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53 Stories To Learn About Bitcoin Mining

by Learn RepoDecember 17th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Bitcoin Mining via these 53 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Bitcoin Mining via these 53 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Who will mine the last mine Bitcoin?

Who will mine the last Bitcoin?

2. Bitcoin Mining and Traditional Banking Energy Consumption: The Truth

Over the years, analysts and environmentalists have constantly called Bitcoin mining an energy-intensive venture. This has brought a continuous spotlight on Bit

3. Is Bitcoin Really That Bad For The Environment?

Questions about the environmental friendliness of the cryptocurrency business appeared 2 years ago. Is the current situation really that bad as many say?

4. 💰 Why ASIC Miners Are a Great Investment for Passive Income ? 🚀

ASIC Miners Are a great investment for passive income, be sure to choose it wisely to reach the best mining profitability.

5. Invest in Yourself. It’ll Pay Dividends For You and Those Around You

I don’t know if this is the best advice I’ve ever given someone, but for most people I’d say: INVEST IN YOU

6. Is the End of Bitcoin Near?

The price of an asset is determined by supply and demand. BTC is limited to 21 million units, with 18.7 million presently in circulation.

7. Blockchain In Bullet Points

The simplest explanation of the blockchain in the world, what its nine main characteristics are, what makes up a blockchain, hashing, the body of the block.

8. Why Selfish Mining is Detrimental to a Blockchain Network

Selfish mining is a scenario where a miner mines a new block but fails to publish it for other miners to see and add it to the chain of blocks on their ends.

9. Is it Still Profitable to Invest in Bitcoin Mining Hardware or Cloud Mining? What do Reports Say?

In December 2018, the crypto industry was shaken amid rumors about one of the largest Bitcoin mining firm Bitmain’s plans to lay off 50% of its staff. Earlier in November, one of the most trusted GPU manufacturers Nvidia also reported a decline in the sale of mining chips. This caused a dent of 23 billion in market valuation of the company.

10. Bitcoin Efficient: Introduction to the Concept

This is just a concept, but perhaps can lead to a community-driven and open source project that tackles Bitcoin's Energy Efficiency problem. The project, which I dub "Bitcoin Efficient", might do just that, and much more. Unlike other hard forks from BTC such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Efficient aims to have dramatic changes in regards to hashing and consensus. The project aims to change the way Bitcoin is being mined.

11. #Debunked: 3 False Narratives Surrounding Bitcoin

Bitcoin false narratives debunked , bitcoin mining, bitcoin illicit activity, bitcoin CIA, Bitcoin use cases

12. Here’s Why You Should Not Buy Bitcoin

20 reasons not to buy bitcoin. Investing isn't for everyone. Bitcoin has a way of humbling everyone who gets involved with i.t

13. Bitcoin Mining Still Requires Too Much Energy

Bitcoin is far less popular now than it was in its heyday, when the world’s leading cryptocurrency was regularly dominating international headlines and leading newcomers into the burgeoning crypto-marketplace. After it caught on like wildfire amongst non-traditional investors, the Bitcoin hype also generated a slew of headlines and controversies surrounding the immense amount of energy that’s needed to mine - or generate - new tokens. These days, that controversy has largely died down, but many people still wonder if Bitcoin mining still presents a serious new global warming problem.

14. Volcanos and New Proof Methods are great, but Bitcoin's Energy Problem Falls on the Community

The environmental cost of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies is high, but the answer doesn't only lay with energy production and better proof methods

15. If You Want Bitcoin to Succeed, Then F&ck the Institutions

Institutional investors don't hold the key to Bitcoin's growth. They're definitely not looking out for you or your interests.

16. Better Cryptography Means a Better Bitcoin

Currently, Bitcoin is quite limited in regards to its cryptography and reaching its true decentralization potential. One of my aims is to change all that. Bitcoin has the problem of an increasingly large carbon footprint, potential threats to it being breakable, and specialized brute force attacks that are becoming increasingly complex.

