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5 Promising ICOs You Need to Know

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Did you know that trillions of our hard earned dollars are wasted every year paying retail? You pay a price 10x higher than the manufacturing cost. Your money is eaten by the middlemen (Distributors, Wholesalers, and retailers). Can we make products cheaper by eliminating the middlemen?


Cartel connects buyers around the world with the manufacturer. Manufacturers can list their products in Cartel. Once they find enough buyers for the product. Cartel collectively pools individual orders into one large wholesale quantity price. The manufacturer is then requested to build the product in bulk. Once the manufacturer ships the product, he gets paid. This would eliminate the middleman.

This innovation reduces shipping costs. Hence contributes to making the world a better place by drastically reducing CO2 emissions. Cartel gives protection to buyers using smart contracts. This feature eliminates fraud. The cost Cartel adds to the transaction is as less as 3%. A range rover which costs around $150,000 would only cost around $80,000 on Cartel. They would disrupt the retail industry by reducing the product prices drastically. They are now open for an early bird ICO registration.

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Mark is a sports writer. His new employer pays him in Dash. He is a non-techie. He somehow managed to create a crypto wallet and received his first payment. But, he is worried about its security since his friend’s wallet was recently hacked. What can he do?


Giza wants to solve Mark’s problem. They provide an easy to use secure hardware wallet which supports currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Litecoin, Ripple, Stratis, Zcash, etc.

You can even use the wallet on a compromised computer. This is because you need to physically confirm the transaction on the wallet’s screen. A hacker who works remotely wouldn’t be able to withdraw from your wallet. Giza device is not just a secure hardware wallet. It also has a password manager and a secure digital storage of 16GB.

DDOS attacks are carried out by flooding the bandwidth of a target system. Even an unskilled hacker can easily launch a DDOS attack. Though there are several services which filter out such requests, it remains inefficient.


Miners earn bitcoins for renting their computers. Likewise, people can rent their computers to Gladius. Those who rent their computing power are compensated in Gladius coins. Now, the requests are distributed to the decentralised system of computers around the world. They would filter the good request form the bad. This increases efficiency by drastically reducing cost.

Credits : xkcd

Native video advertising is effective. But, launching a large-scale ad campaign is time-consuming. Since the process requires negotiating with relevant bloggers. Monitoring if the requirements are met is a lot of manual work. It’s almost impossible to verify.


AdHive is based on Ethereum smart contracts. Advertisers can configure the campaign and reserve the budget by buying ADH tokens. AdHive’s AI takes the heavy lifting. It sends the campaign to relevant influencers. Once the ad is placed, AdHive’s AI will keep a tab on the content to check if ad requirements are met. If the requirements are met, then the influencers are paid in ADH tokens.

John is a computer scientist. He writes two books every year. He cannot focus on writing and marketing. Hence he has partnered with a publisher (middleman) to market and distribute his books. The publisher takes a huge chunk of his revenue.


The basic problem which blockchain solves is eliminating the middleman. Gilgamesh is a blockchain platform which eliminates the middleman and connects readers, writers, service providers and critics directly. Once the author publishes his book, the critics review to receive Gilgamesh coins.

Readers who follow critics would buy the book directly from the author. Service providers can use API’s to build services that could benefit readers, authors or critics. They get paid in tokens when someone uses their service. Since the platform is decentralised, the infrastructure cost will be minimal.

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