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5 Underestimated Skills That Countless Millionaires Have Mastered

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Sometimes we can’t help but wonder what makes the super rich populace of our world tick. While money is certainly not everything, the richest among are often rich for a reason beyond simple inheritance.

Quite of lot of millionaires today have made every penny through their own dedication and hard work.

Time and time again it’s become exceptionally clear that they have all mastered their own time, productivity and focus. Moreover several skills in particular have become abundantly clear.

The Power of Focus

We all know what we want to be happy, or at least know what direction we need to be moving in to reach a certain level of happiness. So why not focus all our attention on achieving our goals that we know will make us happy?

We must focus only on a specific set of goals, and whether those goals are broad or narrow, we will be closer to achieving them and attaining a higher level of happiness for ourselves, simply by focusing on what matters most.

Remember, success, motivation and a glowing desire are incredibly clear and noticeable. They are so very often contagious, and as you spread your own upward spiral of successamongst people in the world, you give them permission to do the same, to other’s who you may have never even known.

You see your success is paramount, and it drives so many around you forward to achieve their own goals.

The point of this all you say? Ignore or deal with all distractions. Find your inner focus. Set goals & tear down your life around you until your reach those goals. No hesitation and plan b’s. Again, why you say? Well.. because nothing else really matters unless you are moving forward.

Write Down Each Of Your Goals

It’s really important to write down exactly what it is you would like to achieve. To write down your goals is a success in itself as you are no longer just thinking about doing something, you have actually taken a step in the direction towards working on that goal. You have focused on what you want to achieve.

In writing down a goal you have already made some commitment towards working, and hopefully, achieving that goal.

Those who start are already ahead of 99% of those who have not yet began.

Of course writing down a goal and actually beginning to work on that goal are entirely different. However seeing a goal written down in your own hand writing does in fact give you a sort of validation with regards to the idea behind the goal.

You automatically feel more secure about your decision, and sort of give yourself permission to go ahead and begin work on that goal. Therefore it would make sense, that in order to become and keep yourself motivated towards working and achieving your goals, it is essential, quite simply, to first write those goals down!

Become A Better You

You should always aim to be better than you used to be, not better than anyone else is, was or will be.

In order to grow and essentially, to create a better life for ourselves and for those around us, we need to constantly strive to be better that we used to be. For each day new day of the week we should sit back and consider how we have become a greater person that theperson we were yesterday, what actions we completed to make the transition and how we may further grow in the future.

To become better than we used to be, we simply need a goal to reach for, and the desire to reach that goal. We can then work towards that goal on a daily basis, and measure how much closer we are getting to accomplishing that goal on a regular basis.

It’s important to note however that we should only ever focus on our own progress towards achieving a particular goal, not that of our friends, colleagues or otherwise. We are essentially competing against ourselves and nobody else.

Reinvest In Growing Yourself

The safest way you can ensure your future success is to consistently focus on upping YOUR game. Read something interesting and invaluable for 30 minutes a day. Learn to cook your favourite meals and more. Work out regularly and kill your workouts. Turn off the tv. Throw away the junk food. Start talking and thinking positively.

Consume knowledge from each and every situation and experience in your life. Breathe information into your mind just like you would breathe oxygen into your lungs.

Don’t just learn about your profession, learn about business, relationships with everyone around you, biology, learn about the goddamn capitals of the world while you are at it.

Be a well rounded genius, so far as you can be that person that can confidently talk about the majority of topics and awe others and yourself with what you know. Call it your party trick.

Don’t forget, you need to spoil yourself from time to time. Nothing too over the top (unless you really deserve it), but without a doubt you need to take care of number one. And it’s healthy to reward yourself. It allows you to avoid burnout, and keeps you motivated to constantly move forward.

Reflect And Learn From Everything

It’s vital to learn from yourself, on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. We should all be in a constant state of self-reflection if we are to improve ourselves and our lifestyles.

It can’t be denied that a life spent without consistent learning is really and truly a life wasted. We will never grow as individuals unless we are getting smarter, stronger & better on a regular basis.

When I was a young man, my father often said to me:

“I will always forgive you for making a mistake once, but if you make that mistake a second time — you won’t have any excuse.” — Kamal Tawadrous

So how do we actually do that? Well, it’s quite simple and straight forward when we think about. Take each and every day as an opportunity to learn. Treat each situation, result and mistake as a lesson learned.

Try to extract the positive & the useful from every day of your life. You will find that even after a couple of weeks of doing this, the results will be nothing like you have ever imagined. You will feel unstoppable.


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