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5 Features the Best IP Address Lookup Products Should Have

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Identifying users via their IP addresses has long enabled organizations’ marketing campaigns and cybersecurity efforts. IP geolocation data can, for example, provide a glimpse into an IP address owner’s online activities. In turn, this allows marketers to get to know their customers or audiences better. In the cybersecurity field, meanwhile, that information lets incident responders identify threat sources with greater precision.

But there are tons of IP lookup products on the market. How do you know which ones to use? In this post, we enumerated some of the essential features to look for in the best IP address lookup offerings and described briefly how our products perform with regard to these aspects.

Feature #1: Highly Accurate

Any solution is only useful if it provides accurate data. It helps to know that you are targeting the right city or country for any given product or service, right? Also, you need to pinpoint the location of a suspect accurately for in-depth cybercriminal investigation to be fruitful.

Solutions like IP Geolocation API provides highly accurate IP geolocation data that is updated weekly and includes a user’s region, country, city, and more.

As such, it can adequately help improve location-based marketing tactics. It can also offer essential clues to cybersecurity researchers about the current whereabouts of suspects while working with law enforcement agencies.

Feature #2: Wide Coverage

Besides accuracy, effective solutions must also be comprehensive. That is, after all, the only way a marketer can ensure that he/she isn’t missing out on untapped opportunities. It also assures cybersecurity professionals that they aren’t limited to a small geographic range when scoping out criminal lairs.

IP Geolocation API covers 260,568 unique locations. Its database contains 30 million IP ranges spread across 250 countries, allowing for a 99.68% coverage of all IP addresses in use. Reverse IP/DNS API, meanwhile, provides information on close to 1.5 billion domains and subdomains. Finally, IP Netblocks API obtains information from a database that contains more than 9.1 million IP netblocks scattered worldwide.

Feature #3: Easy to Integrate

Many organizations integrate IP address lookup programs into existing solutions as a data source. As such, the ideal solutions’ code should be compatible with common programming languages used in security software, for instance, to avoid implementation problems.

IP Geolocation API, Reverse IP/DNS API, and IP Netblocks API are all compatible with solutions coded in programming languages that include JavaScript, Java, C#, NodeJS, Perl, PHP, PowerShell, Phyton, and Ruby. As such, they should work with most companies’ existing security solutions if they want to bolster their cybersecurity posture further.

Feature #4: Has Reliable Customer Support

When buying solutions, one of the main things that organizations look for is customer support. That assures them that if they ever run into challenges or issues, they can quickly contact the provider for fixes. But that’s not the only thing that matters in offering excellent customer service. Providing reliable and easy-to-understand product documentation is also crucial. FAQs, instructional guides, and even blog posts to help product users get started are also helpful.

IP Geolocation API, Reverse IP/DNS API, and IP Netblocks API provide troves of information on their product pages that can assist users along the way.

Feature #5: Offers Customizable Pricing Plans

Of course, price is always a factor in any company’s decision-making process. No organization has unlimited financial resources, after all.

IP Geolocation API, Reverse IP/DNS API, and IP Netblocks API subscriptions are entirely flexible. The plan you choose entirely depends on how many queries you want to run. You also get free credits upon signing up.

Not all products are created equal. Finding the best IP address lookup solutions calls for a careful analysis of your business requirements and budget, along with scrutiny of all available choices. Choose only the solutions that meet all of the five requirements we listed.


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