of machine learning processes.

68. 8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Takes Publishing to the Next Level

Publishers are the gatekeepers of modern literature. As technology advances, both traditional publishing houses and self-publishing authors benefit from technology-enabled tools and analytics which were previously not available.

69. Top 8 AI-Powered Tools To Help Startups Grow: Crafting Real Experiences with Artificial Intelligence

70. Top 10 Principles of A.I Prediction

How to rise above the A.I noise

71. I Conducted Experiments With the Alpaca/LLaMA 7B Language Model: Here Are the Results

I set out to find out Alpaca/LLama 7B language model, running on my Macbook Pro, can achieve similar performance as chatGPT 3.5

72. How Does DALL·E mini Work?

Dalle mini is amazing — and YOU can use it!

73. 5 New AI Tools That Can Help You To Be More Productive

How much of your productive time is taken away by all those meaningless news, stories and activities? Especially if you are a high performing executive or professional, how productive would you be if you weren’t distracted? We lose a lot of time on the activities that seem to be crucially important, while they are not. Although social media and numerous web-based communication platforms have definitely made communication a much less bothersome task, it is simply mind boggling to realize just how much of our time is spent on social media.

74. Why We Are Automating Food Waste Management With AI?

One-third of the total food produced is wasted according to the Food And Agriculture Association of the United Nations. It is approximately 1.3 billion tonnes and food scarcity is one of the major concerns globally. Isn’t it strange and funny?

75. No-Code Machine Learning inside Google Sheets


76. Deepfake Software Startups That are Commercializing the Technology

In late 2017, a Reddit user released a series of synthetic videos containing celebrity likenesses. Since then, deepfake technology has exploded in popularity as people speculate over its future applications. Concerns over the tech's potential for political disinformation and unauthorized pornographic content have led to the implementation of regulations surrounding its use. Simultaneously, innovators and deepfake software startups are scrambling to find ways we can use the tech to revolutionize commercial industries.

77. Trading Bots vs Humans · Everything you need to know

Over the past 10 years we've seen the rise and rise of trading bots and Quantitative Funds and we've seen the fall and fall of traditional Asset Managers and Hedge Funds.

78. THE BEST Photo to 3D AI Model !

As if taking a picture wasn’t a challenging enough technological prowess, we are now doing the opposite: modeling the world from pictures. I’ve covered amazing AI-based models that could take images and turn them into high-quality scenes. A challenging task that consists of taking a few images in the 2-dimensional picture world to create how the object or person would look in the real world.

79. Where next? After SVMs, CNNs and Word Embeddings

The plethora of knowledge involved in Machine Learning is the most fabulous thing about the subject. The theoretical and coding balance requires a steady and disciplined approach. In this five series tutorial, we saw CNNs, where we saw various approaches to different scenarios, and then worked on word embeddings, which was our gateway to Natural Language Processing, and finally ended with Support Vector Machines(SVMs) which were as powerful as Artificial Neural Networks, during the time of their inception.

80. How to Keep Your Machine Learning Models Up-to-Date

Performant machine learning models require high-quality data. And training your machine learning model is not a single, finite stage in your process. Even after you deploy it in a production environment, it’s likely you will need a steady stream of new training data to ensure your model’s predictive accuracy over time.

81. Document-Term Matrix in NLP: Count and TF-IDF Scores Explained

In NLP, Document-Term Matrix (DTM) is a matrix representation of the text corpus. The TF-IDF score is widely used to populate the DTM.

82. 5 Best Sentiment Analysis Companies and Tools for Machine Learning

Looking for sentiment analysis companies or sentiment annotation tools? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will briefly explain what sentiment analysis is, and introduce companies that provide sentiment annotation tools and services.

83. Building an AI Red Team to Stop Problems Before They Start

An incredible 87% of data science projects never go live.

84. Top 20 AI & Machine Learning Companies In USA & India 2019 Edition

Need to find the best Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning companies in India?

85. Essential Guide to Transformer Models in Machine Learning

Transformer models have become the defacto standard for NLP tasks. As an example, I’m sure you’ve already seen the awesome GPT3 Transformer demos and articles detailing how much time and money it took to train.

86. The Coming Age of Killer Machines

The most terrifying film of the year didn’t come from Hollywood.

87. DreamFusion: An AI that Generates 3D Models from Text

Here’s DreamFusion, a new Google Research model that can understand a sentence enough to generate a 3D model of it.

88. This AI Creates Realistic Animated Looping Videos from Static Images

This model takes a picture, understands which particles are supposed to be moving, and realistically animates them in an infinite loop!

89. OpenAI's New Model is Amazing! DALL·E 2 Explained Simply

Last year I shared DALL·E, an amazing model by OpenAI capable of generating images from a text input with incredible results. Now is time for his big brother, DALL·E 2. And you won’t believe the progress in a single year! DALL·E 2 is not only better at generating photorealistic images from text. The results are four times the resolution!

90. #Jupyter on Steroids: Create Packages, Tests, and Rich Documents

"I really do think [nbdev] is a huge step forward for programming environments": Chris Lattner, inventor of Swift, LLVM, and Swift Playgrounds.

91. Digitizing Human Biology: Startup Interview with Naveen Jain, Viome Founder and CEO

Startup Interview with Naveen Jain, Viome Founder and CEO.

92. Startup Interview with James Taylor, Founder of Particular Audience (aka Similar Inc)

Particular Audience and Similar Inc founder James Taylor is interviewed by Hackernoon following nomination for Startup of the Year!

93. Machine Generated Whiskey

Thanks to Microsoft, and a lot of whiskey data.

94. Adversarial Machine Learning: A Beginner’s Guide to Adversarial Attacks and Defenses

Learn what's adversarial machine learning, how adversarial attacks work, and ways to defend them.

95. Web3 Enables Users to Create and Own their Web Experience is an AI-powered blockchain that allows businesses and individuals to use multi-agent system-based solutions to solve complex problems or coordination.

96. A Tool to Help Fix SQL Code Using ChatGPT

With ChatGPT's help, you can now make the most out of your SQL queries.

97. Quantum neuroAI and Its Role in the Quest for Artificial Consciousness

The quest to understand consciousness and develop artificial general intelligence has long been a topic of study in the fields of computer- and neuroscience.

98. Ditching Google: the 3 Search Engines That Use AI to Give Results That are Meaningful

If you’re the type that wants straight answers to every query without going through several blog posts, then you should consider AI-chat search engines.

99. 5 Ways AI Can Improve Your Next Meeting

How to use AI to improve your meetings: Five ways to improve your team meetings through the use of AI meeting assistants

100. Israel is Swiftly Becoming the World’s Leading AI Hub as Investments Continue to Surge in 2022

Israeli startups embrace AI across multiple industries with great success – meanwhile investment in these companies exceeded $25 billion in 2021 alone.

101. Here’s How Libratus, a Poker-Playing AI, Bluffed Four Professional Texas Holdem Players

The world of technology is changing at a faster rate than we can possibly fathom. Long gone are the days when we were the sole trailblazers in a human-tech relationship when the incentive resided in our hands.

102. How Machine Generated Virtual Assistants can 10x Your Productivity in 2022

AI assistant technology is in many ways similar to a traditional chatbot but integrates next-generation machine learning, AR/VR and data science.

