6 Unmistakable Habits of Utterly Authentic People by@joey_tawadrous

6 Unmistakable Habits of Utterly Authentic People

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How can you truly distinguish yourself from a crowd?

If somebody asked you, what makes you different from everybody else, would you have an answer at a moments notice?

What makes you unique?

Simply Have Fun

Successful people have long since realized that its is far more beneficial to grind on a daily basis than to spend your time focusing on gaining short-term satisfaction.

It’s so easy to make excuses why you cannot spend the majority of your evening working towards your goals. They take time to achieve. They are difficult to achieve. And sometimes, you lack the conviction to work on them.

Making our present time in this world is extremely important, however we should shift the majority of our focus towards achieving our goals. And we can have fun in the process.

We don’t need to hate the work involved in achieving our goals. The fact is, while the road to success is paved with so many bumps and dead ends, we can still have a whole lot of fun along the way.

Never forget that fun is simply a mindset. That everything we do can be considered highly enjoyable.

Simply condition your mind to relate your most important tasks to the most fun you’ve had all day.


Listen To Your Favourite Feel Good Music

Listening to your favourite kind of music always works and is one of the best brain hacks known to date.

Music from your favourite artists has been found to fire up your neurons, which helps to relieve stress and pain, cure insomnia and stop seizures. Never underestimate the power of your top 25 playlist.

If you are having a hard time remembering your favourite music or would like to listen to something you have not listened to in a long time, there is a simple trick I use regularly to help me remember.

Think about past memories when you were extremely happy or even just happier than usual. Then think about the songs that you remember hearing on the radio or listening to on your music device during those times.

If all else fails, just think of songs that come to your mind when you recall those positive memories.

Avoid Multitasking

This really is an age old topic of discussion and there are so many mixed reviews and feelings about this topic across the web.

I’ll tell you, I used to be a massive advocate of multitasking, completely in favour of it. However I have come to understand that not all tasks can or should be done in conjunction with another.

I’ve found that while I can cook & read or watch a documentary, while I can clean up or jog and listen to a podcast, I cannot write a blog post and speak on the phone & I cannot read and listen to a documentary either. So overall I believe that multitasking can be done for a lot of tasks, but not for everything, and we should be aware of this so we don’t waste our precious time trying!

Use Your Vivid Imagination

Our imagination is a powerful thing. One can be broken down and destroyed 10 times over or indeed reborn stronger and smarter on a continuous basis by their imagination. I believe if you can imagine it, you can accomplish it.

I found myself feeling really lazy at home one day, not wanting to do anything productive. Mind you it was after work, but I would generally feel quite optimistic about getting some to-do’s crossed off my list on a daily basis. Then I made an astounding discovery…

The power of imagination. While I sat there lazily in my desk chair, I imagined being chased by a vicious horde of zombies. And the only way I could survive is by arming myself with weapons and armour, which I could only attain by completing my to-do’s.

The more to-do’s I crossed off the list, the better weapons and hideouts I found. It’s that simple. I made my to-do’s compellingly fun to complete.

Keep A Pen And Paper Close

How many times have you remembered something important when you are in bed trying to go to sleep? How many times have you spend half of the following day trying to remember what it was? This can sometimes be a problem for all of us, but there is an easy fix.

Simply keep a pen and paper next to your bed so that you can easily jot down any idea’s you may think of, without disturbing your sleep. Also note that using your phone to take note of these ideas would be a big mistake as the bright light would wake you up.

Do Something New Every Day

Have you ever set a new years resolutions? Just the one or several? Well this point is based on the same principle. You must endeavour to do something new and hopefully exciting every day.

Taking up a new challenge every day will essentially force you outside of your comfort zone and will also get your creative juices flowing. You will feel much better about yourself knowing that you are trying something new on a daily basis.

Mixing up your routine will make you stronger as a person as you become more reliant on your own abilities. This will in turn make you feel more accustomed to using your own skills and talents to get by, better preparing you for any situation that may arise.

This will, no doubt, help you strengthen your own self confidence.


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