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5 Tips for PR Managers How to Get Published in Forbes

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@lina-survilaLina Survila

I am tech PR with a passion for cybersecurity and... fashion. Founder @ Abstract Stylist magazine.

Working in the field of cybersecurity has been one long lesson about outreach and promotion. I worked with an Abstract Stylist magazine for a year and CyberNews media outlet for half a year, and I managed to reach the world's biggest media outlets on my own. How to do it if you're a new business?

What is important if you're trying to get your content published in The Sun, Express, Forbes, The Register, CNN, or other worldwide known publications? Especially if you're a media outlet yourself? Let me share with you 5 tips that I learned while outreaching journalists.

Do your homework

Basically, be interested in a journalist or editor you're trying to reach. Know that he's interested in the topic you're sharing. For example, there are many journalists in The Sun online, but there are just a few who are interested in the cybersecurity field. Make sure you read their previous work and suggest relevant content.

Don't be pushy

I know your manager will say be pushy. I'd say, don't be. It's stressful and frustrating not only for you but also for the journalist. Imagine him participating in a half-day briefing with the team and editor shouting all the time and you pinging him on email. Try to be polite, and if you believe a journalist would be perfect for the story, try sending more information or asking if there's anything more you can provide to him.

Pitch clear

When you're sending the pitch, try to be as transparent as possible. Don't write too much. Write only the essential stuff. Be clear on the embargo date, key takeaways, potential headlines. Attach any additional info that journalists might need to understand the story.

Customize your emails

Try to customize your emails as much as possible. I know it isn't easy, and I usually send out approx 500 emails to different journalists, publications, so I know. BUT. It pays off. If the journalist covered your previous story, don't forget to thank him, maybe note that you read his latest work and that's why you're sending him this information.

Don't insist on a backlink

I found out that the more you ask, the less you get. Get this straight, I know your content is gold, but nobody has to publish it if they don't want to. Many publications are very strict on the backlinks policy. If you're lucky and polite, you will probably get it anyway.

I hope this is helpful for PR first-timers. And it's a good reminder for those who have been out there for a while. Don't take these rules as a must, but make sure you have a good reason to break them. Good luck!


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