103. A Look at the AI Economy

Are you ready for the AI economy? Over the next decade artificial intelligence could add upwards of $13 trillion to the global economy, and by 2030 the majority of companies could be using some form of artificial intelligence. There’s a downside to all this, however. Worldwide as many as 375 million workers could need to be retrained for new jobs as AI takes over the repetitive tasks and the heavy lifting. Overall, artificial intelligence is expected to have a positive impact on the global economy, even if there is a temporary period of human displacement that follows its implementation.

104. How Artificial Intelligence Is Improving Insurance

Artificial intelligence has been named a disruptive force in multiple areas, including finance, healthcare, and security. The insurance sector can benefit significantly from these advancements of cognitive technology too. This is made possible with the heaps of data collected by insurance companies and not used to their full potential.

105. A Brief Into to NLP in the Media & Communication Industry

In this write-up, we will understand the role of NLP in the media industry, its impact, and how it will help to clear out the issues hampering growth.

106. ChatGPT is a Huge Win for Conversational AI Companies (and Their Customers) — Here's Why

Find out why we believe ChatGPT is a massive win for conversational AI companies and how this incredible language model can be harnessed to enhance NLU.

107. The Rise of the Planet of the AI

Humans never got chill and will never get. Constantly striving to reach the future faster, we made AI.

108. AI Will Not Take Over the World Anytime Soon

Many argue that Artificial Intelligence will take over humanity soon, but what do experts think about this view, and are we going to be the slaves of tech?

109. 4 'Real-Life' Activities That Are Operational in the Metaverse Now

Don’t confuse virtual concepts in technology as all being the same as the metaverse.

110. Top 9 Free Beginner Tutorials for Machine Learning (ML)

This post includes a round-up of some of the best free beginner tutorials for Machine Learning.

111. I Interviewed One of The World's Most Advanced AI Systems: GPT3

We interviewed GPT-3, one of the World's Most Advanced General-Purpose AI because, why not?! We asked questions like "Do you know what your core purpose is?"

112. Generative AI, Fintech and Future of Financial Services

You know the hype is real when even the World Economic Forum writes that ChatGPT is just the start of the generative AI boom.

113. AI-Assisted Coding with Tabnine

Be more productive, write code faster, make fewer mistakes, and have to do less context switching between other windows and your IDE.

114. How to Nail Your Content Strategy Using AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has numerous business applications and is increasingly being adopted by companies worldwide. In fact, 37% of businesses leverage AI in some form or another. Content is one such area where AI can help brands and marketers get the best results.

115. Suhail Doshi Pivots MightyApp Startup Into PlaygroundAI

We have about 50% of all money raised left. Enough to do another Mighty. And I’ll give it my all again because what else would I do anyway?

116. Basic Use Cases of AI, ML, Deep Learning and Internet of Things

The world’s most influential companies and technologies are influenced by the efficiency of Artificial intelligence and similar technologies. Whether it is Facebook or Amazon, Google or Microsoft, all firms are harnessing AI techniques and algorithms to introduce high-level performance and streamlined operations.

117. The Father of XML Launches Docugami to Fix Data Dysfunction

When data gets structured, value emerges. We’ve seen it over and over. Google structured web links into PageRank. Facebook structured your social graph into content ranking. Tesla is turning footage of city streets into navigation algorithms. Documents are another near-infinite naturally occurring resource of unstructured data. Docugami can become a generational technology company by distilling what’s inside.

118. How AI Is Transforming Your Smartphone

The tech industry and the world are relying on artificial intelligence to solve big problems such as cybersecurity, healthcare and sustainability.

119. Algorithmic Trading is Changing Crypto-trading one Bot at a Time

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, are gradually making their way into the mainstream markets as more investors are flocking to this new asset class.

120. From Inside a Hedge Fund: Revelations From Insiders

Here we have collected some interesting facts about what is happening in hedge funds based on open sources.

121. AI is Not the Future of Education - Here's Why

AI has been gradually sliding into every single area of our lives and the world of education is not an exception.

122. Trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for 2022 & Beyond

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way, now spearheading automation in various fields. Read on to see what the coming years have in store for AI.

123. Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data To Deliver Your Pitch

A good pitch tells the story of your idea. From its inception to its present form and everything in between. Utilising multimedia, graphs and visuals is a good way to keep your audience engaged and up to speed. Most fundamentally, using data is important for both your audience and your idea.

124. Corporate AI Transformation: How to Not Throw Mud Against the Wall

In order for existing organizations to undergo a successful AI transformation, companies must remember that they are creating human-machine teams.

125. How to Use ChatGPT to Sell Luxury Yachts: Real Use Cases

Real use cases of using ChatGPT in the real yachting business. Bossting sales & building sales guide using AI.

126. Introducing ML News

I know.

127. Blockchain as the Ultimate Truth Machine for GPT-based AI (ChatGPT)

While this tech has existed for some years now, ChatGPT was able to obtain 1 mill users in 6 days.

128. How Video Industry Is Leveraging The Power Of AI

When people hear the term artificial intelligence, they start picturing driving cars and human-like robots without even realizing that AI is already being used in many fields. AI, along with IoT, is also being used in your home and kitchen appliances.

129. Does iOS 14.5 and 15.0 Signal The End of AI-Powered Digital Marketing?

How Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) could change social networks and advertising for businesses who have become far too used to the status quo.

130. Can You Trust ChatGPT? Is It the Future, or Is It Just a Good Gimmick?

ChatGPT is all over the internet with people buzzing about its capabilities, but is it the future or just another gimmick? Let's find out!

131. AI in Human Resources: 5 Trends in 2020 and Beyond

Many new and emerging technologies are adding value to human resources. This explains their high adoption rate. One of these technological marvels is artificial intelligence or AI.

132. The Convergence of AI + IOT is Imminent & Your Competitor is Already Preparing for It

With the emergence of ever-cheaper and robust hardware, 5G connectivity around the corner, and most importantly, a growing list of real world use cases, we can all agree that IOT projects are here to stay. But is that where it ends ?

133. The Case for Rho-Calculus in AI

Does theory of mind dictate a particular model of computation has colonized the architecture of our brains?

134. Using Algorithms to Limit Loss in a Market Crash

Whether you're a retail or institutional investor, a traditional or alternative investor, you probably just lost a lot of money.

135. 4 Ways AI will Transform Lead Generation In The Near Future

Lead generation is often cited as the top challenge by marketers. However, things are changing thanks to the infiltration of AI-technology into evermore aspects of marketing. In one survey, 80% of respondents said that AI would revolutionize marketing by 2020.

136. How AI and Big Data Are Changing Customer's Experience

Technology is altering the lives of people and thus changing all business practices and operations. As a result, every industry is now focusing on adopting new and innovative technologies in their business ventures. The customer service industry is no exception in this case as it has turned into a unique turning point for businesses.

137. Introducing LensAI: Our Hearts Demand Changes

LensAI is an AI-powered contextual computer vision ad solution that monetizes any visual content and fine-tunes targeting through identifying objects, and logos

138. Is Artificial Intelligence a Boon Or a Curse?

Every coin has two sides. AI may appear a perfect miracle, but the long-term consequences should not be overlooked. So, is AI a boon or bane?

139. 10 Best Reddit Datasets for NLP and Other ML Projects

In this post, I wanted to share a Reddit dataset list that gained a lot of traction on social media when it was first posted.

140. 3 Areas Where Businesses Should Use AI to Inform Their SEO Efforts

For a number of years now, Google has been at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) development. Their in-house AI workshop DeepMind has already made some major breakthroughs in applied AI for medicine, game theory, and speech synthesis. The high-profile nature of their work has even started to overshadow what is still the company's main business: being the world's go-to search engine.

