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50 Stories To Learn About Ide

by Learn RepoMay 8th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Ide via these 50 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Ide via these 50 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Setting up a Web Develop Environment in Debian

I am on Microverse working with a lot of people new to Software Development with Linux (I use this word to refer to Linux OS and all his derivatives or distros), and in web development we use certain tools and pipelines that are more difficult to set up in Windows. So I found that most of the people new to Linux struggle to set up the tooling and basic commands for the first time.

2. Deploying Ethereum Smart Contracts via Remix IDE

Deploying a smart contract to the Ethereum Network is not as complicated as the process may appear. You only need to finish eight steps to get yours online.

3. How To Easily Align Your Code in Vim

Aligning code, in general, does not provide any value. It's just to make code look more beautiful and easier to read.

4. Indent-Rainbow Tool for Making Your Code More Readable

The article discusses the importance for using indent-rainbow to give some color to your code in HTML

5. GitLive Extension v11 Release: Merge Conflicts Detection in Real Time

With our latest release, you can see your teammates’ changes to a file in the gutter of your editor and get notified of conflicts as soon as they occur even across branches and uncommitted changes!

6. On RT-Thread Studio IDE

The integrated development environment (IDE) software plays an important role in embedded development, it can reduce repetitive work, minimize the difficulty of project development, improve work efficiency both in speed and quality, and accelerate the overall product development process.

7. I Built a VSCode Extension: ngrok for VSCode

Over the Easter weekend, a four day weekend characterised by lockdowns all over the world, I decided to use the extra time I had at home to start a new project and learn a new skill. By the end of the weekend I was proud to release my first VSCode extension: ngrok for VSCode.

8. I Developed A Visual Development Tool For Web Applications with React

Hi, my name is Alex, I’m the author of Webcodesk. In this article, I want to tell you why I created Webcodesk and why I consider it a great tool to develop Web applications with React.

9. Top 6 IDEs for Developers to Compile C++ Programs in 2021

C++ (C with Classes) is a high-performance, general-purpose programming language. C++ is valued in the job. We have listed the Top 6 C++ IDEs of 2021.

10. How To Code Faster with Hundreds of Shortcuts in TeaCode

TeaCode is a time-saving app from Apptorium that gives you an enormous library of expendable code snippets for any programming language. Instead of typing the whole action, you can only put down the expander and it with unfold into a full section of code. Every time you use an expander, you save loads of efforts on hand-coding every line. Plus, you can create your own expanders in any language.

11. How To Use VIM for Frontend Development: 2020 Edition

Why would you want to use an editor that is almost 30 years old? Because it has come to stay, and isn’t it better to learn something that will stick around? Well, also because it is damn powerful.

12. Triple Your Results With These Top 8 VSCode Extensions

We all use some VS Code extensions for our day to day development and are always on a hunt for more useful extensions. Here is a list of mine and how I use them:

13. Website Builder Tool Quarkly Goes Into Open Beta

My name is Alex, and I’m a co-founder and lead developer at Quarkly is a project made by our small team of designers and developers, aimed at helping similar teams. Our goal with Quarkly is to make the life and workflow of designer-developer pairs easier, allowing them to work both independently and collaboratively, all in one environment.

14. Online Playgrounds to Learn Every Tech Stack on the Web

15. 10 Most Useful Code Editors Hotkeys

Do you know what percentage of people do not use Ctrl+F when searching text on pages?

16. Introducing Free-To-Use IDE For Embedded Developers

RT-Thread Studio IDE V1.1 is released with 7 New Features.

What is RT-Thread Studio IDE:

RT-Thread Studio is a one-stop development tool that has an easy-to-use graphical configuration system and a wealth of software packages and components resources, which is built to make the IoT development more simple and efficient.

17. How to Learn All VSCode Shortcuts on Mac, Linux and Windows

Do you feel intimidated when you see other programmers quickly navigate through hundreds of lines of code, make blazing fast edits or open multiple tabs during development and hardly touch their mouse or touch-pad ?

