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6 Steps to Start Your Online Tutoring Business

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Gone are those days when tutoring was limited to offering private lessons to nearby students in the local region. Technology has completed changed the way tutoring was done, Covid-19 also had a major impact on the traditional form of tutoring.

According to the research report, The global Online Tutoring market size is projected to reach USD 278 Billion by 2026, from USD 150 Billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 10.82% during 2021-2027.

The modern trend of online tutoring marketplaces has created an opportunity for inspiring entrepreneurs to build their business empires right from the comfort of their homes.

Let’s understand how online tutoring marketplaces work

Step 1
Students and Tutors both have to sign up on the platform.

Step 2
Students will search for the tutor as per the requirements, check the availability of the selected tutor.

Step 3
The student will make the payment and book an online session.

Step 4
The payment will be received from the admin.

Step 5
The teacher will be notified of the scheduled session timing and give a session accordingly.

Step 6
The tutor will receive the payment from the admin with deducted commission after successful completion of the session.

Key Features For an Admin to the Manage Online Tutoring Marketplace from One Place

Manage Users
This feature allows the admin to manage all registered users of the platform. The admin can manage user details, teacher approval requests, withdrawal requests and reviews etc.

Order Management
This feature allows the admin to manage all the purchased orders.  Admin can search lessons from teachers, learners list and can check their status such as Scheduled, Rescheduled, Need to be scheduled, Completed, Cancelled and Issues reported.

Commission Management
The features enable the admin to manage commission percentages for both one-to-one and group classes. Admin can specify the percentage of the commission of any teacher registered on the platform.

CMS Management
Using this feature admin can create, edit or manage the content published on the front end of website pages.

SEO Management
SEO is the key for any online business to succeed. The feature allows managing key areas of search engine optimization such as meta tags management, URL rewriting, google analytics integration, Robots.txt inclusion etc.

Currency Management
To run a tutoring platform across the world the platform should support multi-currency. This feature allows to manage and add a new currency on the platform. Admin can also manage the currency conversion value of the platform.

Manage Multiple Admin Users
The feature allows adding/managing multiple admins on the platform for seamless operations.

To track the performance of the platform a reporting feature is a must. This allows the admin to keep track of platform stats and sales.

How to Make Your Tutoring Business Successful

Invest in Marketing
Marketing is the backbone of any business is it an online or offline business. The techniques of marketing may differ in both forms. The entrepreneur should invest in marketing aggressively and wisely for the growth of the platform. Entrepreneurs can start with SEO or PPC campaigns with small investments.

Add Certified Tutors in the Platform
To offer a satisfying experience to students, only certified teachers should be registered on the platform. This will build trust and play an important role in the long run of the platform.

Launch Offer for Tutors and Students
The competition is increasing in the online tutoring market with each passing day. Entrepreneurs should launch some offers for both tutors and students to keep them interested and stay ahead of the competition.

Impressive UI/UX Of Platform
A user-friendly UI/UX is key for the success of any website/application, the same is the case with an online tutoring platform. The students and teachers should be able to manage their activities seamlessly without any hassle.

How to Create Your Own Tutoring Platform

There are mainly two ways to create your feature-rich tutoring platform and run your business from the comfort of your own home.

1. Hire a Development and Build it from scratch

2. Build Your Platform with Online Tutoring Software

Both the options have their own pros and cons, but considering the rising demand and increasing competition, it is suggested that to build your platform using online tutoring software.

There are various online tutoring software like Yo!Coach on the market to choose from with a wide range of features. Building a platform tutoring software allows you to launch your platform without waiting for several months of development.

A tutoring software is tried and tested numerous times by various organizations and keeps enhancing with regular feedback, hence has fewer chances of bugs and is more scalable as compared to custom development from scratch.


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