17. Bitcoin's Post-Halving Hash Rate [Analyzed]

The cryptocurrency industry has just experienced the most anticipated event, Bitcoin (BTC) 2020 halving. The last 12.5 Bitcoin block has been mined by F2Pool and encoded the message of “NYTimes 09/Apr/2020 With $2.3T Injection, Fed’s Plan Far Exceeds 2008 Rescue.” paying tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto. Antpool was in luck and mined the first 6.25 Bitcoin block.

18. Proof-of-Stake vs Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Time: What’s the Difference?

We'll look at the difference between these three algorithms - Proof-of-Stake vs Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Time and how they compare.

19. The Future of Bitcoin Network Will be Powered by Green Energy: Unhashed #11

Unhashed is a QnA series where I speak with top execs of new and established blockchain projects to unravel the mystery of blockchain & crypto.

20. Top Crypto Miners in the Market for 2022

This guide's selection of bitcoin mining equipment adheres to the most secure cryptographic procedures to keep your cryptocurrency secure.

21. Why Australia Might Become A Bitcoin Mining Superpower

Australia seems to have the perfect trifecta of government stability and support, societal adoption, and bountiful sunshine and land for clean energy production

22. What You Need to Know About Bitcoin's Energy Usage

Learn the truth about Bitcoin’s energy consumption and understand why its environmental impact isn’t as bad you think.

23. A Water-Cooling Upgrade That Can Give Bitcoin Miners Their Power Back

In typical open and transparent fashion Bitcoin mining sales and service company Meta-Luban does another public test of their water-cooling systems...

24. How Chicago Can Nuke Out its Crypto Ambitions

Chicago seeks to ride the Bitcoin train back to relevance. Here is how they can do it.

25. The End Of Crypto Mining Is Just The Beginning Of Crypto

A soundbyte news item recently took the crypto community by storm: 85% of the world’s Bitcoin supply has been mined.

26. Digging Further Down the Mine: Understanding Bitcoin Difficulty

Bitcoin mining difficulty is currently at an all-time high.

27. Is Bitcoin Really Bad for the Environment?

While there is some legitimacy to Bitcoin's negative carbon footprint, the claims are overblown and distributed ledgers can actually help the environment.

28. How The Blockchain Works Explained Visually

In this article, we will explore how the blockchain helps cryptocurrencies work with both the architecture and how currencies are mined for transactions.

29. Will Liquid-Cooled Miners Dominate the 3rd Hashrate Revolution?

Mining hashrate has come to a crossroads. Water-cooled products are being accepted and recognized by mainstream manufacturers, but will they dominate?

30. "Ukrainians [are] among the top adopters of cryptocurrency in the world"

Bitcoin among other Cryptocurrencies may soon be used legally in Ukraine, once President Volodymyr Zelensky signs legislation passed by Ukraine’s Parliament.

31. Can bitcoin-denominated UBI fight hyperinflation?

A proposal to solve the hyperinflation problem through adopting Bitcoin UBI, powered by Stacks blockchain Proof-of-transfer mechanism.

32. Mainstream Media Can Do Better Than Releasing Hyperbolic Articles Against Bitcoin

Major mainstream media made a coordinated attack on Bitcoin’s energy consumption.

33. What Does China’s Crypto Crackdown Mean for the Industry?

China is getting tough on crypto. Same as it ever was, right? But this time the pushback is real. What does it mean for bitcoin miners and crypto as a whole?

34. Post Bitcoin Halving: What Lays Ahead?

Bright points, potential pitfalls and what you can look out for

35. The Bitcoin Halving: Miner Economics and Institutional Mining

At 5:55 PM EST on May 11, 2020, the third Bitcoin Halving will occur. Over the last several weeks, the price of Bitcoin has soared nearly 30% as speculators and long-term hodlers are accumulating ahead of the highly anticipated event.