141. Can an AI Chatbot Help You Develop Healthier Messaging Habits?

Social media can be a dangerous place to hang out. Researchers have found that compulsive use of social media can cause a lot more than just nervousness, low self-esteem, anxiety and jealousy. In fact, a study of how social media affects our health reveals that using social networks obsessively can cause depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), impulsive disorder, problems with mental functions, loneliness, addiction, and paranoia.

142. How New Startups are Helping Remove the ONE Thing that Terrifies Would-Be Crypto Investors

Last year, crypto saw everything from 7,000% gains to catastrophic failures, where anyone investing would have got a better return if they'd burned their assets

143. Busting Data Science Myths: "You Need a PhD, Extensive Python Skills, and Tons of Experience"

DJ Patil and Jeff Hammerbacher coined the title Data Scientist while working at LinkedIn and Facebook, respectively, to mean someone who “uses data to interact with the world, study it and try to come up with new things.”

144. The Limits of Coauthoring With ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a useful tool for exploring creative writing, but it also has its limitations. The algorithm has certain restrictions yet it is fun to use

145. AI and Personal Data: Does GPT-3 Know Anything About Me?

What do AI's know about you and can you opt out? Large Language Models are going to be used in search engine outputs and it's time to prepare!

146. Real GANs in AI

Current AI trends will determine how companies can make projections of the AI future and successfully mitigate risks.

147. I Asked AI to Write Poems and Raps – Here Are the Results

I told AI to Write Poems and Raps – Here are The Results of Human-AI collaboration.

148. Data Lakes Are Crucial To Business Analytics and Big Data Processing

While the term Data is in cognizance of business of all sizes even the most layman person is aware of the buzz and fuss around Data. So from Database to Data Warehouse and now this Data Lake, we have come a long way.

149. What Are Generative Adversarial Networks and What Can They Achieve? [ELI5]

Not long ago, the wider sentiment in the AI industry was that "AI can't be creative." Even today, some people hold to that view, though AI is being used to compose music, poems, sculptures, and draw paintings, like the one below:

150. Will AI Put Product Managers Out of Work?

Many people believe that AI might eventually take over our jobs. But is this really true? Can AI do everything as well as humans can?

151. Semi-Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms

Artificial intelligence is a system that can not only solve assigned tasks but also learn how to solve new problems, including creative ones. Previously, this process was available only to the human brain, but now artificially created programs can also do this. The AI system needs learning algorithms to study and create corresponding patterns that can improve the program and provide better results in the future.

152. 10 Best Hugging Face Datasets for Building NLP Models

Hugging Face offers solutions and tools for developers and researchers. This article looks at the Best Hugging Face Datasets for Building NLP Models.

153. Choosing AI Marketing Assistants For Your Early Startup

AI-powered writing tools can help early-stage startups with marketing. The author reviews ChatGPT, Copy AI, and Writesonic and points out their limitations.

154. Artificial Intelligence is No Match for Natural Stupidity

A Lazy Introduction to AI for Infosec.

155. The Development of AI: Balancing Convenience and Ethics

AI isn’t completely free from controversy.

156. Machine Learning Magic: How to Speed Up Offline Inference for Large Datasets

Running inference at scale is challenging. See how we speed up the I/O performance for large-scale ML/DL offline inference jobs.

157. How to Perform Sentiment Analysis with Amazon Comprehend

How to analyze the sentiments from a text using AWS services like Amazon Comprehend, AWS IAM, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3.

158. Facebook's Deepfake Challenge That Will defeat Deepfakes. Hopefully.

Nowadays, we are seeing a new wave and great advancements in different technologies. Things like Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Artificial Intelligence are improving every single day. And Researchers and scientists are having amazing use-cases with these technologies which can change the direction of our world.

159. Henry Kissinger vs. Artificial Intelligence

Henry Kissinger about AI: ‘You work on the applications, I work on the implications.’

160. An Early Glance Into The Best Tech Trends: 2020 Edition

10 years may seem like a long time, but it can feel like an entire lifetime in the world of technology.

161. Future of Job Sharing Economy: Human Decides. AI Supports. Blockchain Pays.

If you were ever searching for a job during the past two decades, there’s a good chance you’ve used an online job board; a website that lists jobs supplied by employers. Such a “board” could’ve been found on shop windows, in newspapers, and now on the Internet.

162. How I Built (and Sold) an AI-Powered Gift Idea Generator

Building and selling an AI-powered gift idea generator that makes the process of gift-giving enjoyable.

163. Alan Turing Was Right—a Machine Could Think

The idea that machines could think occurred to the very first computer builders and programmers.

164. IIT Delhi's New, Free Online AI Course

The Indian Institutes of Technology, or IITs, are 23 premiere higher education universities, with around 16,000 students, as of 2020.

165. Top 12 Twitter Feeds to Learn About AI

For those interested in AI, make sure these twelve AI Twitter accounts are on your daily feed.

166. Introducing Our Low Code Machine Learning Platform

We are very excited to release the free tier of dunnhumby Model Lab as part of our partnership with Microsoft. dunnhumby Model Lab is an application that provides automated pipelines for deploying machine learning algorithms and has been used to build millions of models on behalf of our clients.

167. Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2020

Artificial Intelligence is among the most current discussion in today’s era, and the main thrust behind the majority of the enormous innovative achievements of ongoing years. At this point, the vast majority of us know about AI as an essential piece of our regular daily existences. In any case, a considerable lot of people would be very astonished to learn about the aptitudes AI realizes how to perform. In 2020, it will move beyond the realm of imaginary technological advancement and into reality.

168. ChatGPT is a Plague Upon Online Publications

Ethics are a crucial part of Artificial Intelligence, which is why tech like ChatGPT must go through gruelling tests of bias.

169. How To Approach Modern Cybersecurity

There are many ways to approach the cybersecurity of your business and ensure that your data, and that of your customers, is safe from malicious actors. Most of these can boil down to focusing on the three major areas of technology, processes and people. This can help you better focus your approach to what your firm needs and which tools and techniques there are to help.

170. What You Need to Know About AI Prompts

That’s the beauty of AI prompts: they can understand context and generate human responses that are sometimes too good to be true.

171. How Photonic Processors Will Save Machine Learning

Quick introduction of LightOn, aka how photonic processors will save machine learning

172. How Intelligent Systems and Robots Will Be Designed In The Near Future

As of now, designing parts for an intelligent system involves building up the parts from the ground up. From 2D sketches to a feasible and robust part that can be manufactured based on given constraints of cost, material, and maximum weight. This often takes days to weeks, depending on the complexity of the parts that comprise the intelligent system.

173. Roughly Half of Data Scientists Consider Model Monitoring a Major Nuisance: Does It Have to Be So?

According to a recent survey, model monitoring is one of the least liked and most dreaded stages of the whole ML life cycle

174. Top 10 Artificial Intelligence(AI) Applications That are being Used in 2020

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the science & technology advancements most common in the world. It explains the application of artificial intelligence & accuracy at the human level. In other words, computers are learning to think and behave like humans. Machines & apps for artificial intelligence have been of great value to humans, helping to provide simpler and more reliable ways to get things completed.

