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5 Tricks To Get Better At Coding

by Chaitanya PrabuddhaJune 6th, 2021
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Coding is hard! As time passed, I improved my skills and learned some tricks that made me better at coding!
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Coding is hard! At least for me, it is very hard to get started with a new language. I remember when I started learning C++ as my first language after a horrible YouTuber told me to do so.

This was my one of the biggest mistake that made my starting experience in coding horrible.

Just like building something like a portfolio is hard, Coding is something you will need to build your portfolio.

As time passed, I improved my skills and learned some tricks that made me better at coding:

1. Understand And Learn The Basic Concepts

Before choosing a language to learn, understand the basic concepts that hold up all programming languages.

These basic concepts are:

As NPM is a very important for beginners to very advance. This tutorial will help you get started with NPM as a beginner.

Because I skipped these fundamental concepts, I got stuck and had serious misunderstandings that made my progress very slow.

2. Learn By Building Projects

I took some courses that gave me hands-on experience. There were times I just googled a tutorial and walked myself through it. Other times, I copied someone else’s project and modified it.

For me, daily practice of writing codes and reading other people’s codes helped me develop my coding skills better.

You may have a lot questions about Software Development. Here's a guide, which will help you answer all your questions about programming.

3. The Skill Of Googling Solutions To Problems

Ever followed a tutorial word for word, line by line, as a beginner and still encountered problems? Maybe your result wasn’t the same as the tutorial you followed, you don't know what to do, and you keep asking what you did wrong.

I experienced this more often than you can think (I still do). So, I had to learn how to Google better.

One tip that works for me is paying attention to what search results look like when I run a query and examining them closely to know if I should click through the page.

4. Bookmark Useful Pages

Bookmark a page and flip it open whenever you need it rather than memorizing it.

Although some conceptual materials you should try to understand to the best of your ability, but when concepts such as parameter lists, function names, and others, it is okay to look them up on a reference sheet.

I have over a hundred pages that I’ve bookmarked to various guides, tutorials, and APIs.

For example, I recently wanted to learn Artificial intelligence, but I still have a lot of questions about how can I get started with AI and What should I do?

Here I searched about it on google, and Bookmarked important solutions, which later help me understand AI.

5. Take A Break

Whenever I get stuck while working on a project and feel the frustration building up, I give myself a break. When I come back to that project, I look at it with fresh eyes. This practice helps me think more clearly. 

If you want to know about more programming some helpful tips about programming, you can reading our programming tutorials ➡ On


These tricks that worked for me probably will not work for you. Every individual has their own way to become an awesome developer, just put in the hard work and enjoy what you do, and don't take the stress.

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