36. How The Halving Will Impact Bitcoin's Price and Production

This year, sometime around mid-May, an event long anticipated in the Bitcoin community will occur: halving, i.e. the reward granted to miners per block added to the already existing blockchain (from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC) will be halved. The history of Bitcoin will see 32 halvings, and we are approaching merely the third one. Very many people continue to wonder about the impact of this halving, about the evolution of the price, about what will happen with the miners, etc.

37. "Without mining, there is no Bitcoin"

This article covers everything you need to know about the process, history, and principles behind Bitcoin mining.

38. How to Convert a 110TH Air-Cooled Miner into a 180TH Liquid-Cooled Beast!

The Antminer series 19 Antminer S19 Pro can be upgraded with liquid-cooled technology on large scales and this post proves it.

39. Sovereign Currency Development: A Chat with an OG of Bitcoin Mining

I remote chat this afternoon with Dunstan Teo, a blockchain architect and consultant for projects and enterprises, big and small. He’s also a builder of sovereign level tech, a creator of new economic models, a president of a multi office advisory, an author, an advisor to exchanges, and more.

40. Bitcoin in 2020: How To Make The Right Valuation

Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has continued to thrill and confuse the global financial markets.

41. Lowering The Electricity Costs Of Mining Bitcoin [A How-To Guide]

Bitcoin remains an incredibly tantalizing digital asset, as those who invest wisely in this cryptocurrency can earn huge sums of money for themselves. Bitcoin miners and investors are nevertheless forced to contend with the fact that their market is incredibly volatile, and that technological changes are constantly upsetting industry practices. New and more efficient bitcoin mining processes, for instance, can help lower the energy costs associated with producing the digital tokens.

42. Bitcoin's Halving and Pricing Through the Prism of Stock to Flow Method

A look at pricing methods of Bitcoin in the context of the Stock to Flow Method and the upcoming halving.

43. The Relevance of Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin halvings occur every 210,000 blocks that have been mined on the blockchain, which is roughly at four-year intervals.

44. Could the Bitcoin Halving Cause a Price Halving?

On May the 11th, Bitcoin went through its third halving in its albeit short lifetime. Whilst this event was celebrated by most in the crypto community, some bring up some valid concerns about whether or not many miners will be able to survive with their revenues effectively cut by almost 50% in a single day.

45. Bitcoin on the Brink: What Could Trigger a Capitulation?

Bitcoin's volatility is nothing new, but it seems to ramp up as we approach, what could be a critical juncture for the cryptocurrency.

46. On Wild IPOs; Tech Addiction; & Airbnb's Policies Post-Shooting — #StuffIReadThisMorning

47. Bitcoin: Have Incentives Gone Wrong?

Only when all coins are minted and miners are only rewarded by transaction fees will we know the extent of the genius embedded in Satoshi Nakamoto's game theory

48. Understanding the Correlation Between the Bitcoin Price and Bitcoin Mining

What is Mining:

49. RSK Bitcoin Merged Mining Returns to Miners Beats The Industry Average

Bitcoin mining is often touted as one of the safest and quickest ways to earn the world’s leading cryptocurrency. However, due to factors such as enormous energy consumption and requirement for complex technical hardware, Bitcoin mining has many times eluded small miners.

50. "Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks" - Where To Find this on the Bitcoin Blockchain

"Where can I find the famous title of The Times in Bitcoin blockchain? Is the page saved into the blockchain?"

51. Proof of Work is the Solution Not a Problem

Proof of Work is the most secure Internet protocol ever created

52. Bitcoin Imaginaries: Do They Even Need the Real World?

I read academic papers about blockchain for a living. Some of them are groundbreaking, others are pure garbage, but one paper, written by Yong Ming Kow and Caitlin Lustig, appeared to be hard to forget - I am still not sure to which bucket it belongs.

53. Bitcoin On-Ramp: The Comprehensive Guide On How To Get Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized how global citizens view what the definition of currency may mean. Even at a young age, most people understood the power of currency. We perceived money as a mystical object that provided access to our wishes: candy, food, and fun.

Thank you for checking out the 53 most read stories about Bitcoin Mining on HackerNoon.

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