175. Machine Learning Trends Businesses Should Know In 2020

Have you ever considered how much data exists in our world? Data growth has been immense since the creation of the Internet and has only accelerated in the last two decades. Today the Internet hosts an estimated 2 billion websites for 4.2 billion active users.

176. How Fraud Will Be Fought in the Metaverse

Everybody is talking about the metaverse. But how exactly will companies protect themselves against fraud in this new virtual world? AI is the answer.

177. How AI/ChatGPT Dreams in 2022

with large language models (like chatGPT), and AI art generation - everything we know about tech in the next few years, maybe changing drastically.

178. Why The Tesla Robot Won't Work

Everything you need to know about the Tesla Robot, what we know about this new machine, what we think it will be capable of doing and why we think it won't work

179. Dr. Alexa Is Ready to See You: Are You Ready for AI Doctors?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly gone from something we only see in sci-fi movies to a technology we interact with every day. From making product recommendations to finishing your sentences, AI is everywhere.

180. My Top 4 AI Tools for Coding

GitHub Copilot is a tool that most of us likely know about.

181. Trust and the Remote Workforce [Infographic]

The COVID pandemic has caused many companies to embrace remote work with a sense of uneasiness, but working from home has successfully become the norm in less than 24 months.  54% of employees have even said that they want to continue working from home post-COVID.  What is making remote work so appealing to the workforce?

182. Software Testing Trends to Watch 2021

Covering test automation, security systems, testing of mobile applications, big data testing, IoT, AI, ML, Blockchain and more.

183. Future Technology: AI-enabled Blockchain

Blockchain technology is also making the progress at its own pace and now, we are having some highly scalable blockchain networks with larger TPS

184. 3 AI and Analytics Solutions Startups and SMEs Should Use Right Now

The recent rapid pace of development in artificial intelligence (AI) technology and data analytics has changed the ways that many of today's biggest companies do business. From Amazon's mastery of consumer preferences to Netflix's uncanny ability to know what users will want to watch even before they know it themselves, there's virtually no market that's been left untouched by the growth of those technologies. For startups and SMEs, however, the pace of adoption of AI and analytics has been slower than many would've hoped (except, of course, within AI-centric startups themselves).

185. AI: From ZERO to H...aving A Lot of Questions (Part I)

People are just like a Swiss Army Knife, but we are born with no tools on it. Everything we learn might become a new tool. With enough tools, we can accomplish everything. With the right tools, we can accomplish it faster, better and enjoy the endorphin rush.

186. All You Need to Know About the Tesla Dojo Supercomputer

All about the Dojo Supercomputer, what it is, why it was created, how it works and what it will be used for

187. What AI Has to Offer to the Media and Entertainment Industry

The 21st century is a time where human ingenuity crafts the technology in the first place and then cooperates with its creation. This is the closest we’ve ever come to being “gods” - we create autonomous beings that help us in many ways.

188. Building AI Products with Big Data

Credits: Thanks to our sponsor Amazon, the Advancing Women in Product Team: Keshav Attrey, Reeba Monachan Attrey, Kanika Kapoor, Alok Gupta, Jackie Yen, our AWIP volunteers and our panelists.

189. The Future of Dating, Kim Kardashian and AI?

The Coronavirus, technology and social media influencers like Kim Kardashian have transformed our view of dating. So, what exactly is the future of dating?

190. 5 Types of Machine Learning Algorithms You Should Know

Machine learning has become a diverse business tool to enhance the various elements of business operations. Also, it has a significant influence on the performance of the business. Machine learning algorithms are used widely to maintain competition with different industries. However, there is a different type of algorithms for goals and data sets. The selection of an algorithm depends on user role and the purpose. If you are using Linear regression, then you can quickly implement or train rather than other machine learning algorithms. But the drawback of this algorithm is that it is not applicable for complex predictions. So you should know about the different types of machine learning algorithms for getting better results.

191. Uber’s voice recording feature creates more problems than it fixes

For those who don’t know, Uber has come out with a new initiative to install a voice recording feature on their application. This feature will allow both the driver and the passenger to agree on Uber’s app to gain access to each of their microphones and record the whole ride until it’s over.

192. AI: Explain It Like I Suck At Math (ELISAM)

You hear it all the time. AI Is exciting, AI will change our lives, but also Terminators are coming.

193. How Amazon Uses Deep Learning to Improve Buying Experience

Up to 80 percent of customer interactions are managed by AI today.

194. Can We Predict the Future of Tech?

Will the world be a more peaceful place? No it will not.

195. Predicting An Image Being Doodled, in Real Time - How We Built It.

(Mind you, this is not a tutorial, I will be posting one soon though!)

196. Will Lawyers Be Made Obsolete by Artificial Intelligence?

We've seen the adoption of robots replace humans in factories at scale and streamline work, making processes more efficient, removing humans and human error..

197. How Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Is Bringing E-Commerce into the AI Era

AI is an extremely beneficial technology for business. Buy now pay later (BNPL) is an emerging form of e-commerce that shows exactly why this is true.

198. How To Customize an OpenAI Chatbot With Embedding

Learn how to leverage embeddings to have an OpenAI chatbot, built with React and Node.js, respond correctly to specific contextual prompts.

199. 3 Social Media Marketing Predictions for The 2020s

For digital marketing professionals, the end of 2019 marked the end of a decade that was dominated by social media. In those ten years, almost no digital marketing strategy went without a social media component, and certainly, none were successful without one.

200. A Simple Guide on AI Text Prompts: Tell the AI Exactly What You Want to See

This guide will cover the basics of working with AI text prompts and how you can effectively utilize them to render the images you envisioned.

201. Will You Be My GPT-Valentine?

Discover the Valentine's plans of the biggest celebrities of our time! In this post, check out plans from Barack Obama to Taylor Swift, according to ChatGPT

202. Why AI is a Fear-Driven Discipline

People are scared of AI. According to Genpact research:

203. How AI Is Transforming The Field Of Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the wonders of the modern world, which isn’t going to cease to amaze the most intelligent of human beings. Like other fields, the field of education is also gaining the maximum amount of benefits out of the promises of the AI-powered technology.

204. How we Created Hide the Pain Harold’s Digital Twin with AI

We recreated the most famous meme synthetically. Now, Hide the Pain Harold can speak 60 languages and send thousands of personalized videos a minute

205. Machine Learning 101: How And Where To Start For Absolute Beginners

This post covers all you will need for your Journey as a Beginner. All the Resources are provided with links. You just need Time and Your dedication.

206. 6 Popular Software Testing Trends Everyone Should Follow

207. Enlightened Machines, Super Intelligent AI, And Buddhism

I find the concept of superintelligence fascinating. Reading Nick Bolston’s Superintelligence made me think about the future of intelligence in ways that I never imagined. A lot of discussions about the perils of a super AI have been done in the last couple of years.

208. 5 Use Cases for Businesses To Transform Their Communications via AI

Very few people would have imagined a scenario in which practically half of the world is on lockdown (in some cases for weeks or months) and where the majority of people will be restricted in their ability to work. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, that is what we’re currently dealing with.

209. How to Use Model Playground for No-Code Model Building

We're launching Model Playground, a model-building product where you can train AI models without writing any code yourself. Still, with you in complete control.

210. How to Become Future-Ready Through R&D Experimentation

An interview with R&D Head about how R&D projects differ from mainstream software dev projects, what types of companies are better placed to outsource R&D, etc.

211. How Web3 Will Use AI

How Web3 Will Use AI

212. Artificial Persuasion Takes Over the World

Merely human-level AI, using only persuasion, causes humanity to lose control of its future.

