5 Best DeFi Trading Platforms Compared by@sophielouise

5 Best DeFi Trading Platforms Compared

April 29th 2021 2,289 reads
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Aurox is backed by thorough market research, input from experienced traders and seamless, intuitive and comprehensive tools. 3Commas is a crypto trading terminal focused on bot trading and portfolio management. Cryptohopper is a trading terminal featuring copy-trading and automated bots. It allows traders to stay on top of the market, no matter what coins they use or which they have. It makes investing in cryptocurrencies easier and makes it easier to invest in cryptocurrencies. The terminal uses API keys that connect directly with the exchanges, eliminating the need for traders to log in on each exchange separately.
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DeFi trading platforms allow traders to keep track of their portfolios and track multiple exchanges from a single platform. A trading terminal is one of the most efficient ways to simultaneously keep track of their portfolios and trade on multiple markets. 

In this article, we’re going to look at a few DeFi trading platforms available in the market, see what each of them offers, and what sets them apart. 

What Exactly Are DeFi Trading Platforms?

To define DeFi trading platforms, traders can utilize software to trade on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges from a single platform. However, that isn’t the only function that trading platforms can fulfill. DeFi trading platforms offer a host of features that are unavailable with cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Terminals can also secure your trading sessions as there is no need to reveal exchange passwords every time you have to trade on separate exchanges. This is because terminals use API keys that connect directly with the exchanges, eliminating the need for traders to log in on each exchange separately. 

DeFi trading platforms act as a central hub by connecting to a portfolio across multiple exchanges. This allows users to use a single terminal and manage orders on various exchanges at the same time. DeFi trading platforms are probably the smartest way to trade cryptocurrencies. They can manage your portfolio, automatically execute trade orders and opportunities, and check on trades 24/7. 

What Are Some Features Of DeFi Trading Platforms? 

Top DeFi trading platforms should have the following features. 

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Profitability
  • Transparency
  • User-friendliness

Let’s look at some terminals that have all of the above features and more. 


Aurox is backed by thorough market research, input from experienced traders and seamless, intuitive and comprehensive tools. Aurox’s trading platform allows professional traders to build on their trading experience, allowing them to turn their trades profitable. 

Aurox comes with several unique features such as price alerts, multi-exchange support, trading view charting software and professional advice, allowing users on the platform to make informed trading decisions. Aurox makes portfolio management relatively simple, guaranteeing better results for traders. 

Aurox currently supports exchanges such as Binance, BitMEX, Coinbase, Kraken and several others. Some of the features of the platform are 

  • Customizable workspace management - Users can create a customized trading desk that is tailored to their needs.
  • Security - Auox gives users 24/7 security, thanks to enterprise grade encryption. Aurox also does not need API keys or passwords, with all requests executed directly between the trader’s desktop and the relevant exchange. 
  • TradingView Chart - Aurox users can access the TradingView Chart, giving users access to hundreds of indicators. 
  • Comprehensive news feed - Aurox has a custom news feed that allows traders to stay a step ahead in the markets by getting them all the information they require in one place.  


3Commas is a crypto trading terminal focused on bot trading and portfolio management. The platform is considered an excellent option for professional traders.

The platform also features short-term crypto trading strategies. The platform offers among the most affordable advanced DeFi trading platforms, and it is one of the few platforms that offer highly advanced tools for managing a trader’s short positions. Some of the other features that 3Commas offers are :

  • Breakeven calculator - The breakeven calculator calculates the total valuation of all accumulated orders. 
  • Portfolio management - Allows traders to quickly view all exchange funds and wallets from one intuitive screen. 
  • Mobile support - Allows traders to check their trades on the go. 
  • Trading journal - The trading journal allows users to journal their trades. 

3Commas has different pricing plans, starting from the free plan; the platform also has the “Starter”, “Advanced” and “Pro” plans, and supports exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, Binance DEX, and several others. 


Cryptohopper is a trading terminal featuring copy trading and automated bots. Copy-trading allows new, inexperienced traders to copy the trading strategies of experienced traders and utilize them in their trades. Cryptohopper will enable traders to automate almost all aspects of their portfolio. 

Cryptohopper’s all-inclusive trading terminal makes investing in cryptocurrencies easier. It allows traders to automate all processes, copy the trading strategies of professional traders, set alerts through mobile applications. The platform will enable traders to stay on top of the market, no matter what exchanges they use or which coins they have invested in previously. Some features of Cryptohopper are 

  • A user-friendly and easy-to-set-up dashboard. 
  • An external signal tool that allows traders on the platform to subscribe to expert analysis from around the world. 

CryptoHopper has four different pricing plans, starting with their Pioneer package, which is their free package. The other packages are Explorer, Adventurer, and Hero packagers. 


Coinigy was among the earliest trading platforms. It was designed for more experienced traders and ideal for day traders managing strategies across multiple portfolios. Coinigy users can utilize an alert system that helps them stay on top of their trades. Coinigy helps traders track their trades through the use of market analytics, app integrations, and order monitoring. 

Coinigy has created a robust trading terminal for advanced traders and offers some of the most reliable portfolio management services. Coinigy supports over 45 of the most popular exchanges in the cryptocurrency market and facilitates combining exchange portfolios and personal wallets. 

Some features of Coinigy are 

  • Portfolio management - Coinigy’s easy-to-use portfolio management suite can efficiently be utilized for personal wallets and exchanges. 
  • Market overview screener - This is a fully customizable screen that allows users to see various markets and other statistics. 
  • Unlimited alerts 
  • Mobile support 

Coinigy has three pricing packages starting with their starter account, which is their free package. The other packages are the Pro trader package and the API Developer Pro package. 


Kattana is a multifunctional terminal, allowing traders to refine their trading strategies on decentralized exchanges further. It does this by aggregating the trading tools on one platform. A suite of professional, reliable, intuitive, and quick trading tools, Kattana is suitable for both experienced and novice traders and is the only professional trading platform with charts from both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Traders can trade within the platform without the need to find contract addresses and other decentralized exchanges. 

Kattana’s UI is simple, clean and intuitive, and also has an aggregated news section that aggregates news, providing users of the platform news and updates about assets and projects that they want to keep an eye out for to help with their trades. This will help keep traders in the loop about promising trades and assets. 

Kattana also calculates the P&L of transactions, generates a profitability chart, structures the transactions as trades, analyzes all ERC-20 addresses, and simplifies trading for the traders on the platform. Kattana is now open for early adopters who can test the full suite of tools available on the platform in the DeFi space. 

Unique Features Of the Kattana Platform 

  • Scalable charts - Kattana gives traders access to scalable charts from both centralized and decentralized exchanges. 
  • Traders can trade from within the platform without finding contact addresses or DEX’s where assets are traded. Instead, they can directly buy/sell from within the platform itself. 
  • Kattana has a clean and straightforward UI and UX. The team has managed to create probably the best trading interface in the industry. 
  • Kattana aggregates news from hundreds of resources, all accessible in one place. 
  • Trading analysis of ERC-20 addresses - Kattana will calculate the P&L of all transactions and compile a profitability chart. 

Kattana currently has three pricing plans with various benefits. The Free Plan is the starting plan, followed by the Basic Plan and the Pro Plan. 


Crypto markets function 24/7, and it becomes crucial to know what goes on in the market at all times. It also makes tracking your portfolio an extremely time-consuming and cumbersome task, making it even more difficult if you own manual accounts with different exchanges.  Trading terminals make life easy for traders, allowing them to access all their accounts from one place and automate the trading process.

Today, there are several DeFi Trading platforms in the market, with platforms such as Kattana already gaining popularity among traders. 

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