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57 Stories To Learn About Cloud Storage

by Learn RepoApril 14th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Cloud Storage via these 57 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Cloud Storage via these 57 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Top 10 Javascript File Managers to Use in 2022

A brief intro to 10 file managers for software developers

2. Can Blockchain Fix Enterprise Cloud Computing?

As cloud waste increases, businesses are looking for a silver lining.

3. How to Get Unlimited Cloud Storage on Telegram App

Unlimited cloud storage for storing photos, videos, and files using the Telegram App. The best alternative to Google Drive and Google Photos.

4. 6 Reasons to Use Amazon Redshift

A quick guide to Amazon Redshift's benefits and use cases. Learn why your team might want to make the SHIFT to Amazon Redshift.

5. 4 Privacy Focused Raspberry Pi Projects

4 do it yourself projects with a Raspberry Pi for the privacy minded user

6. The Best Options to Store Data and Keep it Safe Forever

As technology evolved the options for storing the large amount of data have also changed. In this article we've discussed the terms Archiving and Backups.

7. How to Keep Your Data More Secure in 2022 🔒

Encrypting online data with Cryptomator before uploading to cloud storage services in 2022. How to protect sensitive online data with file encryption by Louis M

8. The Data Table Format Wars

Databricks, Hudi and Iceberg are all struggling for dominance as the table format for the Data Lakehouse. Let's look at what they can do.

9. Research Suggests That a Hard Brexit Could Lead to Significant Confusion within the UK Cloud Market

An inquiry into public opinion suggests that fear and confusion could push sensitive personal data out of the country.

10. The Benefits of Amazon S3 Explained Through a Comic

AWS S3 is one of the most fundamental services of AWS Cloud.

11. Why Home Media Servers Are Worth Your Time

Files are getting larger and space for your favorite content can be at a premium. Getting your own server can make storing data so much easier.

12. Books vs. Servers: Where Should We Store All of the Human Knowledge?

We are used to storing our information in the cloud, which has clear benefits over paper databases and books. What is the best place to keep human knowledge?

13. The Carbon Footprint of Storing Data

We collect things and, as long as we attribute value to these things, we want to preserve them. The digital age has changed the way we keep things. To be completely exact, these are not 'things' anymore. We name them data.

14. Join us in Our Efforts to Reduce Cloud Waste by $100 Million in 2021

We aren’t putting enough of a spotlight on the environmental impact of the cloud. Cloud usage and spend are skyrocketing as more companies invest in the critical infrastructure that drives digital transformation and supports integral parts of a business.

15. 6 Trends to Follow to Improve Your Cloud Strategy in 2022

The cloud strategy is changing the way we work, and it's not just about the technology but how companies are managing their data..

16. Transfer Big Data Across Cloud Platforms With Ease

With Big Data and the rise of more affordable object storage such as; Wasabi Cloud Storage and Backblaze B2, the need to move large amounts of data from the big three cloud providers is trending. But how do you do it? Often it is is near impossible, or extremely hard to break up with someone like Jeff Bezos and go somewhere with cheaper rates.

17. Cloud-based Apps are Essential for Remote Work

Times have changed and the global IT domain has now shifted to a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model wherein employees are encouraged to bring their own devices to the office and stay connected. The biggest enabler in this has been the apps based on the cloud that can be accessed from any location- all you need is internet access.

18. 6 Cloud Migration Benefits for Businesses

Cloud migration benefits the application by opening a new horizon for high-level architecture applications that capture and process data in real-time. A smooth cloud migration experience and hassle-free post-migration efficiency are assured by properly implemented cloud migration strategies.

19. How to Implement Cloud APIs: Google Drive API, Dropbox API, and OneDrive API

Practical application of Cloud APIs such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive can be tricky. To simplify, we described the integration process step-by-step.

20. How Does Cloud Storage Work?

Cloud storage is the technology that allows users and companies to store, maintain and access data on highly available servers via the internet.

21. Introduction To AWS Lake Formation

What does it mean for your organization?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced, among many other important updates, the release of the new service “AWS Lake Formation” at the AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas. This article provides a brief explanation of what the service does. Furthermore, it explains why it can be important for your organization.

22. How I Created The COVID -19 Supermarket Waiting Times App That Was Used Worldwide

The project that I am presenting to you was created primarily for personal use and then, by word of mouth, it was used worldwide (geographically).

23. Decentralized Cloud Storage: Why the Need For It?

What is decentralized cloud storage? And why even use it at all?

24. Why You Should Think About Switching To The Cloud Hosting today

Cloud computing has become essential for most homes and businesses, and it has been critical in reducing social upheaval and economic devastation.

25. Reviewing the Eight Leading Global Cloud Providers in India

The cloud storage industry is growing exponentially in India as there is tremendous growth in the country's Information and Technology sector. This has lead to many businesses adopting the use of technology, including cloud storage.

26. Build a Private Cloud Storage Service on the Blockchain

27. Storage Services Provided By Amazon Web Services

Storage may be a large part of every enterprise architecture.

28. 9 Dropbox Alternatives for Evidence Management in Law Enforcement

For evidence management and storage, there are multiple alternatives to Dropbox available which can save time and be customized for your specific needs.

29. The Best Cloud Computing Programming Languages To Learn

Learning cloud programming is the need of the hour in this era of technology. Here is the list of the best cloud computing programming languages.