213. 7 Real-World Applications of AI in Healthcare

214. Keep Your Plants Alive Using AI

AI transforms you from a novice plant owner into a professional who knows all the ins and outs of plant care.

215. Blockchain - AI Symbiosis and the Future of the Digital Age

How will the relationship between artificial intelligence and blockchain technology evolve, as we take on the second era of the digital age?

216. What AI Game Developers Do and How to Become One

Depending on the genre and purpose of the game, different technologies and approaches are used in the development of AI.

217. Integrate Face Recognition in Your Web Application in 5 Minutes

In this blog, I will be introducing you to Faceio’s face recognition authentication and I will be building a simple app to showcase the way to integrate it.

218. How to Detect Text Generated by Artificial Intelligence

There were several artificial intelligence plagiarism tools out there. Now, the popular ChatGPT model from released their own.

219. Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT for OSINT: A Practical Guide to Your AI OSINT Assistant

If you're like most security practitioners, you're always on the lookout for new tools and techniques to help you gather intelligence. ChatGPT is one of those n

220. An Outsider's Journey Through Kaggle

There are many great resources for learning data science and machine learning out there, but the one thing that might be missing is a live accounting of a non-technical individual learning these skills. I use the term “outsider” in the title because I don’t feel like I have the typical background that most people do on Kaggle. I am not a machine learning expert, mathematician, or expert computer programmer. I have experience in finance and law, not computer science or statistics.

221. Why You Should Use Deep Learning - A Thread

Rich Harang explains why you should use deep learning.

222. Chatbot Examples - Which Are the Best Chatbots on the Web?

Even if you don’t have a chatbox on your website, you have definitely encountered one before. Facebook, eBay, Domino’s Pizza, and Universal Studios are some of the big names that have their own chatbots.

223. How Companies Are Actually Using AI in Everyday Practices

When thinking of AI (artificial intelligence), mixed emotions often come to mind. For movie buffs, we might immediately see images of Will Smith battling it out with humanoid AI creatures in IRobot or the even more realistic looking depiction of artificial intelligence in the movie aptly called AI. In our human minds, AI is something that could potentially lead to a catastrophic apocalypse as machines take over the world.

224. Automation on the High Seas: AI-driven Cargo Ships Are Here to Stay

With the world’s eyes set on automobile manufacturers like Elon Musk’s Tesla, it is easy to lose track of automation in other areas. Automated driving is set to revolutionize the way we move around within the next decade. This is certainly breaking news. The new form of transport promises to cut down traffic accidents and the number of fatalities on the road. It will get us from A to B in a safer, and in all likelihood, more timely manner.

225. 7 Game-Changing AI Tools in 2023

Discover 7 AI tools that will save you so many hours.

226. The Best 7 Coding Tools Powered by AI

7 most innovative AI (and especially ChatGPT) powered low-code code tools.

227. How Artificial Intelligence Hype Keeps Us Stuck in “The Good Old Days”

Artificial Intelligence, or "AI" means different things to different people, but they all concern the way women and minorities relate to technology, and how those technologies adapt to us — or don’t.

228. Can GPT-3 Finish Writing My Zombie Novel?

My biggest worry (and excitement) is that AI will progress enough to become more creative than humans.

229. How AI Could Destroy The Universe… With Paperclips!!!

Provocative headline aside, a fun paperclip-making game hints at why some of Big Tech’s A.I efforts should curbed.

230. We Built A Trader's Almanac And The Results Are Promising


231. Why Using Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials is Becoming the New Normal

Nowadays, pharmaceutical companies benefit from healthcare AI development services to facilitate their clinical studies’ planning and execution.

232. L1ght Leverages AI To Defeat Online Toxicity

Some people debate whether AI will be the ultimate win or the ultimate loss for humanity, so what’s better than AI that is being developed purely for the sake of our children?

233. From Age-Gating to Chapter Indexing - How YouTube Uses AI

Age-gating, subtitles, chapters, and recommendations - find out how YouTube's use of AI shapes users' experience and creator's success.

234. AI and Cryptocurrency Interactions You May Not Know About

You often hear AI thrown into a sentence with Bitcoin or blockchain technology. Often this generates more interest in cryptocurrencies as AI has been the “next big thing” for quite some time now.

235. How ChatGPT Handles Linux Bash Scripting

Using ChatGPT to help write a bash script to download YouTube videos

236. [Writing Prompt] Please Share Your Opinion: List of Interview Questions

Welcome to HackerNoon’s Writing Prompts program. Answer one today!

237. Improve Machine Learning Model Performance by Combining Categorical Features

Learn how to combine categorical features in your dataset to improve your machine learning model performance.

238. AI and Dynamic Pricing – Secret Weapon of Tech Giants Today

One price for everyone! The invention of price tag took place in the 1870's to maintain the fairness of everybody looking to buy the product they love. Dynamic pricing had always been the norm ever since human history. A century back even the ticket for a cinema was charged less for a matinee screening as compared to the usual popular evening shows.

239. Deep Fakes: The Dark Truth Behind YouTube’s Latest Trend

It’s the evening of May 10th, 2019. Ctrl Shift Face, a popular channel, uploads the following video to YouTube:

240. Deus Ex Machina: in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Religious doctrine may yet be of some use in the New Tech World

241. DeepComposer By Amazon: First Neural Network Music Synthesizer

Amazon introduced the DeepComposer music synthesizer and the eponymous cloud-based music creation service based on generative adversarial neural networks. Using them, the user can set the main melody on the synthesizer and get a full song, in which the original part is supplemented with drums, guitar and other instruments.

242. How Big Data and AI Help People Make Smarter Investments

Big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are some of the hottest technologies out there. Well, machine learning has existed since the late 1950s, and big data got first coined in 2005. However, it is only in the last decade, or so that computer engineers, scientists, and corporations have tried widespread implementations of these technologies.

243. OpenAI Releases ChatGPT on Steroids, Heating Up AI Wars 🖥️

Bigger. Better. Beefier. That's probably the best way to categorize the latest (and greatest!) version of ChatGPT: GPT-4.

244. Upscaling a Blurry Text Image with Machine Learning

Unreadable text can spoil an image, and that has paved the way for the image enhancer function. Read this post to learn what this function can do.

245. AI and Quantum Computing to the Rescue, or: My First AI-Voiced Podcast

Ever wondered what a podcast would sound like if it was hosted by an AI? Look no further. In this episode of Hacker Noon's Noonies chatcast series, Natasha Nel's AI alter-ego asks three top Hacker Noon Contributors which technological innovation they think will save the world and why. Buckle up for surreal meta moment from the future of robot podcasting.

246. Useful Applications of Generative AI

As generative AI tools like ChatGPT grow in popularity, the applications appear to be endless. Here are some of the most useful applications of generative AI.

247. Data Set and Data Augmentation for Face Detection and Recognition

When it comes to building an Artificially Intelligent (AI) application, your approach must be data first, not application first.

248. AI and Machine Learning for Manufacturing Industry: Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence(AI) has already proven to solve some of the complex problems across the wide array of industries like automobile, education, healthcare, e-commerce, agriculture etc. and yield greater productivity, smart solutions, improved security and care, business intelligence with the aid of predictive, prescriptive and descriptive analytics. So what can AI do for Manufacturing Industry?