18. How To Make Correct Line Endings

Ever had the problem where you submit a pull request and the diff is waaaaay bigger than it should be? The code looks identical but GitHub is telling you that it's all different! This is typically due to a difference in line endings. Unix systems (Linux and Mac) default to the LF (line feed) character for line breaks. Windows on the other hand is "special" and defaults to CR/LF (carriage return AND line feed).

19. 10 Best Python IDEs & Code Editors: 2020 Edition

Since its advent in 1991, Python has been the choice of coders due to its simple features that include ease of understanding and readability of code but not limited to just that. There have been lots of changes in the codebase over time due to the contribution from developers worldwide. Simple syntax and faster execution make Python a favorable language among programmers. It is used widely to create websites and primarily in big data operations. To make the task of running Python programs easier, many IDEs have been developed for programmers. These environments are equally suitable for beginners and advanced coders with a variety of in-built extensions, libraries, and plugins to ease the task of program execution. Let's walk you through these six IDEs that can ease your work with Python:

20. No More Mistakes With VSCode Expand-And-Collapse Options

I recently had a large amount of data to refactor out of HTML and into JSON. The details about how I achieved this is a whole different article. What I want to document for myself (and maybe others will find it useful, even if it's only a refresher) are the various code expand and collapse options.

21. The First Dedicated IDE for React Web Applications - ReacTide 3.0 Beta is Finally Here 

In addition to the teams behind Netflix, eBay, Airbnb, Dropbox, Instagram, and Facebook, there are currently over 1.3 million websites and applications built on React, making it one of the most powerful and ubiquitous frameworks of all time.

22. Best IDEs for .NET Development

The .NET Core platform makes it possible for businesses to develop applications for just about any platform—from Windows, macOS, Linux, and even mobile operating systems. This isn’t just a time saver, but a means to cut back on your budget. You will be able to develop across all platforms, and you won't have to hire developers for each ecosystem. Instead, you can hire one developer or a team of .NET developers to make it all happen.

23. Set up CSS stylelint on Visual Studio Code [Tutorial]

While you’re coding it’s of great importance to know what does each line of our code and which elements are being affected by it but it is also important to follow good practices, and over time this can benefit us.

24. Automatic Window Resizing in Vim

A common workflow in vim is to use multiple windows to view and edit various files at the same time. Once opened though, the size of each window often remains unchanged unless explicitly resized.

25. How To Block Security Vulnerabilities from Penetrating Your Code

As continuous software deployments grow and become the accepted standard, security measures gain even more importance. From development and all the way through to production, security requirements should be adopted by all teams in an organization.

26. First-Hand Experience of Applying Nielsen's Usability Heuritics in Design

Normal Nielsen's 10 heuristics can be abstract and hard to apply. Here is how we applied the “Match Between System and the Real World” principle.

27. Open-source RT-Thread IoT OS Launches its Embedded Integrated Development Environment

RT-Thread, an open-source embedded real-time operating system that has launched its development tool: RT-Thread Studio. RT-Thread Studio is built on Eclipse but has innovative interface interaction designs and it is deep customization of Eclipse, easy and simple to use, even new developers can easily get started.

RT-Thread Studio has the features of project creation and management, code editing, SDK management, RT-Thread configuration, build configuration, debugging configuration, program download and debug.

28. Understanding Debugging Using Non-breaking Breakpoints

Tracepoints (AKA Logpoints) are slowly gaining some brand name recognition. But some still don't know about the whole non-breaking breakpoints family.

29. The Best IDEs and Code Editors for Learning Pyton

In this post, we compare the best Python IDEs and Code Editors.

30. Github Codespaces Vs. Gitpod: Choosing the Best Online Code Editor

Gitpod and Github Codespaces are VS code-based online editors, with attached Linux env servers, which of them is best for you?

31. My Experience of Working with PyCharm JetBrains IDE

I always wanted to learn to code but was unable to give ample time because of my schedule. Thanks to Covid19, I started my python journey started recently in the lockdown.

32. Exclusive Integrated Development Environments to Code The Best In 2020

Software development or programming is not easy until you are a hardcore programmer. A while back, programmers had to code on dull command prompt screens, run the code on a separate compiler then debug it on some third platform. Today, although, programming needs the same dedication and efforts, it has become easier to code, compile, and debug in the same environment. All thanks to IDE-Integrated Development Environment platforms, which enable coders to perform all the major functions of programming in one place.

