5 Minute #DevStories @ GitHub HQ [Videos] by@DavidSmooke

5 Minute #DevStories @ GitHub HQ [Videos]

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But first, shoutouts to our investors of the week: Emanuele Cesena, William Chen, & Dan Sapir.

Hey, sorry about the delay in getting out these awesome presentation videos from these eight Hacker Noon contributors. We are ramping up our video production (edited by Derek Bernard) with two video interviews per week from the Hacker Noon podcast and project based video productions from events, like this one we did with PubNub at the GitHub SF HQ.

Here’s the full .

by Pranava Adduri, Director of Programming for AWIP and Founding Engineer at Rubrik

” by Cris Beasley, Founder, podcaster, Mozillian, technical advisor to the American Psychological Association Div 44

by Dane Lyons, Hacker Noon CPO & Forbes Technology Council Member.

by Emanuele Cesena, Security Engineer at Pinterest and co-founder at SoloKeys

by GitHub’s Developer Advocate Brian Douglas


” by PubNub’s Developer Relations Jordan Schuetz

by Austin Pocus, Hacker Noon Fullstack Developer. Read more about what Austin learned from giving his first Dev Talk.

by Lily Chen, senior software engineer at Apollo.io and award winning competitive dancer

” By David Smooke. You can also read this story.

P.S. Shoutout to our investors of the week! Cheers to those who make it possible for us to build a better tech site:

P.P.S. If you’d like to partner on future events, [email protected].

P.P.P.S. Below is a bonus video of what it’s like to make these videos. Some great music choices by g’head productions.

react to story with heart
react to story with light
react to story with boat
react to story with money
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