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5 Most In-Demand Tech Skills to Learn and Empower Your Tech Career

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Writing saved me from coding.

Technology drives innovation and growth. And, software engineers have been the backbone of this progress. They work every day to make things easier for the general population. The more complicated the problems get, the more simple the solution engineers try to come up with.

For instance, 10 years ago, no one thought it would be possible that someone could order food, pay for it, book a trip, read a book, all while scrolling through Instagram on a mobile phone. But now, technology transforms itself every minute. All thanks to the engineers, developers, and programmers working extensively to build better things for us.

If you want to empower your tech career or if you want to switch into a tech career, here are the most in-demand tech skills you can learn.

1) Full-Stack Development


Full Stack Developers are engineers that can work on both the front-end and backend of the application. Meaning, if you learn full-stack development you can work on projects involving databases whilst working on website design. You can also work through the planning phase of the application.

Here are a few tech skills you need to learn to become a full-stack developer.

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • AngularJS, React, Amber
  • Python, Ruby, JAVA, PHP, .NET
  • MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB

The market for full-stack developers is in demand like never before and this is the right time to become one.

2) Data Science & Analytics


We all know the importance of big data by now. The world we live in is digital and data is the fuel that runs the engine. Data science is a tech field that utilizes algorithms and scientific methods to exact meaningful information from unstructured and raw data.

Data science solutions integrated with computational models generate information that can be used to make a product or a solution more effective. Whereas, data analysis is the process of cleaning data.

Both these skills are one the most sought out by companies and could be helpful in building your tech career.

3) Data Engineering


Data engineering slightly differs from data science in terms of operations. Data engineers build infrastructure and tools that can be facilitated and used by data scientists.

To know more about the life of a Data Engineer, listen to this podcast by Etsy Data Engineering Director.

4) Artificial Intelligence


AI is quickly transforming our workspaces and programmers are really excited to learn more about this. Also, this pandemic has pushed the world more towards the applications of AI.

Here are a few skills and concepts you can learn:

  • C++, AWS, Python
  • NLP - Natural Language Processing
  • ASR - Automated Speech Recognition
  • Automation

Also, According to a survey by Forbes, AI specialist has become the top engineering job.

5) Machine Learning


Machine Learning, popularly dubbed ML, is the most exciting thing for engineers in the future. The concept of ML goes in tandem with AI and building systems that seamlessly integrate is the goal for engineers. The concept of predictive analysis is what interests companies and this led to a rise in the hiring of ML engineers.

According to Mckinsey, 49% of companies are planning to use Machine learning and the opportunities for ML engineers seem endless.

These are some skills you can learn, and the sequence mentioned is according to me. There are more skills that you can learn too. The internet is full of the information you need. Utilize it and grow.

Bonus Tips

Also, if you made it here, I have some more information for you. Here's a list of online platforms you can use to learn and sharpen your coding skills.

  • Codechef - To practice programming (for free)
  • Leetcode - To practice programming (free)
  • Codejudge - To practice programming (free) and build realistic micro projects (for free).
  • Coderbyte - To practice programming (free)
  • Codecademy - To practice programming (free) and build projects (paid option)

Happy Learning and Coding!


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