33. How to Use the Whiteboard in System Design Interviews 

You'll likely be asked some system design questions when interviewing at many tech companies today. Here's how to use the whiteboard to answer them effectively.

34. An In-Depth Guide to IC Programming and Best Practices to Follow

The integration of Internet Identity (II for short) needs to be distinguished between the development environment and the main network environment.

35. Top 7 Python Extensions For IntelliJ IDEA

It's so lonely at the top of Olympus.

36. Building Your First App Using C++ Builder (Part 1)

Building mobile applications can be tasking sometimes. In this article, we will share a few steps you can take to build your first app using a free IDE.

37. 10 Best Python Tools, Libraries, and IDEs You Can Learn to Become a Better Python Programmer

If you are looking for the best Python tools, libraries, and best IDEs for Python development, then you have come to the right place.

38. dbForge Studio vs. PL/SQL developer: Which Oracle IDE to choose?

Both dbForge Studio and PL/SQL Developer are integrated development environments (IDEs) designed to help with Oracle database developmenttasks and PL/SQL coding productivity. However, just as any two tools,the ones we’re discussing are not exactly the same. Sometimes, it’s very important to know which solution to choose given your specific needs and preferences. In this article, we’ll look at the differences of dbForge Studio and PL/SQL Developer and analyze their strengths and weaknesses in detail.

39. Step-by-Step Guide on How to Work with the Velo Code Panel

You edit the code for your site in the code panel, which is displayed at the bottom of the Editor.

40. Effective Coding Workflow: My VS Code Setup

There are a lot of Code Editors, some are free and some are paid. Among all of them my favorite Code Editor is Visual Studio Code. It's free and has amazing features. I'm using it from the beginning of my web development journey.

41. What Is EditorConfig And Why You Should Use It

Editor Config is an INI format based configuration system that let you establish project level coding standard; It allows configuring: indentation style, indentation size, line width and more. It helps in reducing the effort required to bring each team member to the consistent coding standards by automatically importing and applying the configuration to IDE.

42. "Vim is a Very Important Part of My Life," says Creator Bram Moolenaar

We had a great talk with Bram Moolenaar, a Dutch computer programmer and an active member of the open-source software community. Bram is the original author, ma

43. Setting up Atom as a Python IDE [A How To Guide]

In this article, I demonstrate how you can setup and maintain a python friendly development environment from within Atom.  Ideally, a developer wants to reduce the amount of window/application switching as much as possible and create repeatable workflows.

44. Comparing the Top 5 CAD Software for Electronics Design Development

Every electronics design starts with Schematics and PCB design development. This is a core aspect in a building a new electronics product. There are a lot of special CAD software that help engineers automate this process and perform it faster. However, all these CAD programs are not the same since they have various tools, interfaces, and give developers different capabilities.

45. RT-Thread Studio IoT IDE v2.1.0 Update: Fresh Boards, NXP, and MicroChip

RT-Thread Studio V2.1.0 offers a tool associated with tutorials, which helps developers create the BSP visually. Developers can now easily make a board support

46. Best Online Code Editors To Use In 2022🚀

Are you looking for the Best Online Code editors? Here is the collection of Best Online Code Editors For Web Developers.

47. We Built an IDE to work with API Design. Here's What We Did

Hello there! Today is the day when we’re ready to present to the IT community TestMace, our IDE for API design. Some of you may know about it from the previous article. However, we haven’t yet provided you with an overall review of our tool, so here you go.

48. Hard to Learn but Way More Fun: Why You Should Try Vim

To a large extent, Vim still has a bad rep. This has to change. But it needs a little help to get started, so here's a post explaining the basics, with gifs.

49. Command-Line Arguments In Java For Beginners

?A Java command line program accepts values from the command line during execution. With command line programs, you do not need a graphical user interface (GUI)

50. 10 Best IDE Software to Consider in 2021

The best IDE is based on a programmer’s needs and preferences. While Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA can do many of the same things, some users may prefer Jetbrains.

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