30. Decentralized Cloud Storage is changing the face of the internet (1/2)

(Read Part 2 here)

31. Top 5 Reasons Why Companies are Moving to the Cloud

Cloud has introduced some new business capabilities through cost-effectiveness or accessibility, as a company you don't want to miss the opportunity.

32. Best Way to Maintain HIPAA Compliance in Cloud

We have shared some tips and ways how organizations looking to migrate their data to the cloud can maintain HIPAA Compliance.

33. SAP S/4HANA: A Poem

The versions of predictive things that the ecosystem's intelligent capabilities are NOW able to efficiently do with it are limitless.

34. Azure Hack: Use AzCopy on Azure Cloud Shell to Upload Large Files to Storage Accounts

A little backstory, I ran into an interesting problem today I needed to get a 40GB Virtual Machine Image to a storage account in Azure so i could create a Virtual Machine from it.

35. What Does Filecoin Seek To Achieve?

Filecoin is a novel distributed network protocol that enables a global, decentralized marketplace for data storage.

36. How to Add Business Context to Every Dollar of Your AWS Bill

In this blog post, I will walk you through the process of how we use nOps to add a business context to our AWS bill.

37. What is Zero-Knowledge Proof ?

Let’s explain exactly what that term means in one sentence:

38. 5 Technology Trends For Construction In 2020

The construction space has always been behind in adopting technological advancements. Why? I'm not too sure either. These technologies I'm sharing may or may not seem new to you but recently, they are rapidly being adopted in construction.

39. How Adopting Serverless is a Competitive Advantage for Your Business

How could serverless help move your business faster and outpace competitors? With serverless, you don't need to worry about anything except your code.

40. "We plan to establish the first IPFS node on Mars" - says Filecoin Miner Neo Ge

As Filecoin gears up for launch, miners across the globe have been participating in Space Race, competing to onboard as much storage as possible to the testnet.

41. Choosing between Object Storage and Block Storage for Security

Block Storage and object storage have different use-cases. We won’t categorically state which one is better as the answer depends on your project’s particulars. What we will do in this article is compare these two storage options in terms of how secure your data is in either of them.

42. Cloud Computing is Replete with Clouded Judgements #BreakTheChain

We are banking online, shopping online, using social networking sites, playing online games, storing photos, audio, and video online and using online file-sharing. And mostly all those services are cloud-based. For example, such famous platforms as Airbnb, PayPal, Zynga, Spotify and Adobe Systems are “cloudy”.

43. What are the Best Options to Store Data and Keep it Safe Forever?

This article will go over the most effective, economical and long-lasting methods for storing our data.

44. How CloudCover Helped Genflix Migrate VOD Media Workflow To AWS


45. How to Make Your Own and Free Backup Application

In our age of rapidly developing technologies, data loss can be a disaster not only for large corporations, but also for the average user, showcasing the immense importance of backup and data recovery in today’s data driven world.

46. NAS Data Backup Is Essential For Remote Offices

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a smart, dedicated data storage system that connects to storage drives, allowing multiple users to collaborate and share data.

47. Amazon Web Services: A Beginner Friendly Overview

As a web developer, I’ve had a lot of experience with Amazon Web Services. I never had the opportunity to thoroughly investigate its goods or gain a thorough understanding of AWS capabilities. The following guide will provide you a quick overview of AWS products.

48. The Numbers Are In: Cloud Solutions are Driving and Accelerating Digitalization

What we, as a society, are experiencing today because of this pandemic is profoundly unique to our generation.

49. Why Should Your Business Adopt Cloud-Based IT Solutions?

Data storage and access have long been a concern for businesses. A ton of data is created daily, and efficient storage is a must to keep track of everything.

50. How To Offload WordPress Media Files To Cloud And Increase Loading Speed

If your website is hosted on a regular web hosting service, you already know that over time, your site gradually slows down.

51. Kubernetes Terraforming on Linode: Linode + Terraform + Kubernetes = Cloud Nirvana

Let's discuss the process of "Terraforming" a Kubernetes cluster on Linode using Terraform to help organizations efficiently manage and scale infrastructure.

52. The Future Of Email on The Blockchain Launches An IEO To Accelerate Its Development

SafePost, the innovative and secure solution alternative to traditional emails and document storage (a market of more than $ 200 billion / year with more than 3.5 billion users), will hold its first-ever Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) through the P2PB2B launchpad from March 16th to April 19th, 2020.

53. Don’t Fear The Cloud When it Comes to Data Integration

Data loading speed, cloud applications, data security fears, and added costs & efforts are some of the reasons why businesses fear data integration.

54. Decentralized Cloud Storage is changing the face of the internet (2/2)

(Read Part 1 here)

55. How To Implement localStorage or Firebase Firestore into your JS project

I am a great reader, I love books and I try to read as much as I can, no matter the topic, whatever, fantasy, comedy, sci-fi, educational...Books take me to another world, they make me feel, make me think, make me relax and make me disconnect from the day by day schedule. I cannot live without them.

56. How To Optimize Large S3 API Costs using Alluxio

This is a guest blog contributed by datasapiens’ Juraj Pohanka, Koen Michiels and Sam Gilbert. This article described how engineers at datasapiens brought down S3 API costs by 200x by implementing Alluxio as a data orchestration layer between S3 and Presto.

57. The Complete Beginners Guide to AWS S3

In this tutorial, we'll get to learn how to use the AWS S3. First, learn what is S3, the core parts of S3 that are the Buckets, Access Point, and Objects.

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