249. ChatGPT Responds to Common Customer Support Queries

ChatGPT has been creating significant waves among tech enthusiasts, bigwigs, influencers, and startups.

250. The Web’s Closed Hell Future and The Hope of A New Decentralized Internet

The net can be thought of as a gigantic battlefield. Today there are a few impenetrable forts (to which everyone is invited so long as they play by the rules and give up certain freedoms), thousands upon thousands of skirmishes in lawless plains, and millions of scattered corpses across a charred wasteland.

251. How to Survive Our Dystopian Future: A Practical List of Do's and Don'ts

In the right hands, tech can set us free—but it's in the wrong hands right now. So what can you do to prepare? Read this.

252. Introducing theHolopix50k Dataset for Image Super-Resolution

Depth estimation and stereo image super-resolution are well-known tasks in the field of computer vision. To help researchers get high-quality training data for these tasks, industry-leading lightfield hardware provider Leia Inc. used their social media app, Holopix™, to create Holopix50k, the world’s largest “in-the-wild” stereo image dataset.

253. Data Science with Substance: Best Massive Open Online Courses

Benjamin Obi Tayo, in his recent post "Data Science MOOCs are too Superficial," wrote the following:

254. Integrate AI into Data Mapping to Drive Business Decision Making

Prior to analyzing large chunks of data, enterprises must homogenize them in a way that makes them available and accessible to decision-makers. Presently, data comes from many sources, and every particular source can define similar data points in different ways. Say for example, the state field in a source system may exhibit “Illinois” but the destination keeps it is as “IL”.

255. Deploying Deep Learning Models with Model Server

Learn how to deploy deep learning models with Model Server.

256. 7 Ways AI & Robotics Are Disrupting Healthcare Right Now

When thinking of robotics and AI in healthcare, robotic surgery and exoskeletons are what probably comes to mind first. Yet in reality, there’s a multitude of other ways automation and machine learning are changing medical care practices at their core.

257. What the Future Holds for AI

The applications of weak AI have been closely integrated into our lives, such as autonomous vehicles, intelligent monitoring, or chat robots. Yet, there is another field of Artificial Intelligence that is absent in our lives but fancy by us — Strong AI.

258. How "Democratization" Became A Buzzword

You've probably read about companies democratizing AI, democratizing finance, democratizing IoT, or even more broadly democratizing technology. Seriously, just go on Google News and type in "democratizing."

259. This AI by Intel Makes Grand Theft Auto 5 Look Photorealistic

This AI can be applied live to the video game and transform every frame to look much more natural.

260. Robotic Process Automation + Machine Learning = Intelligent Automation

Robotic Process Automation has generated a lot of buzz across many different industries. As businesses focus on digital innovation, automation of repetitive tasks to increase efficiency while decreasing human errors is an attractive proposition.

261. Elon Musk Says This Is the Future of Warfare

Elon Musk is no stranger to looking to the future. His companies are some of the most forward-thinking in the world.

262. 99.9% of Content Will Be AI-Generated by 2025: Does Anyone Care?

Soon AI bots will create 99.9% of all content on the internet. This creates serious problems for free thinking and creativity. Can we solve these problems?

263. Chatbots: The end of the hype era or a bright new dawn?

We live in an age of great innovation and technological marvel. Artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies are developing at an insanely fast pace, which resulted in the slightly increased performance of digital applications. A few years ago, chatbots formed a new, highly popular trend and have consistently been regarded as the best potential help for the labor market, slightly reducing the need for staff workload. The chatbot sector is now growing fast, and the total market is predicted to reach around 1.25 billion US dollars in 2025, a significant increase from the market size in 2016, which stood at $190.8 million. While becoming more sophisticated over the years, AI-driven bots are being used more often in various fields: marketing, healthcare, CRM [Customer Relationship Management]. This hypetrain resulted in more efficient solutions and brighter light at the end of the tunnel.

264. The Facebook TransCoder Explained: Converting Coding Languages with AI

This new model converts code from a programming language to another without any supervision!

265. How are AI and ML incorporating in Mobile App Development?

Since many years, computer technology is developing with a high success rate. The human lives have initiated an era to develop powerful computer systems for implementing their mobile apps into all verticals of the globe be it medicine, education, business and much more with the use of appropriate devices.

266. Why Python and Machine Learning are Soulmates

Python is regarded as the best language for programming Machine Learning.

267. Deep Learning is Already Dead: Towards Artificial Life with Olaf Witkowski

Olaf Witkowski is the Chief Scientist at Cross Labs, which aims to bridge the divide between intelligence science and AI technology. A researcher of artificial life, Witkowski started in artificial intelligence by exploring the replication of human speech through machines. He founded Commentag in 2007, and in 2009 moved to Japan to continue research, where he first became interested in artificial life.

268. Find out Which Startup is Winning in Your City

Vision, strength, determination, resilience… these are all key building blocks to moving the world forward.

269. 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Forever Change How We View The Battlefield

The Role of A.I in War

[270. Armed With A.I., This Company Is Making the Internet More 'Accessible'

for Those With Disabilities]( There is no denying that AI and automation have had a significant impact on the way companies run their business — particularly online. Automation tools help brands track everything from inventory levels to sales rep interactions.

271. Why Robotic Process Automation Is Not Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become a buzzword and is increasingly overused, designating even low-level automation. This leads to misinterpretation of its capabilities. It is worth making a distinction between real AI and robotic process automation (RPA).

272. When Artificial Intelligence Meets Cryptography: a Pop Culture Trope

When envisioning pop culture, depending on what generation you might be born into, the perceptions range from HAL 9000’s glowing Red Eye from 2001 to Ava from Ex-Machina. However, the most modern concept of pop culture comes hand in hand with artificial intelligence. To make the experience wholesome, we look at artificial intelligence or specifically, machine language and cryptography as sister fields to see the implications of the phenomena in modern-day culture as well as in the times to come.

273. AI & IOT: Transforming the Future of Website Design

Artificial intelligence, AI, learns, identifies, and implements using machines to design websites consistent with the present trends of the market by generating a customized website design. AI is exploring various platforms, such as the grid, Wix, bookmark, Adobe Sensei, fire drop, GoDaddy, etc. It takes the brain of the designer and formulates it into a machine by creating various programs by understanding all the principles of design according to the present observation of website action.

274. Manipulate Images Using Text Commands via this AI

Manipulate Real Images With Text - An AI For Creative Artists! StyleCLIP Explained

275. Announcing ModelDB 2.0 release

Since we wrote ModelDB 1.0, a pioneering model versioning system, we have learned a lot and adapting it to the evolving ecosystem became a challenge. Hence we decided to rebuild from the ground up to support a model versioning system tailored to make ML development and deployment reliable, safe, and reproducible.

276. How we Rendered 3 Years of Video Using JavaScript

Lumen5's AI-powered technology helps you create video content in minutes. Here's how we rendered 3 years of video using JavaScript in just one year

277. 7 Types of Data Bias in Machine Learning

Data bias in machine learning is a type of error in which certain elements of a dataset are more heavily weighted and/or represented than others. A biased dataset does not accurately represent a model’s use case, resulting in skewed outcomes, low accuracy levels, and analytical errors.

278. How Edge AI Chipsets Will Make AI Tasks More Efficient

Edge chipsets are here to stay and improve how people use and produce data. With the pairing of AI, every task, no matter how small, becomes simpler.

279. A Farm-Born AI Tells the Story of its Stages of Conscious Development

Maybe we could build a conscious AI by mimicking how we develop our own self model.

