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6 Videos You Should Include in Your SaaS Marketing

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Videos were crazy in 2021 and accounted for a whopping 86% of total web traffic. Not surprising because a video is an amazing way to highlight your software, display your personality, team and tell your stories in a compelling way.

According to a recent survey by Hubspot, 83% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads and 93% of brands landed a new customer because of a video on social media.

Whether you want to explain how to use your latest software or inspire your audience with your unique brand story— videos are the way to go.

Here are 6 videos hot right now

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are widely popular; about 96% of people have watched an explainer video. A good explainer video is precise and focused on educating the audience.

Types Of Explainer Videos

  • Infographic
  • Interactive
  • Screencast


People love infographics. They are concise and a great resource to learn and get information in one glance. Infographic videos like regular infographics help pass data and information. Got a large amount of data to convey? An infographic video might be your best choice.

How to Create Infographic Videos on AdobeSparks

Upload your content

Scroll to the My Videos page and click on the + button. The first frame also has a + button; click on it to insert your content. To organize your content, drag and drop clips into the order you want.

Choose a theme and add your text

Select a suitable theme. Add text and subtitles for each video clip. Adjust timelines of each clip. And lastly, add your preferred music or sound. Download and share your video.

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are exactly what their name implies "interactive". Unlike regular videos, viewers can participate, answer questions or click a link. 78% of online marketers prefer using interactive videos for marketing. You can also track interactions like clicks, taps and downloads. Collect and analyze for future marketing efforts.

You can create Interactive videos using software like Thinglink, Camtasia and Adobe.


Want to demonstrate an action with your videos? Screencast videos are your best bet.

Businesses use screencasts to teach viewers how to navigate through an application

The best part is it is inexpensive and straightforward. You can record directly from a browser or an app.

TechSmith's Camtasia is a great option for screencasts.  Its well-equipped video editing suite provides you with all the solutions you might need while recording.

2. Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography uses animation to create words that move on the screen. The movement of letters can involve: shrinking, expanding, flying, etc. Depending on the effect the animator is trying to create.  It helps to grab attention because humans often want to decode or read a moving text.

 Moovly lets you easily create kinetic typography videos. It comes with various objects and templates. So all you have to do is identify what fonts, background, and images would work well for your company or marketing objective.


3. Record Customer Testimonial In A Video

Chances are you have recommended a product or software you enjoyed using to a friend. And if your friend also found the product or software useful, odds are they also referred the same product or service to someone else.

Similarly, one video of a happy customer on your website can help convince your viewers to take action. A report by Qualtrics shows that 93% of consumers make their choices based on online reviews.  Instead of just rambling on about what your product or service does for them, record a customer testimonial video.

4. Social Media Videos

Social media videos are an excellent way for you to connect as a brand with your audience personally. It is more than just posting videos out there for the world to see. As a SaaS company, one good social media video can turn your product launch into a trending topic.

This is why 93% of businesses have been able to land a new customer because of a video they posted on social media.

N.B. You can't create one video for every single platform.

It just doesn't work that way. Tailor every video to fit the specific demands of the social medium. A chief reason why you must choose the best channels that favor your brand and work on them.

Popular social media channels you should consider


Facebook is best for posting customer stories and interesting facts about your business. Try not to leave out subtitles because 85% of people watch videos on Facebook with their volume turned down.

Facebook videos, on average, drive more engagement than other content types. Facebook videos average engagement is  1,638 per post, while the average engagement for images sits at 1,090 (Newswhip, 2020).


According to Wordstream statistics, 82% of Twitter users consume video content on the platform. And people watch 2 billion videos on Twitter every day (Hootsuite).

How to Use Twitter Videos to Promote Your Business

Tell a story with your videos

Everyone loves a good story. Stories draw people in and help viewers connect with your content. Keep your story short and easy to follow so you don't lose viewers' attention. Above everything else, keep it authentic.

Keep it interesting

Be creative. Make sure your video is interesting enough to grab attention. Use great visuals, close-up shots, intriguing location or cast.

Different Twitter video formats.

Twitter Linked Videos

Sharing your youtube or Vimeo videos on Twitter is a quick and straightforward way to incorporate videos into your Twitter marketing efforts. Simply include a link to a video hosted elsewhere like Vimeo or youtube in your Tweet.

Twitter Native Video

Twitter native videos are videos recorded and uploaded directly on Twitter.

These videos are uploaded straight up and are not hosted on other video sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Tip: Try out both of them and track the one that delivers the most results to your business. Or you could mix both videos.

Twitter Native Video Specifications

Follow these specifications to get the best results from your native videos.

Minimum resolution of 32 × 32 pixels

Maximum resolution of 1900 × 1200 (and 1200 x 1900) pixels

Aspect Ratios: a range of 1:2.39 to 2.39:1 (inclusive)

Maximum frame: 40 frames per second is the rate.

Maximum Bitrate: 25 Megabits Per Second


Animoto annual survey report revealed that Instagram was the platform with the most year-over-year rise in purchases due to video. And on average, people discovered new businesses more on Instagram than on Facebook or Twitter.

A significant percentage of Instagram users are willing (and able) to open their wallets, pull out their credit cards, and spend (Hootsuite).

5. Video Featuring Experts

Videos featuring experts help create a buzz around your brand. Not only will this give your brand credibility and recognition due to the linking of your Saas company name with industry leaders. It helps stick your company's name in the memory of your prospective consumers.

These kinds of videos are also very useful in marketing a new service or product. You can interview an expert in your industry and talk about current innovations in the industry. Use the opportunity to elaborate on how your product satisfies the market.

6. Video FAQs

FAQs should never be an afterthought. When done right, FAQs convince prospects about your products or services. Away from the regular FAQ section, video FAQs are catching on, and it is not hard to see why.

Videos are the online content of choice for most people. And by creating video FAQs, you are giving new prospects the chance to learn more about you. Existing customers can also find answers to challenges resulting from using your products or services.

Final Thoughts

Be aggressive with your video marketing. Be seen. Be heard. There's nothing noble about being the best-kept secret. Create videos and get your business out there.


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