5 simple steps to solving any dilemmaby@tb.
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5 simple steps to solving any dilemma

by Tahfimul LatifJuly 12th, 2017
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Difficult situations always surround us in life.
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An extraordinary lesson taught by my engineering teacher that will always assist in my programming career.

First introduced to me in 2015.

Difficult situations always surround us in life.

As taught by my great engineering teacher from High School, any great issue can be solved using 5 simple steps. I use these steps to accomplish my engineering projects as well as solve other problems.

Leap 1- Understand and Define

The first thing to do when faced with a crisis of such is to understand what it is you are facing. If you do not understand what you are facing, the problem is going nowhere near its solution. Once your understanding is solid, you should then be able to define the problem in your own words.

Leap 2- List steps

Once you have a solid understanding and definition of your problem, you can now start to think about steps to your solution. Now is the time to list out the possible steps.

Leap 3- Expand steps

After listing out your steps, it is time to expand on them. You need to now start adding every detail possible to each of the steps.

Leap 4- Establish test plan

Take your detailed solution plan and develop a test plan. This test plan will take into account the strength of your steps. It will include things for you to check before you execute your plan.

Leap 5- Execute test

The final step is to combine leaps 1–4 and execute your plan.

If you completed the steps described in the order without skipping any, you should have now solved your issue.