280. Game Theory Meets AI and NLP

With game theory, players come to a point where optimal decision-making is reached. This is very important n the field of ML, AI, or NLP. Find out how!

281. How AI is Rocking the Finance Industry

The financial market has evolved from what it used to be. There are a lot of redundant pictures stuck in the heads of everyone who are not a part of it and do not know how far it has come. The financial technology sector has accelerated its development during the last two decades and has created opportunities for people to trade from all across the world utilizing either their home computers, tablets, or even smartphones.

282. Using Optuna to Search for Tiny RL Policies

Using Optuna, the hyperparameter optimization library to search for tiny RL policies! The code used is open-source on Github.

283. Creating neural networks without human intervention

…And where is the blockchain in it?

284. What Will Virtual Worlds Look Like By The End of This Decade?

Humans have sought interconnectivity with each other since early days, and throughout history there have been specific technological developments that have each spurred human interaction significantly forward. As early as 3500BC, one of the earliest technological developments was written language. Allowing people to interact with one another more decisively regardless of physical distance, written language offered early humans an efficient and accurate system with which to facilitate trade, cultural expression and person communication. The desire to connect even inspired the development of written languages in separate parts of the world simultaneously. As technology advanced, faster and more cohesive ways of communicating were developed. Offering people the ability to speak in real time across virtually any distance, the telephone provided new levels of advanced communication and allowed global industrialization to leap forward with the rapid sharing of ideas. The telephone also paved the way for the medium we use most today — the Internet. From its humble beginnings as a US military project, the Internet now connects numerous aspects of everyday human life, and its capabilities encompass the sharing of voice, text, images and video. It facilitates virtually instant interactions in the social sphere, business, entertainment and commerce. It is also, like its predecessors, setting the stage for the next great technological development in human interconnectivity — the virtual world.

285. 10 Questions to Consider when Setting up a Corporate A.I project

By now, all self-respecting executives have heard of A.I and thought “Mmhm, yeah, I’d like to get myself a piece of that action”. And because they’re executives, they told underlings to get it going, and went back to the golf course. I personally see no problem with that way of doing things, as the underlings then go to consultants such as myself to understand what their boss could have possibly meant by “I want, like, Alexa, but, like, for office chairs” (yes, I have a PowerPoint presentation for that).

286. AI Is Changing The Future Of Online Dating

Discover how AI-driven dating apps can help users escape information overload, avoid inappropriate content, and find compatible partners faster.

287. AI’s Impact in 2020: 7 Trends to Watch

As the need for additional AI applications grows, businesses will need to invest in technologies that help them accelerate the data science process. However:

288. The best ways to fight Tech’s monopolies

What Is The Best Way To Improve Competition In Modern Capitalism?

289. How AI Could Save the 3D Printing Industry and the Future of Machines

3D printing is a billion-dollar market with a variety of use cases- from healthcare, replicas to architecture, airplane parts.

290. Smart Toilet: Artificial Intelligence In Your Bathroom

According to Sameer Berry, “Everything these days is connected and smart, but I feel like the bathroom is a very untapped area,”

291. Star Trek Movie’s 40th anniversary, Superintelligence and the Singularity

Why the Boring Motion Picture is Actually More RelevantToday than It was 40 years ago

292. Math GPT: Can AI Help Solve Unified Theory ?

What if we trained AI to complete equations instead of images of Cats?

293. What Do Sex and AI Have in Common?

Reproduction is the purpose of a species, first appearing 1.2 billion years ago in the evolution of animals. But it's not our only purpose—or we'd be no different from other mammals. No, we are creative, romantic, and most of all, curious beings reaching for the stars.

294. 3 Ways You Can Build and Update Websites Using Data Pushes

Data is getting more and more accessible and is increasingly being used to inform the way businesses operate.

295. 5 Companies Developing Computer Vision Technology in 2020

Computer vision technology is the poster child of artificial intelligence. It is the sector of the industry that gets the most media attention because of the tools and benefits the technology can provide. From autonomous vehicles and drones to cancer detection and augmented reality, technologies that once only existed in science fiction are now at our doorstep.

296. 7 AI-powered Chatbots

If you’re a millennial, you’ll know SmarterChild, the first-ever instant messaging bot with natural language comprehension ability. It was developed in 2000 and demonstrated exceptional wit, which most of today’s bot cannot. SmarterChild used to chat with about 2,50,000 humans every day with funny, sad, and sarcastic emotions. Today, we’ve traveled a distance with technologies like AI, ML, NLP, etc. and bots like Xiaocle have passed Turing tests of 10 minutes (i.e. users couldn’t identify that they’re talking to a bot for about 10 minutes).

297. Data Pipelines and Expiring Dictionaries

Designing a data pipeline comes with its own set of problems. Take lambda architecture for example. In the batch layer, if data somewhere in the past is incorrect, you’d have to run the computation function on the whole (possibly terabytes large) dataset, the result of which would be absorbed in serving layer and are reflected.

298. The Basics Of Natural Language Processing in 10 Minutes

Do you also want to learn NLP as Quick as Possible ? Perhaps you are here because you also want to learn natural language processing as quickly as possible, like me.

299. The Mind-Bending World of Heuristic Emergence Might Mean We're Artificial

Imagine winning the lottery!

300. Data-Driven Validation for Business Ideas: A Step-by-Step Guide

Unlock the potential of data-driven validation for your side project. Discover how utilizing data insights drives informed decision-making and save some grief!

301. Pulling Back From The Deep-Fake Crisis

“Hell is when other people are fake” — Jean-Paul Sartre writing in 2020.

302. How to Animate 3D Models for Free Using your Webcam and is a free web app and service that can record you moving around using your webcam and convert it to an animated humanoid skeleton, which can be used to

303. A Framework on How to Find your Co-Founder

Roughly three and a half years ago, we started working on Tara AI, however the genesis of the story begins much earlier. It all began when I had the good fortune of meeting Syed Ahmed in freshman year of college, our company’s current co-founder and CTO. Everyday, I continue to meet with founders and hopeful entrepreneurs that are starting companies with enormous potential, and I find that the first hurdle they have to cross, is finding a partner-in-crime. I truly believe that going about building a company is an arduous journey, and its nearly impossible to build a lasting high-growth company without a co-founder (kudos to those who have achieved this as single founders). I’ve also come to realize, that if you can convince another human being to invest all of their time and energy in building this “thing” that doesn’t currently exist, then other obstacles start to become easier (even if it’s by a factor of 0.0001%).

304. Unlocking the Secrets of ChatGPT: Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Your AI Prompts

As one of the most advanced AI models, ChatGPT offers the potential to transform the way we approach tasks in both professional and personal settings.

