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5 Data Annotation Firms for AI & Robotics Developers

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Data annotation and labeling is a discipline that is reportedly gaining
traction globally and having a significant influence.

The global market for data annotation tools is expected to reach $2.57
billion by 2027, according to a Grand View Research report.

For robots, drones, and vehicles to achieve increasing levels of
autonomy, artificial intelligence-based on reliable data is necessary. Companies must balance research, development, analysis, and other activities relevant to their primary duties to implement machine learning projects. Their personnel may not have the time to annotate massive volumes of data to train machine learning algorithms. Engineers and other team members sometimes demand a high rate of pay, thus such work might be costly.

Because data annotation takes a long time, many businesses outsource it to service providers that have the required staffing capacity to complete the job on time and within budget.

Here is a list of six data annotation firms now functioning in the United
States to help you choose one that meets your demands.

1.Mindy Support

Mindy Support has worked with several Fortune 500 and GAFAM firms (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft), as well as many active
start-ups throughout the world. It offers a wide range of data annotation services as well as other BPO services.

2. Appen

Figure Eight, which was bought by Appen last year, offers high-quality data
annotation services through a distributed network of human
annotators. Keeping all annotators under one roof is always a smart
idea since it promotes greater communication and keeps everyone on
the same page.

3. Cogito Tech LLC

Cogito specializes in data annotation services for creating machine learning and deep learning training data. Apart from this, OCR transcription, content moderation, data collecting, data classification, and chatbot training are among the services offered.

4. Hive

Hive provides end-to-end data annotation solutions, but its use cases
imply that it caters to a small number of businesses. It's also
unclear if the firm works on healthcare or agriculture initiatives.


Scale is intriguing since it offers a managed labeling solution via an
application programming interface (API). Many other companies place a
greater emphasis on the human aspect, whereas Scale depends heavily
on computers to annotate data. It also offers a quality-control
mechanism, which is important to consider if you're trying to recruit
human data annotators.

6. Anolytics

Anolytics helps computer vision platforms with annotated image data that allows robots to identify images and classify things into many categories.

They provide machine learning image annotation utilizing advanced
technologies and human-powered talents to make each image easily
identifiable for machines or computer vision.

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by Gaurav Sharma @gaurav02.A writer with a knack for telling interesting stories while effortlessly combining SEO strategies
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