5 Ways to Put Your Content Promotion on Autopilotby@nicholasgodwin

5 Ways to Put Your Content Promotion on Autopilot

by Nicholas GodwinApril 12th, 2022
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Content promotion generates 3X more leads than traditional advertising and costs 67% less. But pushing out content regularly is time-consuming. Automating content promotion attracts and engages customers without your efforts. Automation tools and processes help you resolve minor issues. And manages campaigns smoothly without the business owner burning out. This guide shows you five of the best way to organize and execute a successful automated content promotion.
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Have you been sending out newsletters, launching social media campaigns, and doing content promotion work with age-old manual labor?

I have good news and bad news.

Good news: you’ve been doing it.

Bad news: you’ve been doing it the wrong way.

Sorry, buddy.

Oh, sure, content promotion generates 3X more leads than traditional advertising and costs 67% less. 

But pushing out content regularly is time-consuming. 

You’d agree that generating unique content, publishing it, and optimizing it for engagement is stressful. 

Want to get the most juice from your effort?

Automate your content promotions. 

Putting your promotions on autopilot gives you the freedom to do things that only humans can do—oversee business growth.

This article shows you practical examples of how to set your content promotion on autopilot.

Let’s discuss the benefits and then I’ll show you how to put it on autopilot.

5 Benefits of Putting Your Content Promotions on Autopilot

1. Saves Time

Micromanaging every aspect of your business is tedious and time-consuming.

So putting content promotion on autopilot takes some weight off your shoulders. 

You can save time spent replying to email inquiries or social media direct messages by simply automating responses. 

That’s right.

Autopilot is your magic wand. Get tasks done faster without having to be present.

2. Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Following up on emails, launching social media campaigns and other content promotion strategies is hard work. 

The entire process is monotonous, but your business growth depends on these activities; so they’re inescapable.

Automating all (or a large portion) of the promotion saves you the torture of having to do it repeatedly. 

Software and machines can perform multiple technical tasks involving less innovation simultaneously. 

This affords you more time to efficiently handle other business operations.

3. Generate Leads and Improve Customer Retention

Making your business accessible to customers round the clock improves your chances of patronage.

But you are only human.

Automating content promotion attracts and engages customers without your efforts. Having one well-designed landing page is necessary to properly convert the flow of traffic from your content promotion efforts.

So prospective customers get their questions answered or on-boarded automatically thereby improving customer retention.   

4. Enables Seamless Campaign Management

Ever launched a successful social media campaign to market a product or service?

Then you must have experienced customer surge and unending notifications ridden with inquiries. 

Automating the promotion will reduce the head-reeling effect of dealing with tons of similar processes.

The automation tool can resolve minor issues and manages the campaign smoothly without the business owner burning out.

5. Closer Connection with Your Customers

Customer experience is everything. 

A report by PWC shows that 86% of customers will pay more for an awesome customer experience. 

What to do?

Improve customer experience by fostering customer relations.

You can increase your connection with customers through automated KYCs, personalized emails, pop-up notifications, and tailored interactions.

Customers want to know you care about their needs and tiny details like birthdays. 

Except you have superpowers, it’s hard to keep up.

This is where automation comes to the rescue.

5 Ways to Set Your Content Promotion on Autopilot

Now that you realize the benefits of automating your content promotion, let’s get to the juicy part. 

How do you put content promotion on autopilot?

Follow closely.

1. Design a Content Calendar

A content calendar is your compass. It provides direction and serves as a solid plan to guide your promotion.

Basically, you need a content calendar.

Especially to organize and execute a successful automated promotion. 

Depending on the type of content being promoted (whether email, podcast, videos, or blog posts), your content calendar should contain these elements:

  • Quality topic and keyword research
  • Duration of promotion
  • The best channel to market content
  • Target audience

You can create content calendars on your spreadsheet or use advanced tools for better results.

Social Media content calendar by Socialchamp

2. Curate and Save Content

The purpose of putting content promotion on autopilot is so content can be published automatically. 


This means contents must be written or produced beforehand and saved to be used later. 

Since you have a content calendar to guide you, proceed to generate quality content and pre-save. 

The autopilot software picks each content according to instructions for promotion. 

So, match images or videos with captions and save to be published at the chosen time.

3. Schedule Email Newsletters

Newsletters are important in keeping customers informed about your business.

They could be sent weekly or monthly depending on your needs.

Customers should be aware when you’re open, launched a new line of products or simply want to appreciate them.

You can write, proofread and schedule the delivery of these newsletters so they reach the customers at the appropriate time whether you’re available or not.

Also, automating email newsletters will guarantee that all your business email subscribers get a copy.

4. Automate Content Posting Across Your Marketing Channels

What platform are you using for your product marketing?

For instance, if you wish to share the same post across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; doing them individually is time-consuming.

So on social media, you should link the channels and automate content posting.

Other channels like website blogs can also be connected for simultaneous content promotion. 

This is easier and maintains uniform brand identity. 

5. Create Auto-responses

Auto-responses engage customers or leads when you’re indisposed to. 

No one wants to be snubbed—especially customers. 

Create heartwarming auto-responses on your email, website, or social media with action prompts.  

Customers or visitors take these necessary actions to access your business. 

This buys you enough time and assures customers of your commitment to serve them.

Final Thoughts

Automation is perhaps the best thing after chocolates. 

Putting content promotion on autopilot is the trick to achieving more business goals with less effort.

You get extra time to channel into other productive aspects of your business and your customers are happy too. 

Content promotion automation comes down to using two things: human outsourcing and using tools.