305. We're collecting AI problem statements to crowdsource solutions to data scientists

As technology penetrates every facet of life, and continues to grow exponentially, the solution potential becomes enormous. At the same time, we're in a world where billions live in poverty, and millions are on the brink of famine. In order to support an ever-growing populace, we need to leave no stone un-turned in the search for solutions. AI provides many potential solutions to humanity's greatest challenges."AI" is a vague, even confusing term. If you hear the phrase "artificial intelligence," you might wonder why there aren't sentient robots walking around, or why everyone isn't in self-driving cars already. The reality is that "AI" is just a marketing term for a set of computational statistical tools, or more simply, algorithms.However, as versatile as mathematics is, so is AI. AI is limited by (primarily) a couple things: data and computational power. Both the data and the compute power we have available are growing exponentially, so AI is becoming more and more powerful.With this increase in data and computational ability, AI is now being used in a wide variety of applications.For example, bitgrit (disclaimer: I'm CEO), collects meaningful AI problem statements to crowd-source solutions to data scientists. Some problem statements include saving animals’ lives, increasing agricultural yield, and speeding up healthcare claims processing.Michael Suttles, CEO at Save All The Pets, explains how data and AI can be used to save shelter animals:

306. How to get into Crypto Trading: An Interview with David Waslen

David Waslen was finance first, then tech and, in the latter, he was influenced by his good friend and co-founder of HedgeTrade, Peter Danihel. David has studied in the States as well as in the UK, taking a number of economic degrees.

307. Top 6 Applications of Natural Language Processing in Healthcare

For many healthcare providers, the industry is shaping up to be more of a shifting quandary of regulatory issues, financial turmoil, and unforeseeable eruptions of resentment from practitioners on the edge of revolt. The industry is now taking the opportunity to scale up their big data defenses and develop the technological infrastructure required to meet the imminent challenges.

308. Digital Skills as a Service (DSaaS)

Have you ever think what will be in the future with your experience and skills that you are getting during your lifetime?

309. You Shouldn't Launch A Startup Without AI-Based CMS Workflows

Photo Credit: evenkolder Flickr via Compfight cc

Launching a startup comes with a lot of difficulties and could prove very unnerving. You definitely will want to come up with lots of content and managing this will cost you a lot in financial and human resources if done manually.

310. Innovation Through Acceleration: How 5G Will Change Mobile Landscape

Pushed by technological progress, the pace of modern life has accelerated thousands of times. People are always in motion, literally. Their demand for high-tech solutions grows exponentially, and telecommunication is no exception. We need fast and quality access to data anytime and anywhere.

311. How to Turn Mockups Into Videos Instantly with This New AI Model

GEN-1 is able to take a video and apply a completely different style onto it, just like that…

312. COVID-19: AI Fighting the Pandemic Terror

Coronavirus: the alarming threat creates mayhem in the lives of many. Despite the terrifying conditions, technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data are mending ways of detecting an outbreak.

313. 10+ Questions you Should ask Yourself Before Developing an AI Solution

So you want to start your project basing on Artificial Intelligence. That's great but... are you really sure it is the best move?

314. Building an End-to-End Speech Recognition Model in PyTorch with AssemblyAI

This post was written by Michael Nguyen, Machine Learning Research Engineer at AssemblyAI. AssemblyAI uses Comet to log, visualize, and understand their model development pipeline.

315. Will Transformers Replace CNNs in Computer Vision?

This video explains how transformer architecture can be applied to computer vision with a new paper called the Swin Transformer.

316. Introduction to Human In The Loop Machine Learning

What is Human In The Loop?

317. When Machines Learn, Humans Lose Control

People express a lot of fear when it comes to AI. Some worry AI will grow superhuman and kill us all. Others are concerned that AI lead automation will displace over 100 million workers and devastate the economy. Honestly, either may happen because the simple truth of AI is that when machines learn, humans lose control.

318. What Makes TikTok so Addictive?

The AI and algorithms inside TikTok has made it the most addictive of all the social media platforms. Leaked documents reveal the secrets to TikTok addiction.

319. The 5 Podcasts to Check If You Want to Get Up To Speed on AI

From AI researchers to industry experts, tune in to these podcasts and explore the latest developments in the fascinating world of artificial intelligence.

320. Predictive Analytics for Maintenance Events

The predictive analytics machine learning model worked well to provide alerts before the engine values went beyond thresholds avoiding expensive repair cost.

321. Unpredictability of Artificial Intelligence

The young field of AI Safety is still in the process of identifying its challenges and limitations. In this paper, we formally describe one such impossibility result, namely Unpredictability of AI. We prove that it is impossible to precisely and consistently predict what specific actions a smarter-than-human intelligent system will take to achieve its objectives, even if we know terminal goals of the system. In conclusion, impact of Unpredictability on AI Safety is discussed.

322. Learning AI If You Suck at Math - Part Eight - The Musician in the Machine

"AI isn't just creating new kinds of art; it's creating new kinds of artists.” - Douglas Eck, Magenta Project

323. Virtual Influencers, like Lil Miquela, Post Real Content Just Like You and Me

The Problematic Fakery Of Lil Miquela Explained: An Exploration Of Virtual Influencers and Realness

324. Top 5 Tech Startup Trends in 2020

According to Statista, the global startup economy generates nearly $3 trillion. Startups have always been the driving force behind the world market, bringing new ideas, and transforming familiar business systems. Unfortunately, the economic crisis associated with Covid-19 has not spared this area.

325. How AI is Improving the Fitness Industry

AI solutions utilized in health & fitness have been transforming the industry. AI is now focusing on reshaping the specific habits of people.

326. MIDAS: A State-of-the-Art Model for Anomaly Detection in Graphs

In machine learning, hot topics such as autonomous vehicles, GANs, and face recognition often take up most of the media spotlight. However, another equally important issue that data scientists are working to solve is anomaly detection. From network security to financial fraud, anomaly detection helps protect businesses, individuals, and online communities. To help improve anomaly detection, researchers have developed a new approach called MIDAS.

327. Software Development Trends To Watch in 2022: From AI to EDA

Software development trends have always been evolving. Here in this post, we have covered essential software development trends to watch in 2022.

328. Benefits and Risks of AI: All You Need to Know

Artificial intelligence is not an imaginary future. It is here and now. AI is more than just auto-complete in our search engines, more than self-driving cars. From machine learning to robots, artificial intelligence offers us a rich array of technologies that enable machines to sense, comprehend, learn, and act.

329. The Fermi Paradox Explained in 5 Levels of Difficulty

Why we cannot see any aliens out there.

330. 8 Best AI Conferences to Attend in 2022

Here’s the full list of top AI conferences to attend in 2022, from the most technical to business-focused to academic

331. Is the Programming Market Oversaturated?

Every so often I hear that the programming market will be saturated eventually and we are all going to end up on the streets. Is this really true?

332. Machine Economics Part 1: Finance’s Inflection Point

(Will biological ‘wet-ware’ always have a place in the economy?)

333. ChatGPT Writes a Story With Me

I started with a story prompt to ChatGPT and then we kept going, I like it.

334. Don't Be Data-Driven. Become Purpose-Driven and Data-Assisted.

335. Using Weights and Biases to Perform Hyperparameter Optimization

Hands on tutorial for hyperparameter optimization of a RandomForestClassifier for Heart Disease UCI dataset with Weights and Biases Sweeps.

336. E-Commerce Development Trends for 2020

As we have entered the digital age, where everything from purchases to sales can be done using mobile devices, there’s one solid conclusion we all can draw: e-commerce development is here to stay.

337. Machine Learning: What Does The Future Look Like?

Machine learning (ML) is the process which enables a computer to perform something that it has not been explicitly told to do. Hence, ML assumes the central role in making sentient machines a reality. With the launch of Sophia, an AI robot developed by Hanson robotics, we wonder how close we are to be outclassed by these smart fellows.

338. Hiding Secrets: Steganography in Digital Arts and NFTs

The Da Vinci code for the NFT art generation is called steganography. Artists must use new techniques for hiding their secrets inside their artworks.

339. Why AI is the Future of Restaurant Sales