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5 Top 360-Degree Plugins for WordPress

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Now that we’ve successfully started to create 360-degree videos for social media, it’s time to talk more about 360-degree content on your WordPress website. As 360-degree content is slowly becoming a viable marketing tool, marketers are now heading toward a new way of representing their brand. What’s so appealing about a 360-degree content?

Every time you watch it you’ll see something you didn’t notice last time. — Matt Rowell, the founder of 360 Labs

But that’s not all. Since advertising is all about gaining attention, and 360-degree content, indeed, gaining a lot of attention, marketers are now stepping away from offering typical ads and focusing more on offering experience as a new way of communicating with consumers. Building awareness and triggering interest with 360-degree content gives brands a unique opportunity to put viewers in control, hence create a win/win solution for both sides, keeping customers entertained and marketers recognised at the same time.

Wordpress Plugins for 360-Degree Images

Today, I’d like to share with you a 5 Wordpress plugins for 360-degree videos which would help you integrate them into your company’s website, and create an attractive, trendy, and an engaging online portfolio.

Magic 360 for WordPress

If your business is e-commerce, you might like Magic 360 plugin as your professional way of integrating spin, zoom and full-screen effects to your Wordpress webpage. Also, this plugin will provide you with auto-caching, image resizing and SEO optimization.

Panoramic WordPress Theme

Integrating a panoramic 360-degree layout with 360 — Panoramic WordPress Theme makes your webpage become fully 360 responsive, attractive and fun, without loosing the traditional blogging layouts and page templates. With this plugin, you will be able to showcase any type of business you do and create all kinds of 360 content, from simple images to 360-degree tours.

360-Degree Panoramic Viewer

Presenting artwork and photography with 360-degree Panoramic Viewer plugin includes jQuery for rotations and hotspots, enabling 360-degree view on mobiles and touchpads, not only web browsers. The customers’ reviews of this plugins are highly positive.


This free WordPress plugin for displaying 360-degree panoramas works with Flash, HTML5, and WebGL panoramas, and offer deep zoom multi-resolution gigapanos, as well as multi-pano virtual tours. The panoramas work with Pano2VR, KRPano, Panotour Pro, Flashificator & FPP, PTGui, OpenPano SaladoPlayer, and similar apps.

Why 360-Degree Content Matters?

Let’s not forget, today’s consumers are tech-savvy, hence expect to have an option to choose how to participate in media content. Companies are in search of a way to switch from traditional to trendy, so using a variety of innovative media, as well as multi-platform strategies, is the only way to integrate among the tech-savvy consumers.

With a potential to generate consumer value, 360-degree content is accordingly matching consumers’ expectations today, giving us a unique opportunity to engage with brands and companies in the most personalised way ever. Needless to say, fun is that ultimate word that’s perfectly blending in with social media, innovative tech, and content.

As a result, we see content like 360-degree images and videos gaining popularity on a daily basis, hence captivating consumers around the world, influencing the way we consume content and, above all, the way we react upon it.

This article was originally published at Avalon blog.


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