5 Free Chrome-Extensions for a Better Browsing Experience

August 30th 2017

Some useful extensions, that are worth trying

I’ve changed my browsers many times before, but at some point I stayed with Chrome, just for the convenience of having all my passwords synchronized with my mobile phone, for example. But I was also convinced by the wide range of extensions. Here is a small selection of the extensions that I am currently using and can recommend to anyone.


This is not AdBlock Plus, which is often criticized, but one of many alternatives. I am aware that blocking ads can lead to us not finding reasonable content on the internet soon, but I do create exceptions for sites that I want to support, so that they still can display ads. I am also a Medium Member and thereby support authors whose work I value.

Emoji Keyboard (2016) by EmojiOne™

In a future update of Windows, it will be possible to call up an emoji keyboard via shortcuts, which has been the case with macOS for a long time. But if you are using Linux or Windows, this extension will help. By clicking on an icon it is possible to display a list of all emojis and to search for certain emojis. If you then click on the ones you want to select, they will be copied directly to the clipboard. Pretty useful for emoji fans.

Google Translate

Especially if you haven’t learned English as a mother tongue or if you are often on the road on pages with content written in another language, it is inevitable to have to translate one or another word or even whole sentences. The Google Translator extension also helps to translate whole pages. Or you simply mark a word or phrase and the translation is displayed in a popup window. If there would be an extension for DeepL (which hopefully will be soon), I would use it instead.

Inbox by Gmail

You probably know Gmail, but do you know Inbox by Gmail? Inbox by Gmail is just another interface to make managing your emails even easier with Google. But in addition to emails, you can also store reminders or links to websites. This Chrome extension helps you to save the current page that is currently open in your browser directly to Inbox. This saves a few clicks…


This extension is especially eye-catching. Instead of the simple “New Tab”-page, you will get beautiful pictures of places worth seeing. Just a nice aesthetic thing.

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