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5 Signs That You Are Indeed a CodeDay Enthusiast

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Rodrigo Argumedo

Well, check yourself if you are.

  1. You have an obsession of this.

It’s reasonable to come down to the event and compete for these awards.

2. Every time when they put the sarcastic talk by Gary Bernhardt at the beginning of the event:

Author’s note: The embedded video was taken down due to copyright reasons. For the video link, please go here.

It just never gets old, do you think?

3. Or Silicon Valley ‘Scrum’ Scene:


Make sure the plan goes smooth and accordingly.

4. That one hacker that seems happy all the time:

CodeDay Houston at White Space Spring 2014.

He literally wants you to come and hack your awesome idea.

5. If you have a Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard, build something like this:


How cool is that?

Since you are competing for the best projects and teams, you got intensive battles to go through:

I hope I see you guys at the event in Houston! For more information, click the link below.


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