5 Newsletters Every Android Dev Should Subscribe To

#AndroidDev Digest

#AndroidDev Digest is a weekly newsletter with everything interesting in the Android world. Insightful dev articles on new techniques, best practices and tutorials as well as new libraries, jobs and the latest news.

Android Weekly

Android Weekly curates the best articles, tutorials, jobs, libraries, videos, podcasts…basically everything related to Android development you’ll find it here.

Google Play Developer Newsletter

This monthly newsletter comes directly from Google and generally features tips to make your app successful on Google Play as well as new Android dev related releases and announcements.

Kotlin Weekly

Kotlin is seemingly the future of Android development. With first class support in Android Studio and easy options to convert your existing Java code to Kotlin it’s clear that a large amount of Android development will be heading in that direction in the future. This newsletter is a great way to keep up with tutorials, news and all the major Kotlin related developments.

Android Authority

And of course as an Android developer you need to keep up with all the Android-related news and devices. Android Authority offers a variety of newsletters you can subscribe to and get just what you’re interested in.

Want More?

You can find more great Android development newsletters at as well as newsletters for other topics you‘re be interested.

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