5 Crypto Launchpads Not to Skip in Q3 2022by@shahmeer
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5 Crypto Launchpads Not to Skip in Q3 2022

by Shahmeer KhanAugust 29th, 2022
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Crypto is here to stay and so are these widely popular and populated crypto launchpads. The choice boils down to your project type and which launchpad will be the best fit for your project’s launch. The list helps you make an informed decision with all the pros and cons listed above.

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Crypto isn’t going anywhere and so is the case with crypto launchpads. Why is it that launchpads offer that developers find valuable? Launchpads offer a variety of projects, tools, and resources that help developers take the project from the ground.

The obvious question would be what are the top launchpads that you should look out for in Q3 2022 and beyond? This article will discuss the best in the game and why these and not others. 

What are Crypto Launchpads?

For those who don’t know what a launchpad is. Launchpads are platforms that allow crypto developers to get investment before the tokens are publicly released. On the other hand, investors can also find out new interesting projects to invest in. In simple terms, you can consider them as a marketplace where investors and crypto project developers can connect.

But why do we need launchpads when you can directly connect with investors? Well, it turns out that before the advent of launchpads in 2017, crypto projects used to hold private sales on their website. This process was called Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and investors had to hold the token before it is publicly released.

However, most of the projects turned out to be scams, costing a huge loss and trust issues among investors. To cope with the underlying problem, crypto centralized exchanges took measurements and take on the job of researching before partnering with any project. This approach worked since the exchanges already had a user base and investors to invest in projects. Meanwhile, decentralized exchanges emerged offering opportunities for investors to buy in new projects. This token sales process is called the initial DEX offering, and the platform or service that DEXes uses to provide this is also called a launchpad.

In simple terms, any platform that raises funds for crypto projects by allowing you to buy tokens before they are publicly released is called a Crypto launchpad.

Launchpads offer one very clear advantage to developers and crypto investors trying to break into the market. They offer the best insights and data on new and upcoming projects to participate in their presales which typically means less investment.

Let’s dive right into it for you to choose your next crypto launchpad

1- Binance Launchpad

Launched in 2017, Binance didn’t hold itself back from being more than just a cryptocurrency exchange. Since 2017, Binance launchpad has come a long way and is widely adopted by the community for high contributions in the DeFi and crypto industry. It also has it's own native token.

Why Binance launchpad? Binance is unique in its approach as it gives users first-look access to new crypto projects along with awareness around the projects to help crypto enthusiasts in decision-making. Projects like Reserve (RSR), BlaBlaGame (BLA), Serenity(SET), and Bet2ken(BTK) have successfully raised millions of dollars through public sales on the Binance platform.

2- Seedify. Fund

Are you looking for a crypto launchpad but in the gaming world? No worries. Seedify is a leading Blockchain gaming launchpad and it has already launched 50 projects successfully with the highest average ROI in the industry.

It helps you invest in Blockchain games, NFTs, and Metaverse like 1,2, 3. Yes, it is that simple.

How does that happen? 

  • Access to leading projects
  • Keen due diligence of the projects
  • It helps you purchase tokens and NFTs early
  • Offers staking and farming as passive income

Upcoming IGO and INO on the platform are ARtonar, Haunted Space, Realm Hunter, Aradena Battlegrounds, etc.

3 - Kaizen Launch Booster

Kaizen Launch Booster is a platform for token offerings and the launch of crypto projects but what makes it different from the rest? It just isn’t a platform for tokens and the launch of projects but it takes it to the next step and provides the necessary technical tools to attract investment with the establishment of an ecosystem that is filled with seasoned investors.

Three major highlights of the platform:

  • Locked token management: Ability to distribute locked-token right after purchasing.
  • Double scoring: A streamlined audit process before listing any project.
  • Well-versed and loyal community

4 - Polkastarter Launchpad

One of the best crypto launchpads to make it to the list. Launched in 2020 and became an instant hit with over 200,000 enthusiastic investors.

The distinctive features of the Polkastarter launchpad include:

  • Top-notch auction system
  • Private pools that are password protected
  • Seamless whitelisting
  • Easy token swaps
  • Regular price alerts

Other than these amazing features, it helps new projects in raising capital and building dedicated communities. Up until now, 108 projects have been launched by Polkastarter amounting to $48,475,044.

5- Trustswap

Trustswap makes it to the list because of its immense support for users. It offers a lucrative offer to the users. You can stake a minimum of 4000 SWAP tokens (the native token of trust swap) to participate in sales of upcoming projects.

Projects selected by Trustswap have numerous benefits including but not limited to large-scale publicity, community trust, support and visibility, and market support.

Trustswap raise around $20 million for cool emerging projects like Chain Games, Glitch Finance, SOTA, and BitCashPay since its launch.


To conclude, Crypto is here to stay and so are these widely popular and populated crypto launchpads. The choice boils down to your project type and which launchpad will be the best fit for your project’s launch. The list helps you make an informed decision with all the pros and cons listed above.

Disclosure: This story was submitted to HackerNoon by an independent contributor. Hence the information contained therein has also been researched and compiled independently.